Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Reviewing parallels between 1980 and 2016 elections

The claim that Reagan won the 1980 presidential election in a landslide despite trailing well behind Carter in late public opinion polls is cited as a reason to get out and vote for Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton Didn't Say, 'I Will Get the NRA Shut Down for Good'

Hillary Clinton's supposed statement to the Des Moines Register about her planning to shut down the NRA and ban handguns is a total fabrication.

Fact-Checking Donald Trump's Marine Airlift

A story that Donald Trump personally sent out an airplane to transport hundreds of stranded U.S. Marines home is based on inaccurate information.

Did Clinton throw a tantrum at Matt Lauer?

An unfounded rumor held that Hillary Clinton threw a tantrum, and a water glass, after NBC's "Commander-in-Chief" Forum in September 2016.

Machine Voting Pens Switching Votes from Clinton to Trump?

A first-person account of a voting pen glitch allocating Clinton votes to Trump went viral but stems from a single unconfirmed anecdote.

No, Oregon's ballot doesn't ignore Donald Trump

An image of an Oregon ballot listing Democratic presidential candidates twice but no Republican candidates is a hoax.

No, ISIS didn't say to vote for Clinton

A fake news item reported that ISIS' second-in-command had urged Muslim-Americans to vote for Hillary Clinton.

No Papal Barrier to Voting for Hillary Clinton

Neither Pope Francis nor any other pope decreed that Catholics cannot vote for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Obama Deported More People Than Any Other President?

A record number of people were "removed" from the U.S. during President Obama's tenure as President.

More Bogus Voter Fraud from Trump

Donald Trump falsely claimed that “John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, was quoted in WikiLeaks as saying, illegal immigrants could vote as long as they have their driver's license.” Podesta said no such thing.

Do abortions really happen in final days of pregnancy?

An abortion so late in pregnancy is “incredibly unlikely,” said Elizabeth Nash, the senior state issues manager at the Guttmacher Institute, a reproductive health research organization. “That just isn’t the experience around abortion that women have” in the United States, Nash said.

Trump’s claim that the Islamic State ‘is in 32 countries’

Many readers have asked us about this comment, repeated twice, by Trump. We wondered as well, and put it aside for further review after the debate.

Trump’s claim tying violence at his rallies to the Clinton campaign

Trump ties the Clinton campaign and Obama to violence at his rallies, specifically in March at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Trump canceled the event after protesters clashed with supporters inside and outside of the event arena. Let’s take a look at the facts.

More U.S. Embassy Attacks Under Bush and Reagan than Obama?

We investigate the claim that more U.S. embassy attacks, with more fatalities, occurred under George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan than during the Obama administration.

The final debate: CNN's Reality Check Team vets the claims

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump met Wednesday for their final debate, and CNN's Reality Check Team spent the night analyzing their claims. The team of reporters, researchers and editors across CNN listened throughout the debate and selected key statements from both candidates.

Does Trump’s implied threat to dispute election echo Gore’s 2000 challenge?

Donald Trump, who’s railed for months about a “rigged” political system, used the final presidential debate to defiantly say he won’t decide until the election ends whether he will accept its results. Pressed on that remarkable challenge to a keystone of the democratic process, his defenders have drawn a parallel to Democrat Al Gore’s contest of the disputed 2000 presidential election. A comparison of what the Republican presidential candidate and his allies said to what happened 16 years ago:

Clinton’s Misleading Debt Claims

In the final presidential debate, Hillary Clinton claimed that her proposals would "not add a penny to the debt." But a nonpartisan budget watchdog group estimates that what she has detailed thus far would add $200 billion to the debt over 10 years.

Clinton vs. Trump: 36 Fact Checks From the Final Presidential Debate

In their third and final debate, the two candidates didn't disappoint our ready and waiting fact check team at NBC News and PolitiFact. In a wild 90-minute debate, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton brought up dozens of inaccuracies, half truths, and a few surprising truths. We fact checked the whole thing. Here's what we found.

FactChecking the Final Presidential Debate

In the final debate in Las Vegas, we found the deck was still stacked against the facts.

FACT CHECK: Trump And Clinton's Final Presidential Debate

Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton debated Wednesday night in Las Vegas — the final time before the November election.