Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Did Pope Francis Slap Away Donald Trump's Hand?

A video purportedly showing Pope Francis slapping President Trump's hand originated on a comedy show.

Did President Trump's Lawyers Send Berkeley Breathed a Cease & Desist Letter?

A satirical letter shared on the cartoonist's Facebook page was widely believed to be legitimate on social media.

Did President Trump "Reinstate" a Memorial Day for Police Officers, Cancelled by Obama?

Hyperpartisan web sites published the false claim that Barack Obama had cancelled Peace Officers Memorial Day.

NASA Won’t Pay You to Smoke Weed

Q: Does NASA pay $18,000 for people to stay in bed and smoke weed for 70 straight days? A: No.

President Trump’s claim that he’s already saved ‘millions of jobs’ on his foreign trip

All presidents like to claim their foreign travels are a success. But this tweet by President Trump sets a record for bravado — in less than a week, he’s already made and saved “millions of jobs” for the United States. How is this possible?

Explaining the CBO’s vision of health-care catastrophe in the GOP plan

As a service to readers, we are going to explain one surprising element of the CBO report — that in some states, the law’s efforts to protect people with preexisting medical conditions might end up undermining the individual insurance markets so much that effectively there is no protection at all.

Did Trump really favor Macron in France?

President Donald Trump told France's new president that he was "my guy" in the recent election, a French official said Thursday. The record shows only favorable words from Trump for centrist Emmanuel Macron's opponent, the defeated far-right candidate Marine Le Pen.

Pence Misleads on Premiums

Vice President Mike Pence went too far in claiming that a new report showed that "the average premium across this country has actually doubled under Obamacare."

Was Trump the First U.S. President to Visit the Western Wall?

President Trump was the first sitting president to visit the Jewish holy site, but other presidents visited before or after they were in office.

Pope Francis Smiled with President Obama, Frowned with President Trump?

An image comparing Pope Francis's mood during President Obama and President Trump's visits doesn't tell the entire story.

Manchester Bombing Rumors and Hoaxes

After the bombing in Manchester, England, this week that killed 22, internet users and publishers have spread rumors and hoaxes, and miscast blame.

Medicaid a target for cuts despite assurance

Medicaid is clearly in line for cuts under President Donald Trump's budget despite assurances to the contrary from his budget chief.

Does an HHS appointee believe abortion increases a woman’s risk of breast cancer?

After President Trump tapped Charmaine Yoest as assistant secretary of health and human services, critics resurfaced this 2012 New York Times feature story. The Times article described Yoest’s position supporting the discredited theory that abortion increases a woman’s risk for breast cancer.

Trump's Suspect Claim About Iran's Collapse

As President Donald Trump tells it, Iran would be a collapsed state by now if only the Obama administration had refused the 2015 deal that eased economic sanctions in return for a freeze on Iranian nuclear development. This starved-into-submission scenario, however, doesn't fit with the circumstances of that time.

Double-Counting Growth

How does President Donald Trump’s proposed budget reach a balance in 10 years, as the administration says it will?

Did the 'Doomsday' Seed Vault Flood Due to Global Warming?

Although melting permafrost did cause flooding in the access tunnel to the vault, the vault itself was not breached and the seeds were not threatened or harmed.

Does Sheriff David Clarke Wear 'Fake' Military Medals?

It's not "stolen valor" — the notorious Milwaukee sheriff never claimed to have served in the military and says he wears a number of pins that have personal significance to him.

Budget Chief Slams Obama Growth Forecast

Trump budget director Mick Mulvaney, defending an administration that promises more economic growth than many think it can deliver, said Tuesday it's the Obama administration that went overboard in its forecasts for growth. His indictment glosses over significant differences in the economy now and then.

Hollywood Strike Hoax

Q: Did Hollywood celebrities threaten to strike until President Donald Trump resigns? A: No. That story was made up by a “HYBRID site of news and satire.”

Fact-checking a rosy portrait of the American Health Care Act

In a $2 million ad campaign to support the House GOP health plan, the right-leaning American Action Network (AAN) features a California woman named Elizabeth Jacinto who says she suffered under Obamacare and expresses enthusiasm for the American Health Care Act.