Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Rand Paul’s grand, inaccurate retelling of ‘federal SWAT team’ raids

Government is evil. Or maybe the truth is more nuanced.

Eric Meyer correct on size of state surplus

Checking Arizona's House Democratic Leader.

President Obama and the Virginia shooter

Did President Obama blame Virginia shooter Vester Lee Flanagan’s actions on “white privilege”?

A fake Ben Carson quote

Did Ben Carson say slavery was the “best thing that could have happened” to blacks? No.

A Decade-Old Democratic Claim

For years, Democrats have been twisting Republicans' positions to claim they want to "privatize" Social Security. The latest distortion: DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz claimed Jeb Bush supported his brother's plan that would put "Americans at risk of losing their retirement savings."

A wall between Mexico and Guatemala?

No -- a photo of the U.S.-Mexico border wall falsely attributed to a different international border.

Vice President Blutarsky?

No, Joe Biden did not say that the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.

Was airline's dropping of Philly-Tel Aviv route done to please Arab nations?

According to one anonymous source -- and no one else.

Cruz’s claim that Obama administration policy led to release of ‘104,000 violent criminal aliens’

Let’s examine whether so many “violent criminal illegal aliens” are being released every year as a result of administration policies.

Why you shouldn’t retweet Sanders’s claim that Hitler ‘won an election’

There was an election in 1932 — but Hitler lost.

FactChecking Trump’s Press Conference

Donald Trump's recent press conference garnered a lot of media attention for his put downs of two high-profile journalists, but he didn't treat the facts much better.

Rubio’s Shaky ACA Hypothetical

Sen. Marco Rubio described a hypothetical Detroit business owner with 10 employees as facing higher costs under the Affordable Care Act, saying the man was considering moving one employee to part time to "save ... a significant amount under Obamacare."

Clinton’s claims about receiving or sending ‘classified material’ on her private e-mail system

Clinton’s very careful and legalistic phrasing raises suspicions.

Chris Christie, teachers and the minimum wage

Did Chris Christie say that teachers should make only minimum wage plus bonuses?

Did Florida legalize nudity at public beaches?

More fake news.

Chelsea Clinton's post-partum deletion?

Did Chelsea Clinton say that she erased her mother Hillary Clinton’s e-mails due to postpartum depression?

Huckabee’s Spin on Iran

In arguing against the Iran nuclear deal, Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee spins the facts.

Cruz & Crosses

Sen. Ted Cruz set up a false bogeyman when he said the Supreme Court is "one justice away" from ordering that crosses on tombstones at Arlington National Cemetery be torn down.

Jeb Bush’s false claim that Planned Parenthood is ‘not actually doing women’s health issues’

How accurate is his description of “women’s health issues” offered by Planned Parenthood and supported through federal funds?

Is the U.S. debt as drastic as Ben Carson claims?

Carson gives two specific numbers while explaining he wants to run as a Republican for president to address the nation’s debt and spending.