Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Fact Check: Is Karen Handel Georgia’s First Female Representative?

If a conservative makes history, asked Donald Trump Jr., does she make a sound?

Trump Official Wrong About Warming, Again

In an interview on CNBC, Energy Secretary Rick Perry said carbon dioxide is not “the primary control knob” for the Earth’s temperature and climate. But scientists say it’s “extremely likely” that human activity — primarily CO2 emissions — is the main cause of global warming.

A Bogus Kellyanne Conway Quote

Q: Did Kellyanne Conway say liberal women hate her because of her “striking beauty and intellect”? A: There’s no evidence she did. That claim comes from a website that warns readers to rely on its information “at your own risk.”

Was Obama Silent on Shooting of Republicans, Reemerging Only to Praise a Drug Dealer?

The former president called Republican Sen. Jeff Flake to give his best wishes to those targeted in the Virginia shooting, and also recorded a speech honoring musician Jay Z's induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Did Mike Pence Say That 'Only Guilty People' Hire Criminal Defense Attorneys?

We found no record of the Vice President's saying that "only guilty people need to hire a criminal defense attorney."

Justice Alito’s misleading claim about sex offender rearrests

The topic of sex offender recidivism is worth clarifying because it is often misconstrued, so we found Alito’s claim newsworthy.

False Maxine Waters ‘Meetings’ Statistic

Q: Has Rep. Maxine Waters attended only “10 percent of congressional meetings for 35 years”?  A: No.

Did Robert Mueller Say He Supported a 'One-World Government'?

The falsely-attributed quote may have been written by a former UN official with a similar name.

Trump’s Lawyer Spins Russia Facts

Jay Sekulow, an attorney on President Donald Trump's legal team, made the rounds of the Sunday shows to talk about the Russia investigation. But he glossed over relevant facts in defense of his client.

Did Trump Really Cancel Obama’s Cuba Deal?

President Donald Trump is taking a victory lap, boasting that he’d kept his promises on Cuba. “Last year, I promised to be a voice against repression. In our region, remember tremendous repression and a voice for the freedom of the Cuban people. You heard that pledge. You exercised the right you have to vote. You went out and you voted, and here I am like I promised,” Trump said to a packed theater in Little Havana, Miami, on Friday where Cuban exiles and residents largely supported his candidacy. Well, did he?

Pelosi’s claim that an estimated 1.8 million jobs will be lost through AHCA

Recently attacking the American Health Care Act, the House GOP replacement for Obamacare, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi made a new assertion – that it would cost 1.8 million jobs. She seemed to be turning a standard GOP attack line on its head – that the Affordable Care Act was a job killer.

Trump Didn’t Bill the Obamas

Q: Did President Donald Trump send Barack Obama a bill for his “vacation scam”? A: No. That bogus claim comes from a “satirical publication.”

Trump keeps much of Obama’s Cuba policy

President Donald Trump has declared that he’s “cancelling the previous administration’s” Cuba policy, which he calls “one-sided” in favor of Havana. An AP Fact Check finds Trump actually is preserving most of the important elements of Barack Obama’s opening with the island.

Is Left-Wing Violence Rising?

those who track extremism say that while there are a few far-left groups that raise red flags, their numbers remain small.

Is James Comey 'Best Friends' With Robert Mueller, and Is That a Conflict of Interest?

Comey's attorney said that the two men know each other from working together but are hardly "best friends", and experts told us the relationship doesn't meet conflict of interest legal criteria.

Whom to believe, Trump or his lawyer?

President Donald Trump and one of his personal lawyers have contradicted each other over whether the president is under investigation by the special counsel probing Russians’ meddling in the 2016 election and possible links with the Trump campaign. A look at recent statements by Trump, lawyer Jay Sekulow and Vice President Mike Pence on the Russia investigation and a variety of other matters.

Mitch McConnell on the health-care legislative process, 2010 vs. 2017

McConnell earns an Upside-Down Pinocchio, for statements that represent a clear but unacknowledged “flip-flop” from a previously-held position.

Explaining Trump’s Russia Tweets

President Donald Trump went on a tweetstorm about the Russia investigation. He accused his vanquished rival Hillary Clinton of obstruction of justice (without any evidence) and blamed others for his firing of FBI Director James Comey (even though Trump said he was planning to fire Comey regardless of any recommendation).

Did San Diego Miss Out on 1,000 Conventions?

An expansion to the center would surely allow more events to be held, and data exists showing some event planners find the current space too small to meet their needs. But just how many events have been lost to space and date constraints?

Distortions and Fake News after Virginia Shooting

Alex Jones knows exactly whom he wants to blame for the Wednesday shooting on a Virginia baseball field: “the left” and its calls to violence. In a five­minute video produced by his conspiracy­laden website, InfoWars, Mr. Jones runs through a list of offenders on “terroristic social media,” distorting and cherry­picking comments, to make a wildly misleading case. His video is among the most flagrant examples of an emerging trend of partisans repurposing old statements from lawmakers — or simply fabricating quotes — to place blame for the shooting. Here’s an assessment.