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Fact Check: Trump Repeats Myth About Benghazi and More

ABC News fact-checks a speech from Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s Speech: The Fact Checks

The New York Times fact-checks Donald Trump's speech

Fact-checking Trump's attacks Clinton

Fact-checking Donald Trump’s attack on Hillary Clinton

What was accurate and what was not in Donald Trump’s attack on Hillary Clinton.

Trump Repeats Myth About Benghazi and More

Donald Trump painted Hillary Clinton as a "world class liar" in a speech this morning but the irony is that many of his statements are either half-truths, unproven conspiracy theories or outright lies.

Trump’s Attack on Clinton’s Character

Donald Trump's once delayed, and much anticipated, speech on Hillary Clinton's character, included numerous false and misleading statements.

We Know Plenty About Clinton’s Religion

Speaking to a group of evangelical Christian leaders, Donald Trump claimed there's "nothing out there" about Hillary Clinton's religion. That's inaccurate. Clinton's religious practice as a Methodist has been well-documented and widely reported.

Sanders Wrong on Homeless

In his recent video address to supporters, Sen. Bernie Sanders said homelessness "is increasing." Actually, the number of homeless people has decreased steadily each year since 2010, going down by more than 72,000, or 11.4 percent.

Fact checking Clinton’s speech on Trump’s business practices

Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, on June 21 gave a speech attacking Donald Trump and his business record. She made a lot of claims, all of which are impressively documented, with links, in a fact sheet issued by the Clinton campaign.

Clinton Takes Liberties in Trump Takedown

Hillary Clinton rattled off a series of claims about Donald Trump on Tuesday that seemed too strange to be true. Some were. Some weren't. Yes, he once described climate change as a hoax invented by China. But her suggestion that he might sell the Statue of Liberty or Yosemite National Park veered toward the fantastical. Clinton took liberties with her own record as well as Trump's when she delivered a broadside against her Republican presidential opponent in an Ohio speech. A look at some of her claims and how they compare with the facts

Ad Suggests Trump Loves Nuclear War

A TV ad from a Democratic political action committee could leave voters with the false impression that Donald Trump said he “loves” war “including with nukes.” The ad uses two clips back-to-back of Trump speaking at events that were months apart.

Does a known or suspected terrorist face ‘a long waiting period’ before buying a gun?

In all, 91 percent of attempted transactions by people on the Terrorist Watchlist over 10 years were approved – which calls into question the characterization that people on the watch list “cannot walk in and do that” under current law. Certainly, a rather large percentage can get a weapon with only minimal delay.

Is DHS Quietly Moving, Releasing 'Vanloads' of 'Illegal Aliens' Away from Border?

An alarmist article about what the United States is purportedly doing with people showing up at its southern border bears little resemblance to the facts.

Suspected Terrorists and Guns

The mass shooting in Orlando by a man who pledged allegiance to the terrorist Islamic State has reignited a debate in Washington over suspected terrorists' access to guns in the U.S. But we find fault with some of the claims made by both sides.

No, President Obama didn't ban assault weapons by executive order

An article that reported that the president signed an executive order banning the sale of assault weapons and promised "large scale Homeland Security raids" is a hoax.

No, John McCain didn't pose with ISIS leader in photo

A photograph taken in Syria in 2013 shows Senator John McCain posing with a commander of a Syrian opposition group, not ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

A dubious Jimmy Carter quote

A purported Jimmy Carter quote about the election of the United States' first woman president appears to be fake.

Facts Undercut Trump Post-Orlando Arguments

Donald Trump says the United States admits Syrian refugees without checking their backgrounds and that Hillary Clinton wants to allow "radical Islamic terrorists to pour into our country." Neither is so, part of a pattern of exaggeration that strains the credibility of his argument since the Orlando nightclub shooting that the U.S. faces apocalyptic danger from Muslim immigrants

Clinton’s claim of working with Democrats and Republicans to create a child health program

In reviewing the contemporaneous news reporting and later fact checks, we can find no evidence that she “worked with Democrats and Republicans” to create the law.

Has Grassley been a partisan chairman of the judiciary committee?

Review examines the Chuck Grassley ad 'Works,' from the Grassley Works campaign committee.