Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Is the Accused Charlottesville Killer an Anti-Trump Leftist Supported by Clinton, Soros? No

Various right-leaning sources immediately — and inaccurately — identified the driver of the vehicle that plowed through a crowd of counter-protesters in Charlottesville as a "radical leftist."

Trump Asks, ‘What About the Alt-Left?’ Here’s an Answer

President Trump defended his belated condemnation of white supremacists who engaged in violence in Charlottesville, Va., by arguing that he was exercising caution in casting blame. Then he returned to his original position that there was ample fault on both sides.

Obama Center Not Federally Funded

Q: Did President Trump cancel funding to build Barack Obama's presidential library? A: No.

President Trump’s claim that foreigners are responsible for ‘the vast majority’ of terrorism convictions since 9/11

Despite repeated fact checks of Trump’s use of Department of Justice data, it made its way into his maiden speech to Congress in February — and now, into a FOIA lawsuit against his DOJ.

Trump Photographed with Charlottesville White Supremacist?

A doctored photograph appearing to show Trump posing with a white supremacist garnered attention on social media following a neo-Nazi rally that left one woman dead.

Pompeo Distorts China’s Nuclear Policy

CIA Director Mike Pompeo misrepresented the facts when he suggested the Trump administration was responsible for changing China's policy on North Korea's nuclear weapons program.

Did an 'Illegal' Immigrant Brag About Voting Five Times for Hillary Clinton?

A conservative web site mischaracterized the case against Rosa Ortega, who voted illegally -- and allegedly for Republican candidates.

Is Nancy Pelosi in Critical Condition After a Head-On Drunk Driving Accident?

A hoax news article falsely reports that the House Minority Leader was involved in a collision with a bus in Los Angeles.

Did Vladimir Putin Say North Korea Doesn't Have Nuclear Weapons But Has 'Trillions' in Minerals?

We found no evidence that the Russian president made this comment.

Obama Left Trump a White House Full of Roaches?

Various outlets misleadingly quoted a 2013 article to blame President Obama for a 2017 roach infestation that likely never occurred.

Did President Donald Trump Steal His 'Fire and Fury' Line from a Comic Book Villain?

Despite rumors to the contrary, Trump's comments about North Korea were not plagiarized from a Captain America comic book character.

Did President Donald Trump Target a Democratic State Senator's Family for Deportation?

A dubious right-wing web site makes a false claim about the family of California lawmaker Kevin de León.

Medicare Scare Tactics

Democratic TV ads warn seniors that "right now, your Medicare coverage is in danger" of "deep, automatic cuts" by "unelected Washington bureaucrats." But those cuts, according to current estimates, wouldn't be implemented until 2023, and they would amount to a fraction of Medicare growth that year.

Did the Texas House of Representatives Pass a Law Requiring Women to Buy 'Rape Insurance'

An article regurgitated a slightly misleading characterization of a Texas bill to reduce health insurance coverage for abortions.

Washington, D.C. Man Misidentified as Murder Victim by Conspiracy Theorists

For Washington, D.C. business owner Jeff Gero it was just another day — until he saw a tweet identifying him as slain Democratic National Committee employee Seth Rich.

Earth Won’t Go Dark for Days

Q: Did NASA confirm that there will be 15 days of darkness on Earth in November? A: No.

Experts Call Trump’s Tax Claim False

President Donald Trump on Thursday repeated his past claim that the American people are the most heavily burdened with taxes in the world, while critiquing Congress for failing to move more quickly on his legislative agenda to cut them.

Trump’s effort to blame Obama for the opioid epidemic

President Trump — who two days after this briefing said he would declare the opioid epidemic to be a national emergency — not so subtly tried to pin the blame on the Obama administration. “They looked at this scourge and they let it go by,” the president said, citing statistics that federal drug prosecutions have declined 23 percent since 2011. But there’s a problem: These stats don’t tell you much about opioids.

Was Hillary Clinton Offered a Plea Deal in August 2017?

A single source claimed that Hillary Clinton was offered a plea deal after the Justice Department reopened an investigation into her server.

No evidence killer motivated by Trump hatred

Police and prosecutors have offered no evidence that the fatal shooting of a Republican activist outside Philadelphia was politically motivated, despite online stories that strongly suggest his assailant was inspired by hatred of President Donald Trump.