Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Settling the Dust in Arkansas

Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor tries to make political hay out of agricultural dust by distorting the facts in a new TV ad, while Republicans manufacture a bogus jobs claim against the Democratic senator.

Democratic ad hitting Doug Ose goes too far

National Democrats are up with their first television ad in Sacramento’s heavyweight battle between Rep. Ami Bera and former Republican congressman Doug Ose.

Ami Bera ad takes too many liberties

Rep. Ami Bera’s second TV ad of the race ups the ante by attacking Republican rival Doug Ose on the subject of his personal wealth.

Fact Check: St. Landry Parish DA candidate commericals

Current St. Landry Parish District Attorney Earl Taylor is facing opponent judge Ellis Daigle. But turns out a third person is getting just as much attention on video advertisments and he's not even on the ballot.

Land's support for auto bailout late, murky

While calling Terri Lynn Land a liar may go too far, her campaign's claim of support — one we cannot verify that she's uttered before — smacks of political expediency and obfuscation if true.

Does Brnovich ad misstate Rotellini's experience?

Another fact check from the Arizona attorney general's race.

Fact-checking the second Texas gubernatorial debate

In their second and last head-to-head Tuesday night, Texas' gubernatorial candidates Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis traded barbs over education, business incentives and much more. The Houston Chronicle staff pulled out some of the most-discussed issues to check the validity of candidate statements.

The Braley-Ernst clash over ‘personhood’ in Iowa

The debate over abortion rights is a difficult and treacherous area for fact checking. But an exchange in the contest for Iowa’s open Senate seat is an excellent example of how politicians dance around this issue.

Does Stewart Mills really support outsourcing jobs?

In a new mailer, the DFL pokes fun at Stewart Mills for being a Green Bay Packer's fan. The mailer also says that Mills supports outsourcing Minnesota jobs, and claims that Mills received campaign contributions from the Koch brothers.

A whites-only vaccine for Ebola?

Has the CDC announced trials of an Ebola vaccine that works only on white people? Of course not--more satire passed off as real.

Did Intelligence agencies or the White House err on Islamic State?

As a reader service, here are two key public statements made by administration officials, one nearly a year old, about the threat posed by Islamic State, also known as ISIS, ISIL or al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Does Brnovich ad misstate Rotellini's experience?

Checking a claim in the Arizona attorney general's race.

VA Chief: ‘We’ve Grown 20 Percent in the Past Three Years’

Has the VA caseload grown significantly in Hawaii?

NRCC distorts Nolan’s terrorism record

In its latest ad, the National Republican Congressional Committee is seeking to make 8th Congressional District Rep. Rick Nolan look soft on terrorism.

Does Democrat John Patrick Carney's charter claim check out?

A look at a claim in Ohio's state auditor race.

Moving Ohio Forward Network misleads mightily in attack on Mike DeWine

The Moving Ohio Forward Network packs a lot into a 30-second television spot bashing Republican Attorney General Mike DeWine.

What you need to know about the ‘100 years of failure’ ad targeting Gov. Quinn

This ad clearly seeks to tie Quinn to what is widely seen as a dysfunctional state government and some of its most controversial players. Is it accurate?

Much of GOP broadside misses target

News release by Kansas GOP contained issues.

Is ISIS going home to home to pick out targets?

Checking the claim that operatives of ISIS are going door to door, speaking with residents and then marking the homes of Christians.

The NRA’s over-the-top ad stretches the facts with its images

Is the NRA correct that “Mary Landrieu voted to take away your gun rights”?