Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

A fake Margaret Sanger quote

Quotation appears to have been concocted long after her death.

Is minority/women business spending slowing within Memphis city government?

Memphis mayoral candidate Jim Strickland said at a Tuesday night forum that minority and women business contracting with city government has decreased in the past two years.

Sanders Overstates Unemployment Rate

Taking a closer look at the numbers.

Is the Army forcing divorce for 'readiness'?

Is the Army instituting a mandatory divorce policy to “improve readiness” within its ranks? No, just an item from a well-known satire site.

John Kerry and Iranian in-laws?

Did Secretary of State John Kerry hide a close familial connection to an Iranian official with whom he negotiated a recent nuclear deal?

Huckabee says a year at University of Iowa is cheaper than incarcerating prisoner for a year

Claim turns out to be pretty accurate.

George H.W. Bush fact check: Is skydiving safer than getting out of bed?

A quick data dive has some interesting results.

Are 'liberals' promoting 'after-birth abortion'?

No evidence of this at all.

Wisconsin’s Trumped Up Deficit

Donald Trump says that Wisconsin has a $2.2 billion budget deficit. It doesn’t.

Mistaken Tax Facts

In an ad attacking a Republican senator, the League of Conservation Voters claims the average Wisconsin family pays $7,500 a year in federal income tax. Not so. The tax would be $724 for the family shown in the ad with the income specified by the league.

Huckabee’s Hot Air on Volcanoes

Mike Huckabee claimed that a single volcanic eruption "will contribute more than 100 years of human activity" toward global warming. This is far from accurate.

Ann Kirkpatrick claim about campaign donations inconclusive

Were 93 percent of the donors to Ann Kirkpatrick’s Senate campaign during the second quarter of 2015 small-dollar contributors giving less than $200 each?

Did Facebook ban the Marines' logo?

No; it appears Facebook banned other content, not the logo.

Are minimum wage workers in Seattle seeking fewer hours so they can retain welfare benefits?

It's not that straightforward.

No, Sarah Palin didn't suggesting bringing back 'voluntary slavery'

Yep, more fake news.

Sanders’ PTSD Statistic

Sometimes politicians are right, but their campaigns can’t prove it. And we do. That's what happened when we took a look at Sen. Bernie Sanders' talking point that 500,000 veterans came back from Iraq and Afghanistan with PTSD or traumatic brain injuries.

Did Obama propose banning the tea party flag?

A particularly bad example among the already low standards of fake news.

Clinton questions Branstad on mental health cuts. Did she have the right facts?

Checking Hillary Clinton at the Iowa Democratic Hall of Fame dinner July 17.

Alcohol-free Dearborn thanks to Muslims?

Did a Muslim city council outlaw alcohol in Dearborn, Michigan? No, yet more fake news.

Operation Jade Helm's first casualty?

Has Operation Jade Helm claimed its “first” civilian casualty? No, more fake news.