Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Clinton misstates key facts in email episode

A look at some of Clinton's past claims about her unusual email set-up and how they compare with the inspector general's findings.

A Trump quote taken out of context

A quote from the Republican presidential candidate about the role of money is real, but has been shared without context.

IG Report on Clinton’s Emails

How does Hillary Clinton's statements on her use of a personal email system while secretary of state stack up with the report by the State Department Office of Inspector General?

Clinton’s exaggerations about Trump and Sanders on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’

Hillary Clinton appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on May 22 and made several claims about her opponents that stretch the truth or lack context. In part, she relied too much on media accounts without doing enough double-checking about the facts. As we often warn, the burden of the evidence rests with the speaker. Politicians can’t hide behind press accounts.

A fake tweet about Trump admitting he's a Clinton plant

A fake Donald Trump tweet claiming that he's been a plant for Hillary Clinton all along wasn't actually sent by the Republican presidential candidate.

Hillary Clinton Used a Model from a Syphilis PSA?

A purported Hillary Clinton ad hashtagged #ManEnough4Hillary wasn't created or distributed by her campaign.

Donald Trump Took $150K from the 9/11 Small Business Fund?

A 2006 New York Daily News article about Donald Trump's receipt of $150,000 in federal aid post-9/11 was inaccurately revisited in 2016.

Anti-Trump Protesters Break Horse's Leg

Rumors swept social media that a police mount was pushed over during anti-Trump demonstrations, fracturing its leg.

All Wet on Water Quality Data

During a recent congressional hearing, Rep. Steve King of Iowa underestimated what scientists know about the relationship between farming practices and water quality.

Are Vacation Rentals Making the Housing Shortage Worse?

The debate over how to regulate vacation rentals is especially hot in coastal communities, which have long been rental hotspots. It’s become a central issue in the race to represent City Council District 1, which includes vacation rental hub La Jolla.

Bad information circulating about Zika

A false — and dangerous — claim that Americans are immune to the Zika virus is circulating on Twitter.

Roger Goodell’s shell-game response to charges of NFL influence over brain-injury grants

The Fact Checker does not often delve into sports issues, but a colleague suggested this would be a change of pace from the 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump’s Misleading Attack on Martinez

Donald Trump took several verbal jabs at Republican New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez after she declined to attend his rally in Albuquerque.

Trump’s Employee Exaggeration in Jersey

Donald Trump told an audience in New Jersey that he has more employees "than almost anybody in New Jersey.” That’s nonsense. He used to own Trump Entertainment Resorts, one of the state's top 100 employers, but he lost control of it in bankruptcy.

Invoking Trump in Down-Ballot Ad

A labor union distorts Donald Trump's position on Medicare in a TV ad, claiming Trump says “you have to look at Medicare going away."

A fake Eric Trump quote

A fake news article claimed that Eric Trump said that his father Donald Trump should send Hispanics back to Asia.

Donald Trump Plans to Declare War on Americans?

A Fox News segment involving Donald Trump sparked rumors that the GOP frontrunner planned to declare war on Americans.

A Guide To The Many Conspiracy Theories Donald Trump Has Embraced

This election year may well go down as the conspiracy-theory election, thanks to Donald Trump's ceaseless efforts to inject unsubstantiated plots into the American political debate.

No, Donald Trump, there’s nothing ‘fishy’ about Vince Foster’s suicide

Donald Trump appears intent on dredging up every last bit of every Clinton controversy, including the 1993 death of the Clintons’ close personal friend, White House deputy counsel Vincent W. Foster Jr.

Did Nancy Pelosi endorse Bernie Sanders?

No, but she has spoken highly of him.