Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Have Trump aides caught his exaggeration bug?

The administration officials who gave President Donald Trump's tax plan a splashy debut in recent days seem to have caught the exaggeration bug from their boss. A look at some statements by Trump and his aides over this past week, and the facts behind them.

100 Days of Whoppers

Donald Trump, the candidate we dubbed the 'King of Whoppers' in 2015, has held true to form as president.

‘100-Day Action Plan’ Scorecard

As a candidate, Donald Trump issued a “100-day action plan to Make America Great Again.” He has kept some of those promises, broken a few, and many are still a work in progress.

The U.S.-Canada Dairy Dispute

President Donald Trump has said that what Canada has "done to our dairy farm workers is a disgrace" and that "dairy farmers in Wisconsin and upstate New York ... are getting killed by NAFTA." But that trade agreement isn't what's hurting farmers in the current dispute.

The White House’s claim that ‘sanctuary’ cities are violating the law

Claims about “sanctuary” cities often get muddled, so this claim caught our attention.

Be wary of White House claims about tax plan

Getting to the bottom of President Donald Trump's tax plan is difficult because it exists so far as bullet points on a single page, with no detail. Still, there are reasons to be wary about some of the claims coming out of the White House about it.

Fact Check: The Trump Administration’s Argument for a Border Wall

As a Friday night deadline approaches to prevent a government shutdown, one hot-button spending issue is a down payment to build a wall on the southern border, one of President Trump’s signature national security goals.

The Facts on Chlorpyrifos

Both the EPA and its critics say science is on their side in the debate over whether the agricultural insecticide should be banned.

Do Women Have to Register for the Draft? No. But Misinformation Spreads

Women do not have to register for the United States draft. And no American has been pressed into involuntary service since the last draft, during the Vietnam War. However, the viral spread of a 10-month-old New York Times story has potentially given millions of internet users misleading impressions to the contrary.

Ivanka Trump’s claim that for half of U.S. families, ‘the single largest expense is child care’

Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter, has said she wants to help craft a solution to a vexing problem for American families: the soaring cost of child care. In a forum in Berlin, speaking without notes, she made an interesting observation — that in “over half” of American households, the cost of child care exceeded the cost of housing. Is this the case?

Trump errs on the court system

President Donald Trump misstated how the federal court system works in a trio of tweets Wednesday about a judge who blocked his order to penalize cities that don't cooperate with U.S. immigration officials. It was the third time in two months that a federal judge has knocked down a Trump order dealing with immigration.

Did Democrats Once Support Border Wall?

White House Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney made an apples-to-oranges comparison when he said he couldn’t understand why Democrats opposed supplemental funding for a border wall since many of them were for it back in 2006.

Sen. Kamala Harris’s claim that an ‘undocumented immigrant is not a criminal’

Harris used this talking point regularly on the 2016 Senate campaign trail, and she often made the claim to draw a legal distinction in immigration and criminal law. Is she correct?

The White House boo-boo in counting Roosevelt’s executive orders

The White House math is wrong, but was quickly corrected.

Trump Spins His First 100 Days

In an interview with the AP, the president stretched the facts on China, his border wall and job creation.

Chaffetz to Resign Due to Sex and Russian Money Laundering Scandals? No proof

There is no proof that the Utah Republican is facing multiple looming scandals.

Was Clinton's Assistant J.W. McGill Found Dead? No

A fake news article reported that Hillary Clinton's assistant died under mysterious circumstances.

Sen. Jeff Flake on solar power

IS Flake right that batteries for solar energy aren't developed enough to supply base load power?

Donald Trump’s First 100 Days: A Fact Check of His Claims

In an Associated Press interview, President Donald Trump claimed more progress than he's achieved on his 100-day plan and showed he was not completely familiar with what he had promised in that "contract" with voters. A look at some of his assertions in the interview conducted Friday and other statements he made over the past week:

Fact-checking President Trump’s Pinocchio-laden Associated Press interview

In a wide-ranging interview with Julie Pace of the Associated Press on April 21, President Trump yet again made many false or misleading statements. Here’s a roundup of 14 claims.