Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Fact-Checking Apple’s Claims on E.U. Tax Ruling

We examined some of the points Mr. Cook made in the letter, consulting with five tax experts to fact-check the chief executive’s statements. While Mr. Cook was technically truthful, he omitted some context and shifted the spotlight from the thrust of the European Commission’s case: whether Apple took advantage of loopholes in Irish tax laws.

Trump’s repeated claim that more Hispanics are in poverty under Obama

By basic statistical analysis the status of Hispanics has improved under President Obama.

FactChecking Trump on Immigration

As he explains his plan on illegal immigration, Trump gets several facts wrong.

Does average NC teacher really make $50,000?

No single claim has been used more often by more candidates this election season, or been more often questioned by critics and our readers, than the assertion that the average public school teacher in North Carolina will make $50,000 during the current school year.

Trump campaign’s claim that Republicans ‘usually aren’t bold enough’ to do black community outreach

Trump is gearing up his black community outreach, and he certainly is doing it in his own way – like he has done so with the rest of the campaign. It remains to be seen whether Trump deserves credit, or whether he’ll go beyond what Republicans have done in the past. So far, by declining to speak at the NAACP, National Urban League and NABJ – Trump has not met the basic level of what his predecessors have routinely done.

A fake quote about condoms supposedly by Mike Pence

A fake news article claiming Mike Pence called for a condom ban led to images decoupling the falsehood from its source.

Hillary Clinton Failed D.C. Bar Exam

Hillary Rodham did not succeed in her 1973 attempt to pass the District of Columbia bar exam.

Clinton Foundation Scores Higher as a Charity than the Red Cross?

The Red Cross was ranked as an "A-" to the Clinton Foundation's "A" by CharityWatch, but the larger Charity Navigator doesn't rate the latter organization.

Kaepernick fact check: Easier to be hair stylist than cop?

The claim: It takes more training and education to become a hair stylist than it does a police officer, according to San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

John McCain’s Life Expectancy

Sen. John McCain's primary opponent implied that if reelected, McCain may not live long enough to fulfill another six-year term. Actually, the odds are in his favor.

No, Obama Didn't Enforce Islamic Prayer Opening in U.S. House of Representatives

The House opening prayer led by imam Hamad Chebli was no different than those of the other six Islamic religious leaders who have done so since 2000 — including three during the Bush administration.

State Senate candidate's firefighter ad misleading

Has state Senate candidate Frank Schmuck been endorsed by Arizona firefighters?

The Clinton campaign’s slippery rhetoric on Trump’s ‘immigrant’ plans

Donald Trump has certainly called for deporting an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants from the United States — though he may be wavering on that position. But he has not called for removing every immigrant in the United States.

Stein Over the Top on Sea Level Rise

Green party presidential candidate Jill Stein cherry-picked the findings of a disputed study when she claimed that global warming would cause sea levels to rise on average "not one yard but many yards" in as soon as 50 years.

Boustany’s Flawed ISIS, Oil Claims

In a TV ad, Republican Rep. Charles Boustany falsely states that "Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton refuse to declare war on ISIS," and wrongly suggests that Obama and Clinton "banned oil exports."

How many Trump products were made overseas? Here’s the complete list.

This is the full inventory.

No, Tennessee students aren't being forced to pray to Allah

A photograph of children kneeling has been attributed to many locations and does not capture Tennessee public school students being forced to pray in a mosque.

Opposition Overreach in Nevada

Here we go again: opposition researchers spinning sensational-sounding claims from flimsy facts. This time it's a Democratic ad claiming GOP Rep. Joe Heck of Nevada voted "23 times" against banning terrorists from buying guns.

Here’s how Trump got the AP story on Clinton Foundation donors all wrong

We are not going to award Pinocchios to this specific claim. Instead, we will set the record straight and recap what was reported in the initial story, the Clinton campaign’s criticism of the coverage and the AP’s defense.

Does Huma Abedin have ‘ties’ to the Muslim Brotherhood?

Abedin has lived in the United States for 23 years, working in the White House, the Senate and the State Department. Vague suggestions of suspicious-sounding connections to her parents don’t pass the laugh test, even at the flimsiest standard of guilt by association.