Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Are Vacation Rentals Making the Housing Shortage Worse?

The debate over how to regulate vacation rentals is especially hot in coastal communities, which have long been rental hotspots. It’s become a central issue in the race to represent City Council District 1, which includes vacation rental hub La Jolla.

A fake Trump "Portugese" comment

A fake quote from Donald Trump about Portuguese people was started by a Facebook "prank" web site.

Clinton campaign’s claim that Trump would ‘force schools to allow guns in classrooms’

The claim earns a rare Geppetto checkmark.

How Trump may have walked into a trap set by a Clinton super PAC

This is not really a fact check, though we provide missing context for one quote used in a campaign ad.

Trump on Hairspray and Ozone

For at least five years, Donald Trump has been making false claims about hairspray and its impact on the ozone layer.

Ann Coulter Arrested for Using Women's Bathroom?

An article reporting that the pundit had been arrested for using the women's bathroom came from a fake news site.

Al Franken Said His Judgment is More Important than Constituents'?

Senator Al Franken affirmed that his superdelegate vote would break from Minnesota's caucus results, but he didn't specifically suggest his judgment was "more important" than what his constituents wanted.

A photo switch in images of Sanders rally

A circulating photograph depicted a Bernie Sanders rally in Los Angeles in August 2015, not a May 2016 event in Sacramento.

Have Republicans really spent $7 million on the Benghazi Committee?

It is too facile for Democrats to pin all of the spending for the Benghazi committee on Republicans. One-third of the spending goes to Democratic staff and expenses, and that should be acknowledged in Democratic statements.

Michele Reagan's duties don't include collecting ballots

Is Arizona's secretary of state an election official whose "official duties" include collecting early ballots under the language of House Bill 2023?

North County Wants Its ‘Fair Share’ of SANDAG Tax

Escondido Mayor Sam Abed claims SANDAG’s ballot measure allocates too much for public-transit projects in San Diego and not enough for highways in North County. While it’s true that increased transit funding is more beneficial for dense San Diego than suburban Escondido, transit dollars are still useful for North County.

Details on the Obama administration and bathroom policy

The Departments of Justice and Education issued guidance to U.S. schools about transgender students and Title IX.

A closer look at charges against Clinton, Sanders on abortion policy

A viral Facebook post claimed Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton sought to make "the cutoff date" for abortion 36 weeks, but we were unable to substantiate that.

Are 20,000 'High-Paying' Jobs Available In Colorado?

In a recent interview at the Capitol, Gov. John Hickenlooper told Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner that there are thousands of good jobs open in Colorado that do not require much training. Is that correct?

Obama Hasn't Issued a 'Kill Order' for Bald Eagles

President Obama has proposed revising power guidelines that may affect eagles, not issued a "kill order" for thousands of them.

Harry Reid’s Wild Exaggerations

In a floor speech, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid made some wildly exaggerated claims about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's endorsement of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

ABC27 Fact Checks the Presidential Candidates

A lot of facts and figures are flying around from the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates, so who’s telling the truth and who’s making misleading statements?

Parsing statements by London's new mayor about Donald Trump

A statement by London's new mayor was framed to suggest that he threatened attacks against the U.S. if Donald Trump's anti-Muslim policies were implemented.

Donald Trump’s unsupported claim that crime is ‘through the roof’ because of illegal immigration

Donald Trump uses anecdotes as evidence to connect illegal immigration and violent crimes, and to propose deporting the approximately 11 million undocumented believed to be living in the United States. Just how likely are Americans to die from homicide by undocumented immigrants?

Trump’s Tax Returns

Donald Trump said "there's nothing to learn" from his tax returns, but experts say there's plenty to learn from presidential candidates' tax returns, including sources of income, effective tax rates, charitable giving habits and more.