Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

No, nativity scenes are not banned at the White House

Despite "War on Christmas" rumors, the White House did not ban Nativity scenes in 2016.

Emboldened by Election, Texas Republicans Kill Medicaid Funding for Children with Disabilities?

A viral article inaccurately reported that Medicaid spending cuts in Texas affecting disabled children were thanks to "emboldened" state Republicans.

Democrats voted for bill that affected military retirees, but so did Republicans

A conservative meme omits Republican support for a $6 billion cut that affected some military retirees.

Did Trump Win 3,084 of 3,141 Counties? No

Misleading maps and distorted data led to an inaccurate rumor that Donald Trump won 3,084 of America's 3,141 counties.

Election tampering in Wisconsin? Not so fast

According to unreliable rumors, Wisconsin "recount observers" have discovered tampered seals on the state's voting machines.

Trump’s misleading numbers about the Carrier deal

Trump’s numbers concerning the Carrier plant yet again demonstrate how sloppy he is with the facts.

Trump’s Campaign-Style Exaggerations

President-elect Donald Trump kicked off his "victory tour" in Cincinnati, delivering a campaign-style speech that contained campaign-style exaggerations.

More False Claims About Fracking

The head of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee falsely claimed that a new report "confirms" that "hydraulic fracturing has not impacted drinking water" in Wyoming. The report said it could not reach “firm conclusions.”

Warren’s Hollow Senate Election Claim

Sen. Elizabeth Warren cited the hollow and misleading statistic that in the recent election the "majority of voters supported Democratic Senate candidates over Republican ones."

Obama’s Record on Manufacturing Jobs

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that 805,000 manufacturing jobs have been created since President Barack Obama has been in office. In fact, there has been a net loss of 303,000 manufacturing jobs since January 2009.

Jeff Sessions’s comments on race: For the record

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for attorney general, has drawn much criticism due to racially charged comments he made when he was a U.S. attorney in Alabama in the 1980s.

Justin Trudeau’s claim that Castro made ‘significant improvements’ to Cuban health care and education

In his surprisingly warm statement on the death of the Cuban dictator, the Canadian prime minister referenced what he called “significant improvements” in education and health care in Cuba under Fidel Castro. This is a commonly cited sentiment about Castro’s Cuba — that despite his iron rule, he improved the lives of the Cuban people, especially the poor. Is it accurate?

No, Obama Was Not Going to Castro’s Funeral Until Trump Stepped In

A fake news site reported that President Obama canceled plans to attend the funeral of Fidel Castro due to the intervention of Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton Sponsored a Bill to Punish Flag Burning? Yes

Yet another controversial tweet from Donald Trump prompted claims that Hillary Clinton once favored punishment for the act. It's correct.

Who won? Trump, Clinton or 'did not vote'?

Looking at whether more voting-age adults did not vote in the 2016 presidential election than did vote — giving "did not vote" a landslide victory.

Assessing Trump’s take on Ohio State attacker

If Trump is arguing that Abdul Razak Ali Artan’s family wasn’t properly checked out, there is no evidence of that. If Trump is referring to his plans to overhaul immigration, that may be difficult to accomplish.

Trump’s repeated claim that he won a ‘landslide’ victory

Dictionary definitions simply cannot be changed in the interest of political spin. Simply saying something over and over does not make it so.

No, Trump didn't promise to pardon accused Charleston shooter

An image purporting to show a tweet sent by Donald Trump, in which he promised to pardon accused mass shooter Dylann Roof, was a hoax.

How do Trump’s voter fraud allegations hold up?

Donald Trump’s tweets can’t erase the reality that he lost the popular vote in this month’s election, according to The Associated Press’ vote-counting operation.

Trump Landslide? Nope

Despite Donald Trump and his campaign manager describing his election victory as a "landslide," Trump's margin of victory actually ranks among the closest in the Electoral College.