Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Selling Insurance Across State Lines

President Donald Trump said that by allowing insurers to sell plans across state lines, "your premiums will be down 60 and 70 percent." We couldn't find any study supporting such a decrease, and experts we consulted disputed the idea that overall average premiums would decline significantly.

No Arrests for Impeachment Attempt

Q: Were two U.S. senators charged with trying to impeach President Donald Trump under false pretenses? A: No. That story originated on a prolific satire website.

Timeline: Donald Trump Jr.’s contradictory statements about the Russia meeting

We compiled a timeline of what the public found out when about the meeting, and what Trump Jr. and Trump said about the developments. We will update this timeline as necessary.

Trump’s Misplaced Baltimore Bias

Trump misleadingly suggested Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein may be biased against him because Rosenstein "is from Baltimore" and "there are very few Republicans in Baltimore."

Trump Made Several Misleading Claims in Times Interview

In a wide-ranging interview with The New York Times on Wednesday, President Trump made a number of misleading and false claims about health insurance, his legislative accomplishments, the biography of his deputy attorney general and French history. Here’s an assessment.

Did President Trump Send Feds to Raid Islamberg, New York?

A blog fabricated a story about the tiny hamlet — after a series of threats and demonstrations targeted people living there.

On a doubt voiced about 2016 election result

Thought the 2016 presidential election settled the hard-fought campaign once and for all? Not everyone is there yet.

Did Hillary Clinton Side With Kremlin on Sanctions Due to a $500,000 Payment to Bill?

A Fox News story cites only a sentence from a staffer's leaked email as proof of Clinton's wrongdoing.

Trump's Confusing Remarks To Senate Republicans On Health Care

President Trump did not do much to sell the Senate health care bill before its failure. But he gave the sale a shot Wednesday in the White House before cameras and a captive audience of nearly all the Republican senators. His comments were at times confusing, and in some cases, outright incorrect.

President Trump’s first six months: The fact-check tally

Donald Trump is the most fact-challenged politician that The Fact Checker has ever encountered. As part of our coverage of the president’s first 100 days, The Fact Checker team (along with Leslie Shapiro and Kaeti Hinck of the Post graphics department) produced an interactive graphic that displayed a running list of every false or misleading statement made by the president. He averaged 4.9 false or misleading claims a day.

Obama Didn’t Attend G-20 in 2017

Q: Did former President Barack Obama follow President Donald Trump to the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany? A: No.

Trump Spins Putin Dinner Conversation

In his latest attack on the media, President Donald Trump gave a misleading account of news reports regarding a previously undisclosed second conversation that he had had with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G-20 summit.

Trump’s Health Reform Pitch Includes Several Falsehoods

After efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act collapsed, President Trump pressed Republican lawmakers to keep their seven-year promise by demonstrating a sales pitch they could use: point out the flaws of the current law and “sell our plan.” Here’s an assessment.

Is Bacon Better for You Than Tilapia?

Q: Is bacon better for you than tilapia? Does tilapia cause cancer and/or Alzheimer’s disease? A: No. These false claims, spread by multiple websites, are not supported by solid scientific evidence.

No spending cuts to Medicaid? Then no tax cuts either

Washington politics often revolves around numbers. And no number is more important that the “baseline.” When politicians talk about “spending cuts” or “tax cuts,” they are measuring against a baseline. But it’s a process open to manipulation and hypocrisy, so here’s an explanation.

Donald Trump Said That Being an Atheist Gave Him A Business Edge?

A fake Art of the Deal quote was shared as meme in mid-2017.

Indiana Didn’t Legalize Marijuana

Q: Did Indiana legalize marijuana? A: No.

Vice President Pence’s bushel of false and misleading claims about health care

Vice President Pence recently spoke at the National Governors Association meeting in Providence, R.I., and made several questionable claims about the Senate GOP health-care proposal, the Better Care Reconciliation Act.

Did a Former Haitian Official Commit Suicide Before Clinton Testimony?

After Klaus Eberwein's suicide, inevitable links to the "Clinton Body Count" rumor emerged, but without clear merit.

No, President Trump, you’ve haven’t signed more bills than any president

We always appreciate it when politicians acknowledge our Pinocchio ratings. And President Trump has certainly earned his fair share. So, even with his caveat, is he close to correct?