Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Trump Tweets Faulty Black Approval Claim

President Donald Trump’s approval ratings among African Americans have declined, not “doubled,” as the president claimed in a recent tweet.

Durbin’s ‘History’ of Misrepresentations

Two Republican senators suggest Democratic Sen. Richard Durbin's account of President Trump using profanity to disparage African countries should not be believed because Durbin has a "history" of misrepresenting what was said at White House meetings. But they are not telling the whole story.

Trump says USA itself at risk of closing

No, the United States is not at risk of shutting down this week, as President Donald Trump suggested Thursday. Neither is the entire government, for that matter.

Did Shelia Jackson Lee Tweet That Trump Wanted War with 'North Japan'?

A fake tweet-generator was used to create the appearance that Sheila Jackson Lee had authored a tweet riddled with historical inaccuracies.

Trump claims government shutdown would hurt military

In fact, a government shutdown would likely have little impact on members of the military, especially if Congress takes action to minimize the effects as it has in the past.

Trump’s claim that immigrants bring ‘tremendous crime’ is still wrong

Trump earned Four Pinocchios the last time we looked into his claim that immigrants cause crime rates to rise in the United States. Fresh data and several new studies have been released since that fact-check in 2015, and we took another look at the body of knowledge to see how the president’s view holds up.

Fact-checking President Trump’s ‘Fake News awards’

The “Fake News Awards” announced on the Republican National Committee website and touted by President Trump pose a conundrum: Does it really count if the news organization admits error?

Robert Reich's Rules for 2018?

A list of rules on how to "resist" the Trump administration was incorrectly attributed to the author and political commentator.

Trump presidency creates an alternate reality

For all his errant swings at the facts, President Donald Trump sometimes gets it just right. "There's been no first year like this," he told a Florida rally last month. Were truer words ever spoken?

Trump’s Mistake on DACA

President Donald Trump mistakenly said that foreign-born residents in the DACA program "could be 40 years old, 41 years old." In fact, they can be no more than 36 years old, because the program is only open to those born after June 15, 1981. On average, they are 25 years old.

No Democratic Prostitute Ring in N.J.

Sixty-three cases of sex trafficking were reported in the state of New Jersey in 2017, according to the National Human Trafficking Hotline. None of them involved state senators.

Trump Falsely Claims His Approval Among Black Americans Has Doubled

Even as he is embroiled in an immigration policy debate that has focused on whether he used vulgar language to describe Haiti and African countries, President Trump is claiming that he is delivering for black Americans — and that they are repaying him with their support

Trump’s false claim that alleged terror suspect brought two dozen relatives to U.S.

Trump flatly says that 22 (or 24) of an alleged terrorist's relatives are in the country, in what the president labeled as “chain migration.” We did some digging, and it turns out that this is – gasp – fake news.

Did Trump's Older Sister Say 'Donnie's Acting Like a Nutjob'?

A satirical article fabricates federal judge Maryanne Trump Barry's statements about her brother's mental fitness.

What Did Trump Say at Immigration Meeting?

What exactly did President Donald Trump say at a Jan. 11 White House meeting on immigration? There were at least seven members of Congress at the meeting and one administration official. Here's what each of them has publicly said so far about the meeting.

Trump’s Phony ‘Fake News’ Claims

President Donald Trump often dismisses news stories or media outlets that he doesn't like as "fake news." But there are times, too, when he has labeled accurate reporting as "fake news" or spread false information himself, while at the same time accusing the media of being "fake" or "dishonest."

Fact-checking the Trump administration’s claims on ‘saving’ coal country

It seems like every chance he can get, Trump tries to reassure out-of-work miners that their jobs will return, and other members of the administration echo the president’s sentiments. But many of their claims are at odds with the market forces that led to coal’s decline.

No, Trump’s approval among black Americans hasn’t doubled

A questionable use of statistics.

Does the Psychiatrist Who 'Diagnosed' President Trump Lack a License?

A number of far-right web sites have posted misleading stories casting doubt on whether Dr. Bandy Lee holds a current medical license.

Bogus Claim on Mosque Raid

Q: Were 11 would-be terrorists arrested in a late-night raid at a mosque? A: No. The FBI confirmed that there has been no such raid.