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Clinton’s Misleading Debt Claims

In the final presidential debate, Hillary Clinton claimed that her proposals would "not add a penny to the debt." But a nonpartisan budget watchdog group estimates that what she has detailed thus far would add $200 billion to the debt over 10 years.

Clinton vs. Trump: 36 Fact Checks From the Final Presidential Debate

In their third and final debate, the two candidates didn't disappoint our ready and waiting fact check team at NBC News and PolitiFact. In a wild 90-minute debate, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton brought up dozens of inaccuracies, half truths, and a few surprising truths. We fact checked the whole thing. Here's what we found.

FactChecking the Final Presidential Debate

In the final debate in Las Vegas, we found the deck was still stacked against the facts.

FACT CHECK: Trump And Clinton's Final Presidential Debate

Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton debated Wednesday night in Las Vegas — the final time before the November election.

Presidential Debate Fact-Check: What Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Are Claiming

The third and final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in Las Vegas started out as a policy discussion, but quickly turned tense, with both candidates accusing the other of lying or making misleading statements about their records and past positions.

Fact Checks of the Third Presidential Debate

Reporters for The New York Times fact-checked the statements made by Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump during Wednesday’s presidential debate.

The final debate: CNN's Reality Check Team vets the claims

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump met Wednesday for their final debate, and CNN's Reality Check Team spent the night analyzing their claims.

Fact-checking the third Clinton-Trump presidential debate

The final presidential debate once again demonstrated Donald Trump’s thin grasp of the facts and his willingness too make poorly sourced or inaccurate claims. Hillary Clinton, for the most part, was more factually accurate. Here’s a round-up of 24 of the more notable claims.

Trump’s Bogus Voter Fraud Claims

Donald Trump is citing unsubstantiated urban myths and a contested academic study to paint a false narrative about rampant voter fraud in the U.S. and the likelihood of a "rigged" election.

A Deal That Never Happened

Donald Trump is making false and grossly inflated claims about an alleged "quid pro quo" between the State Department and the FBI regarding one of Hillary Clinton's emails.

Obama Didn't Sign an Executive Order Requiring Loser of Presidential Election to Leave the Country

A satirical item about President Obama's mandating that the loser of the 2016 election leave the country forever was mistaken for real news by some social media users.

Democratic Campaign Bus Dumps Human Waste in Georgia Sewer

That wacky story about a campaign bus improperly dumping human waste in a Georgia sewer is indeed true.

Fact-checking two false claims by Trump alleging widespread voter fraud

Trump has made several claims alleging a “rigged” election system. We looked at two of the Republican presidential nominee’s claims: that there is widespread voter fraud, and that undocumented immigrants are voting and swaying elections.

Obama didn't demand a monument to himself

A conservative site falsely claimed President Obama demanded a monument to himself because "there's plenty of monuments dedicated to racist white people."

Trump’s claim of ‘collusion’ by the FBI and State to make Hillary Clinton ‘look less guilty’

Sometimes, it helps to wait till at least some of the facts are in.

Pence’s Unsupported Haiti Claim

Mike Pence has repeatedly claimed that ABC News learned through a freedom of information request that the State Department under Hillary Clinton "directed contracts for the Haitian recovery effort ... to friends of the Clintons." But that's not what ABC News reported.

Bernie Sanders doesn't think the election is "rigged"

Postal Worker Caught Destroying Absentee Trump Ballots in Major Swing State

Postal Worker Caught Destroying Absentee Trump Ballots in Major Swing State?

A Twitter user claimed to be a postal worker who regularly destroys mailed-in Trump votes in Ohio, but the issue appeared to be a joke taken taken too seriously.

Trump-Pence donations for Hurricane Matthew

The Trump-Pence campaign delivered $29,000 in food and supplies to Hurricane Matthew victims in three North Carolina towns.

Clinton’s bogus claim that Trump didn’t want to save the auto industry

Clinton is creating an imaginary Trump here, claiming that Trump didn’t really care about the auto industry.