Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

No, Trump doesn't want to close the Library of Congress to save money

A fake news article reported that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had promised to shut down the Library of Congress as a cost-saving measure.

Trump's Speech On The Economy

Donald Trump laid out his plan for the economy, criticizing globalization and policies that promote free trade, in a speech in Monessen, Pa., on Tuesday. NPR's politics team has annotated Trump's speech. The portions we commented on are bolded, followed by analysis and fact check in italics.

Trump's Vision Improbably Resembles Past

Donald Trump laid out an economic future Tuesday that improbably resembles the past, declaring "it will be American steel" that once again builds gleaming skyscrapers and fortifies the bridges and American factories that broadly revive a manufacturing economy long gone. In Trump's nostalgia-tinted vision, the complex and diverse U.S. economy can be fixed by tariffs, factory jobs and forcing foreign partners back to the bargaining table. But to achieve it, he would have to reverse not only globalization, but automation, a changing workforce and other seismic shifts of a U.S. economy that has become more dependent on educated workers and the low prices made possible by international trade. A look at his arguments and how they compare with the facts.

Trump on Clinton’s Tax Plans

Donald Trump repeatedly claims that Hillary Clinton is going to "raise your taxes very substantially." She’s not, unless you are among the top 10 percent of taxpayers.

Why Donald Trump calls Elizabeth Warren ‘Pocahontas’

Our goal is not to relitigate the matter, but to compile major findings from some of the most extensive reporting done on the issue.

Warren fudges some facts at Clinton stop

Hillary Clinton and liberal stalwart Elizabeth Warren campaigned together Monday in Ohio, symbolizing the coming together of the Democratic Party for Clinton's presidential campaign. A sampling of their statements and how they compare with the facts.

No, Obama is not giving $1,000 a month to food stamp recipients

A baseless Facebook rumor held that President Obama was giving food stamp recipients an extra $1,000 per month for three months.

Fact-Checking Trump's Speech

Donald Trump delivered a speech Wednesday billed as a broadside attack on presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's foreign policy and economic record. Trump called the address an opportunity to "discuss the failed policies and bad judgment of Crooked Hillary Clinton." NBC's political and investigative teams fact-checked some of the claims in Donald Trump's speech.

Misleading claim circulating about N.C. legislator's gun views

A state legislator who shot an intruder in defense of his property was not a 'long-time anti-gun' opponent.

No, Obama didn't launch Muslim outreach program

Fake news reports President Obama has announced a nationwide Muslim outreach program for children grades K-12.

Trump campaign’s claim that State Department gave $55.2 million to Laureate Education after hiring Bill Clinton

The short answer here is: Laureate Education Inc. did not receive $55.2 million in grants from the State Department while Bill Clinton was being paid by the company. This talking point actually conflates two organizations that are independent of each other, and is worth unraveling.

A fake Marco Rubio quote about the Orlando shooting

Marco Rubio did not say that the Orlando nightclub mass shooting was a sign from God that he was needed in the Senate.

GOP didn't declare convention a 'gun-free zone'

The Republican Party has not declared their national convention to be a "gun-free zone"; rather, the venue hosting the event has a "no weapons" policy.

Gary Johnson’s False Marijuana Claim

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson claimed that "no politicians outside of Bernie Sanders and myself support legalizing marijuana" at the "congressional, gubernatorial, senatorial level." He's wrong.

Debate Over Gay Blood Donations

Days after the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, House members and the White House made seemingly contradictory claims concerning the Federal Drug Administration’s blood donation policy for gay and bisexual men. Both have scientific evidence to back up their claims.

Pro-Clinton ads quote Trump’s comments on women and nuclear weapons without context

Both ads air his quotes without context, when there are plenty alternatives that could have been used without the risk of creating a misleading impression to viewers.

Clinton’s Equal Pay Claim

Hillary Clinton claims that Donald Trump said "women will start making equal pay as soon as we do as good a job as men." But that's not exactly what he said. Trump does not support equal pay legislation, but he has said that he believes in paying people based on performance, not gender.

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ABC News fact-checks a speech from Donald Trump.

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