Friday, December 19th, 2014

Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

The truth about a viral graphic on rape statistics

Two years on, a widely shared image has problems.

Does Obama have the ‘worst’ record of any president on the national debt?

Checking the claim that President Barack Obama has “the worst record of any president when it comes to putting America deeper in debt.”

Did the CDC apologize for worthless flu vaccines?

No, some have misconstrued a warning it sent.

Does ACA Give Incentive to Hire Immigrants?

Did Obama's executive actions on immigration include a $3,000 bonus to employers for each immigrant they hire instead of U.S. citizens? Not exactly.

Playing the Race Card in Louisiana

A radio ad attacks Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy for endorsing "a documentary which claims slavery was better for black folks than welfare." But the film didn't make such a claim.

Do ‘welfare’ recipients get $35,000 in benefits a year?

Checking a claim by an incoming House Republican from Wisconsin.

NPR, the Koch brothers and climate-change reporting

The claim that the Kochs silenced NPR reporting on climate change is wrong.

Do recounts pay off?

“About 90 percent of the recounts continue to validate the person who won, which is me,” San Diego City Councilman-Elect John McCann said in Nov. 28 interview with NBC 7 San Diego. Is that correct?

Grim statistics on race and police killings

Syndicated columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote this week that young black men are 21 times more likely to be shot and killed by police than young white men. Fox News Channel host Bill O'Reilly had a much different take on his show Monday night, offering that more whites are killed by police than blacks. Here's a closer look at the numbers.

Fact-checking a Michael Brown meme

A closer look at claims in a meme about Michael Brown's home life.

Fake "Welcome to Idaho" sign

A "Welcome to Idaho" sign warns potential criminals about gun-owning citizens, but it's Photoshopped.

Douglas mostly wrong on new test approval

Checking Arizona's schools chief-elect.

No, Facebook isn't reporting gun owners

More #@%$ fake news passed off as real.

Cotton’s Porous Border Story

Rep. Tom Cotton distorted the facts of a 2011 failed terrorist plot to make his case that the U.S. border with Mexico is “open” and “defenseless.”

Sign held by Ferguson protester was doctored

Did a protester in Ferguson hold a sign saying, "No mother should have to fear for her son's life every time he robs a store"? No, it was doctored.

The Real Cost of a Four-Person Fire Crew

A key part of the pitch for a new, two-person emergency response crew serving Encanto is that it’s cheap. Is that correct?

Has House Republicans’ inaction on immigration reform cost $37 million a day?

Checking the claim that “with each additional day that passes, another $37 million in revenue is lost. There is no denying the powerful impact that immigration reform could have on our economy.”

Sarah Palin's "Eskimo" comment

Nope, she didn't say it.

The prosecutor and the Darren Wilson assistance fund

Is it true that St. Louis prosecutor Robert McCulloch runs a charity called Backstoppers that sold "I support Ofc. Darren Wilson" shirts to raise money for the policeman's defense fund?

No, Obama didn't order the U.S. to adopt the Euro

Yet more fake news passed off as real.