Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

James Comey and the Clinton Foundation

There is no evidence that FBI Director James Comey financially benefited from Bill and Hillary Clinton's charitable foundation.

Did Hillary Clinton call TPP the 'gold standard'

During the first 2016 presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate tried to distance herself from remarks she had previously made about the trade agreement.

Clinton’s claim that the Bush tax cuts played ‘a large part’ in sparking 2008 recession

It’s difficult to summarize vast economic changes in a single sentence — and economists will forever argue on root causes of the crash. But Clinton’s effort to pin much of the blame on Bush’s tax cuts is rhetorical poppycock. Let’s explore.

Is Stop-and-Frisk Unconstitutional?

Q: Was the police technique of stop-and-frisk found unconstitutional? A: The practice is not unconstitutional, but a judge ruled in 2013 that New York City's stop-and-frisk program was carried out in an unconstitutional fashion.

'Clinton Operative' Removed Secret Folder from Her Lectern After Debate?

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had papers on their lecterns that were likely just notes they took during the debate, not incriminating evidence removed by a hired 'cleaner.'

Secret Clinton hand signals at the debate? No

Conspiracy theory holds that Hillary Clinton and moderator Lester Holt rigged the first presidential debate by communicating via hand signals. It's wrong.

Chelsea Clinton's marijuana comments

Chelsea Clinton made factually questionable statements about marijuana during a September 2016 campaign rally, but she didn't outright claim pot itself kills.

Lester Holt's (permitted) earpiece at the debate

Moderator Lester Holt did wear an earpiece during the first presidential debate of 2016, but he didn't break any debate rules in doing so.

Trump’s method for the big fib: Defend, defend, then grasp at straws

Donald Trump is the most unusual politician we’ve ever fact-checked, given the sheer volume of his misstatements, falsehoods and unreliable statistics. Trump is on track to earn more Four-Pinocchio ratings by himself than all other Republican politicians (or Democrats) combined in the past three years. But there is a distinctive pattern to Trump’s biggest fibs.

Trump and the Iraq War

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has repeatedly stated that he opposed the invasion of Iraq before it took place in 2003. Here's what the public record shows.

The truth behind claims in the Inslee-vs.-Bryant debate

Education, mental health, highway tolling: In Monday’s debate, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and challenger Bill Bryant traded many accusations. We checked the accuracy of some of those claims.

Trump on the Stump

We are checking the accuracy of claims made by the presidential candidates in their daily stump speeches. First up: Trump.

Trump’s claim that a racial discrimination suit was ‘brought against many real estate firms’

On several levels, Trump’s debate answer was misleading.

Trump’s false claim that stop and frisk in NYC wasn’t ruled unconstitutional

There was a lot of discussion before the first Clinton-Trump debate about the role of fact-checking by a moderator. In this case, Lester Holt correctly presented the facts about stop and frisk.

Trump, Clinton deny their own words in debate

For all of his occasional restraint, Donald Trump offered debate viewers a greatest-hits collection from his history of mangled facts, with some new ones thrown in. For all of her policy sobriety, Hillary Clinton was far from flawless.

Fact Check of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s First Presidential Debate

The Republican and Democratic presidential nominees sparred on a range of issues, and each made statements that don’t mesh with the facts.

Was Russia behind the DNC cyberattacks?

Donald Trump rebuts Hillary Clinton's assertion that the Democratic National Committee cyberattacks were carried out by the Russians. CNN's Jim Sciutto checks the facts.

20 Fact Checks From the First Presidential Debate

NBC News and our friends at PolitiFact fact checked the first presidential debate. Here's what we found.

FactChecking the First Debate

Trump, Clinton distort facts on jobs, taxes, trade and the Middle East.

Reality Check Quick Takes: Iraq, birtherism, and climate change

Donald Trump's tenuous relationship with the truth didn't stop at the doors of the first presidential debate of 2016.