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About PolitiFact®

PolitiFact serves as an impartial online political news watchdog that sorts out the truth in an authoritative, sometimes irreverent voice for people passionate about politics and public policy. It helps to hold key players in government and the media accountable by addressing issues of public policy that become part of the national political conversation.

The Audience

Our site provides influential policy makers and informed, independent thinkers with a quick read on political issues of the day. While PolitiFact draws an audience from across the political spectrum, its users tend to be tech savvy consumers who are:

  •  High income professionals who purchase and spend more in nearly every merchandise category
  •  Educated and involved in political and social issues
  •  Strong donors to candidates and issues
  • Source: Comscore Jan-Jul 2015; July 2015 PolitiFact Survey; 2015 Scarborough Report, release 1

According to Omniture, PolitiFact's audience has been steadily growing. Our site has averaged on a monthly basis:

  •  5.9 million monthly page views
  •  3.1 million monthly unique visitors
  • Source: Omniture Nov. 2015

In recognition of its pivotal role in providing an independent source of truth in politics during the 2008 presidential election cycle, PolitiFact was awarded the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting.

A growing number of national media turn to PolitiFact for its political findings, among them: We're famous!

Sponsorship Opportunities

PolitiFact features daily articles and sections on the most pressing political issues of the day. In addition to standard UAP units, we offer custom sponsorships that include:

  • E-mail newsletter sponsorships (40% open-rate)
  • Target sponsorships by political figure, candidate, issue and keyword.
  • Feature sponsorships of Truth-o-meter™, Obameter and other exclusive PolitiFact content

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