Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Trump’s Misleading Attack on Martinez

Donald Trump took several verbal jabs at Republican New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez after she declined to attend his rally in Albuquerque.

Trump’s Employee Exaggeration in Jersey

Donald Trump told an audience in New Jersey that he has more employees "than almost anybody in New Jersey.” That’s nonsense. He used to own Trump Entertainment Resorts, one of the state's top 100 employers, but he lost control of it in bankruptcy.

Invoking Trump in Down-Ballot Ad

A labor union distorts Donald Trump's position on Medicare in a TV ad, claiming Trump says “you have to look at Medicare going away."

A fake Eric Trump quote

A fake news article claimed that Eric Trump said that his father Donald Trump should send Hispanics back to Asia.

Donald Trump Plans to Declare War on Americans?

A Fox News segment involving Donald Trump sparked rumors that the GOP frontrunner planned to declare war on Americans.

A Guide To The Many Conspiracy Theories Donald Trump Has Embraced

This election year may well go down as the conspiracy-theory election, thanks to Donald Trump's ceaseless efforts to inject unsubstantiated plots into the American political debate.

No, Donald Trump, there’s nothing ‘fishy’ about Vince Foster’s suicide

Donald Trump appears intent on dredging up every last bit of every Clinton controversy, including the 1993 death of the Clintons’ close personal friend, White House deputy counsel Vincent W. Foster Jr.

Did Nancy Pelosi endorse Bernie Sanders?

No, but she has spoken highly of him.

Did Trump Praise Kim Jong Un?

Hillary Clinton distorts the facts when she accuses Donald Trump of "heaping praise" on North Korea strongman Kim Jong Un. Trump has called Kim a "maniac" and a "madman" who is "sick enough to use" nuclear weapons.

President Obama Bans the Words 'Negro' and 'Oriental'?

President Obama signed legislation pertaining to the use of dated terminology ("negro" and "oriental") in federal law, but he didn't make the words illegal.

Melania Trump vs. Michelle Obama

An old photoshoot features then-model Melania Trump posing provocatively for GQ magazine.

Trump’s flip-flop on whether the Bill Clinton sex scandals are important

A key part of Donald Trump’s strategy to damage the image of Hillary Clinton — on track to be the first female presidential nominee of a major U.S. political party — is to attack her husband, former president Bill Clinton.

Sen. Barbara Boxer didn't give the finger to Sanders supporters

A grainy photograph doesn't show Barbara Boxer giving Bernie Sanders supporters the finger, and it hasn't been "scrubbed" from social media.

Another fake Donald Trump quote

Donald Trump did not write that if "you tell people a lie three times, they will believe anything."

Pediatricians' statement on gender identity came from splinter group

It was an official-sounding but fringe group of politically motivated pediatricians who issued a statement on gender, not the respected American Academy of Pediatrics.

Obama didn't declare Islam America's official religion

An unreliable web site claimed that President Obama declared Islam is the U.S.'s "official religion."

Hillary's Recovered E-Mails Reveal Republican Gun Grab Plan

An article about recovered e-mails belonging to Hillary Clinton revealing plans for a government "gun grab" was a thinly-disguised joke about Republican voter turnout on Election Day.

Recalling Hillary Clinton’s claim of ‘landing under sniper fire’ in Bosnia

One of our all-time great fact checks was The Fact Checker’s March 21, 2008, report on Hillary Clinton’s false claim that she arrived in Bosnia “under sniper fire.”

Trump ‘Wants to Abolish VA’?

Hillary Clinton claimed that she "read" that Donald Trump "said he wants to ... abolish the VA." That's the opposite of what Trump has said.

Rep. Jones Didn’t ‘Empower Obama’

A primary challenger to Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina falsely claims Jones "caved to Obama" and "empowered Obama to cut a deal with Iran."