Saturday, October 25th, 2014

Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Nina Turner's attack on Jon Husted lacking in substance and proof

Nina Turner's first ad in her bid to unseat Secretary of State Jon Husted aims to draw contrasts between her and the Republican incumbent.

Reed wrong on Robertson SAFE Act stance

With spending and spin running high in the contentious race for New York's 23rd Congressional District, a fact check of candidates' gun control discussion from Thursday's debate found at least a couple of stray shots.

GOP Whacks Weiland Over Payroll Taxes

A Republican TV ad says Senate candidate Rick Weiland is going across South Dakota saying “he’s one of us" when "Weiland supports higher payroll taxes.” Not for all, he doesn't.

NRA’s ‘Slick’ Ad Links Braley to Bloomberg

The National Rifle Association implies Iowa Rep. Bruce Braley lied when he said he "never met Michael Bloomberg," but there's no evidence of that.

The 1956 Republican platform

Was the 1956 Republican platform liberal by today's standards?

Fact checking Iowa GOP economic claims

Checking the claim that “more than 150,000 jobs have been created in just over three years, more Iowans are working than at any point in Iowa’s history, and Johnson County has seen a 21.7 percent drop in unemployment.”

A ‘Willie Horton’ Ad in Nebraska

Every now and then we see a powerful attack ad that is factually accurate, but makes such a strong appeal to fear that we urge viewers to pause to consider all the facts. That’s the case in Nebraska.

CTA overstates Torlakson’s accomplishments, Tuck’s failures

As the election draws closer, outside groups are spending aggressively in the close race for state superintendent of public instruction.

Attack on Roger Dickinson misleads

A group funded largely by doctors and dentists is airing a television ad slamming Democratic Assemblyman Roger Dickinson for problems in Sacramento’s Child Protective Services unit during the years he was on the county’s Board of Supervisors.

Making 97 Percent a Failing Grade

Republicans trying to take back control of the U.S. Senate are working hard to sear one big number into the brains of voters from Alaska to Arkansas: 90 percent. Or 95 percent. Or 97 percent.

Did pols force voters to pay for coal ash cleanup?

Coal ash cleanup is a messy topic, both literally and in terms of policy, and it becomes all the more so when injected into political campaigns.

New, loose voting rules in Colorado?

Will voters in Colorado be able to print ballots at home and turn them over to "vote collectors"?

What you need to know about the ad claiming Neil Anderson would cut Medicaid

Checking the claim that Illinois State Senate candidate Neil Anderson would target Medicaid for budget cuts if he serves on the Illinois State Senate.

Does Bill Cassidy like millionaires more than seniors?

Has Bill Cassidy has voted for tax breaks for millionaires while voting to cut Social Security payments and the Medicare prescription drug benefits?

Grimes Ad Misses the Mark on McConnell

Thought you'd seen it all this political season? An ad from Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes criticizes Sen. Mitch McConnell for his vote on a bill that President Obama praised, and even thanked McConnell by name for supporting.

34 Million Green Cards?

Has President Obama issued an executive order to obtain 34 million blank green cards for a post-election immigration surge?

Fact-checking the State Senate District 15 candidates

At a breakfast forum hosted by the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce, the two candidates for state Senate District 15 fielded questions yesterday morning on gambling, marriage equality, higher education, energy and other topics. And based on a fact-check, their comments were mostly accurate.

Immigration mailers at issue in Arizona's CD1

Checking a mailer funded by the Arizona Republican Party says that Andy Tobin is “a leader in the fight to secure the border.”

Alison Grimes doubles down on a 4-Pinocchio claim

In The Fact Checker’s experience, the most fact-challenged ads are those that fly under the radar, as campaigns hope that reporters don’t notice the content — but voters do.

San Diego’s Packed Convention Center

Checking the claim that “San Diego’s Convention Center is fully booked.”