Saturday, April 25th, 2015

Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Has New York passed a law to allow gruesome abortion procedure?

Did the New York Assembly passed a law making it expressly legal to shoot babies in the heart with poison?

Clinton’s claim that CEOs make 300 times more than American workers

Checking Hillary Clinton's claim that “there’s something wrong when CEOs make 300 times more than the American worker.”

ISIS recruiting kids in Indiana?

Has ISIS been recruiting children in Indiana to join a group called "Daesh"?

Estate Tax Hits Fewer Than 1 Percent of Estates

The federal estate tax inspires a lot of heated political rhetoric for a tax that very few people actually pay.

Rubio Draws From Past Despite Future Focus

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio launched a Republican presidential campaign this week with a promise to reject "the leaders and ideas of the past."

Is ISIS on the Texas border?

No credible evidence for dramatic claim.

Does President Obama limit church to twice a month?

No, more fake news passed off as real.

Warren’s claim that 99.6 percent of all job categories pay men more than women because of discrimination

A number of readers asked us about this tweet by Senate Democrats on “Equal Pay Day” — April 14, 2015 — which symbolizes how far a woman must work into the next year to make as much as a man.

Wasserman Schultz’s out-of-context claims about Rubio

The Fact Checker takes no position on Marco Rubio’s policy ideas or whether he is, in fact, a tinsel-packaged prune. But since Rubio is now a presidential candidate, it is worth exploring what he did say about raising the minimum wage and equal pay, and what his tax plan entails.

Rand Paul, abortion and the Holocaust

The quote attributed to Rand Paul follows a format popular among satirical Facebook pages devoted to lampooning the political positions of conservative lawmakers and pundits.

Was Hillary Clinton fired during Watergate investigation?

The man at the center of this claim "quite obviously shifted his recollections of events from the 1973-74 timeframe to conform to his current point of view rather than the other way around."

The Clintons' "body count"

No, they didn't kill dozens of people.

Did Hillary Clinton throw a lamp in an argument?

The evidence points to a legend, not reality.

Gosar correct on private land in Arizona

Checking the claim that "for every acre of land declared public, there is an acre of private land lost, and in Arizona, only about 18 percent of the land remaining in the state is privately held."

Trading Lincoln for the Obamas' pet dogs?

Is it true that a portrait of Abraham Lincoln was removed from the White House to make way for a picture of the Obamas' pet dogs?

Coach K's nonexistent slur on Obama

Krzyzewski's comment was taken out of context.

Presidents and Vice Presidents from the same party

It's more complicated than one might think.

Harry Truman and Political Correctness

Checking the claim that President Harry S. Truman in 1945 described political correctness as "a doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority."

Photo of Scott Walker on a Nazi flag?

In April 2015, a photograph purportedly showing Scott Walker posing in women's lingerie atop a Nazi rug began circulating via social media along with the claim that the picture had been snapped during the Wisconsin governor's college days at Marquette University. While the exact origins of the above-displayed photograph are unknown, there are several aspects of this rumor that ring false.

Ramadan Easter Eggs at the White House?

No, the White House did not use passages from the Koran during its annual Easter egg hunt.