Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Fact Check: Scottsdale candidates for mayor and City Council

Jobs, crime, taxes and development have emerged as major issues for candidates during Scottsdale's City Council campaign as political rivals look to build their case for a seat at City Hall.

Do NC prisons use student reading scores to predict future growth?

When North Carolina public schools release their annual reading scores, parents, teachers and the public are no doubt interested to see how students are performing. But are prison officials also paying attention to that information?

Democratic Deceptions

TV ads tie Donald Trump to GOP candidates who don't support him.

Still Cherry-Picking Premiums

Donald Trump claimed that a 25 percent average increase in premiums on the exchanges was a "phony number," citing instead increases of "60, 70, 80 percent." But Trump just as easily could have cherry-picked increases in the single digits.

Trump Wrong on Murder Rate

Donald Trump said that the murder rate in the U.S. is the "highest it's been in 45 years" and "the press never talks about it." The press doesn't talk about it because Trump's claim is wildly inaccurate.

Trump’s claim that he predicted that Obamacare ‘can’t work’

After the fact, Trump often likes to claim he had great foresight. But then it turns out there is slim evidence to back up his assertions.

Are the Amish flocking to Donald Trump?

A hoax news article reported that "millions" of Amish people were throwing their support behind Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

A fake comment by Joe Biden

An article that quotes Vice President Joe Biden saying "lazy American women are to blame for the economy" is a work of satire.

A False Attack on Toomey

A Democratic ad falsely accused Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Pat Toomey's bank of using a "controversial" loan tactic that forced 21 people out of their homes. In fact, only two of them lost houses, and there is no evidence that either home was a primary residence.

Did Mike Pence support 'gay conversion' therapy?

While running for Congress, Indiana governor Mike Pence called for state funding for "institutions" working to enable people to "change their sexual behavior."

Clinton campaign’s claim that Trump ‘says he’d deport 16 million people’

The undocumented population is estimated at about 11 million people — so how does the Clinton campaign add up to 16 million? We checked their math.

Confused by Obamacare? Here are answers to key questions.

Here are some answers to basic questions.

Mischaracterizing DOJ's statement on voter intiimidation

The DOJ issued a statement saying that voter intimidation is against federal law, not that accusations of voter fraud are illegal.

Checking the Hillary Clinton-uranium allegation

A fake "voter fraud" video

A video passed off as "voter fraud" committed by Democrats during the 2016 primary was filmed in Russia — and misrepresented.

Clinton and Nuclear Launch Times

Q: Did Hillary Clinton disclose classified information when she said it takes four minutes to launch a nuclear missile after a presidential order? A: No.

A fake statement about Hillary Clinton's accomplishments

A statement reproducing Hillary Clinton's response when asked to identify her major accomplishments as Secretary of State is fabricated.

4,000 New Homes in Encinitas?

Opponents of Measure T in Encinitas claim the measure will lead to the construction of 4,000 new homes.

Fact Check: An Investigation in Name Only

A campaign mailer targeting City Council candidate Georgette Gomez claims she’s “currently under investigation by the Fair Political Practices Commission for failure to disclose her financial interests, as required by state law.”

Bill Montgomery's claims on Colorado teen marijuana-use inconclusive

Checking the claim that teen (marijuana-use rates have increased in Colorado.