Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Rep. Trent Franks, the Pope and the Bible

Did Rep. Trent Franks say Pope Francis doesn't understand scripture, which he claimed does not obligate Christians to help the poor?

O’Malley’s Immigration Exaggeration

Martin O’Malley went too far in claiming that Hillary Clinton wanted to "return refugee children from Central America summarily back to death gangs and the drug gangs."

Fiorina’s Selective Record at HP

Carly Fiorina says "we doubled the size of the company" and "took the growth rate from 2 percent to 9 percent," while she was CEO of Hewlett-Packard. But Fiorina uses different time frames to boost her record.

Clinton’s inaccurate claim that immigrant detention facilities have a legal requirement to fill beds

Clinton’s description of the bed mandate is outdated and inaccurate.

Democrats’ trade argument against China is out of date

China is not devaluing its currency, and it’s actually moving away from policies aimed at propping up its exports.

No, Sarah Palin didn't knock Barack Obama's name

Another concocted social meme.

More Threats of Violence at San Diego Schools

Checking the claim that “threats of school violence have increased to an alarming rate" in San Diego schools.

Lilly Ledbetter, Barack Obama and the famous ‘anonymous note’

Hans Bader, an attorney at the right-leaning Competitive Enterprise Institute, wrote to The Fact Checker questioning this statement by the president.

Grijalva half right on Student Success Act

Does House Resolution 5, the Student Success Act, cut all funding for English-language learners and allow states to redistribute money from poorer schools to more affluent schools?

Allen West and "sharia" at Walmart?

All a big misunderstanding.

Santorum’s Puffery on Iran

Rick Santorum has a history of taking a hard line on Iran, but he engaged in a bit of revisionist history when he regaled South Carolina Republicans with the tale of a Senate battle over an Iran sanctions bill.

Christie’s False Part-Timer Claim

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie claims "we’ve had a huge shift from full-time work to part-time work" under President Obama. That's false.

Ben Carson’s claim that the U.S. owes $211 trillion beyond the reported federal debt

Without providing context or an explanation to this jaw-dropping figure, Carson creates a misleading impression

Ted Cruz’s claim that tax compliance costs as much as the military budget

While Cruz correctly cites the defense budget, his figure on tax compliance is muddled.

Ted Cruz and girl scout cookies

Yet more fake news.

Clinton’s claim that illegal immigrants pay more in taxes than some corporations

Comparing the taxes of hundreds of thousands of people to the tax bill of one corporation is a stretch and fairly misleading.

Jade Helm Not Martial Law

Is Jade Helm 15 a government attempt to create martial law in the U.S.?

Carly Fiorina’s misleading claims about her business record

Every politician tries to put a gloss on their record, but Fiorina’s claims about her business success are questionable in almost every respect.

No, the KKK didn't endorse Ben Carson

More fakery passed of as actual news.

Paul Wrong on Texas Shooters

Sen. Rand Paul said the attack in Garland, Texas, was "an example of how we do need to secure our border," but neither of the attackers crossed the southern border to gain access to the U.S. Both were Americans.