Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Trump’s Cherry-Picked ACA Rates

Republican front-runner Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed, for months, that premiums under the Affordable Care Act are "going up 35, 45, 55 percent." Trump cherry-picks insurers' rate increases on the ACA marketplaces.

Ted Cruz’s claim that Obama is forcing schools to ‘let teenage boys shower with teenage girls’

This is a classic case of a politician using rhetoric to obfuscate and simplify a complex issue, earning him Two Pinocchios.

Checking a meme about medical bankruptcies

A popular meme holds that 643,000 Americans go bankrupt every year over medical bills, but the underlying math is elusive.

Trump’s false claim that the Islamic State is ‘making a fortune’ on Libyan oil

Does the terror group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria have control of oil fields and is it “making a fortune now in Libya”?

Harriet Tubman a gun-toting Republican?

A macro presenting Harriet Tubman as a "gun-toting Republican" features a photograph of Mary Fields, not Harriet Tubman.

Clinton on Marijuana Research

Hillary Clinton said at a town hall meeting that “you can't do any research about” marijuana because it’s a Schedule I drug. That’s false. Schedule I classification makes it difficult to conduct research on a substance, but not impossible.

Trump Wrong About Ads Attacking Kasich

Donald Trump falsely claims that while he has had "55,000 negative ads" run against him, John Kasich has "never had one negative ad against him."

A fake Prince quote favorable to the GOP

A meme asserts that musician Prince said he voted Republican because that political party knows the value of hard work.

No, Obama is not being added to Mount Rushmore

After Harriet Tubman's addition to the $20 bill was announced, a spurious old rumor recirculated claiming that President Obama's likeness is being added to Mount Rushmore.

Donald Trump’s false claim that there have been no negative ads against Kasich

After Trump’s victory in New York, it’s now just about mathematically impossible for Ted Cruz and John Kasich to win the nomination on the first ballot at the Republican National Convention. (Cruz and Kasich have acknowledged this.) Trump now highlights that he has been successful despite the number of attack ads that have run against him. In fact, Kasich never even had an attack ad aired against him, Trump says. Is that correct?

McCrory on Human Rights Campaign

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory got his facts wrong when he criticized a gay rights group that is lobbying to repeal a controversial bill he signed to limit transgender bathroom use.

Ted Cruz an ‘Outsider’ Like Sanders?

Sen. Ted Cruz claimed that he and Sen. Bernie Sanders are "outsiders" who “don’t find our fuel in bundlers and special interests. But rather directly from the people.” But Cruz's comparison to Sanders is a bit of a stretch.

Mislabeling a ‘Liberal Insider’

The anti-tax group Club for Growth Action is attacking an Indiana Republican candidate for the House, Kip Tom, as a "liberal insider." We find the Club's grounds to be deceptive.

Donna Edwards’s NRA-themed attack on Chris Van Hollen’s deal-making

In the hard-fought battle to win the Democratic nod to replace retiring Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski, Donna Edwards and her fellow lawmaker, Rep. Chris Van Hollen, have tangled over Van Hollen’s role in crafting a campaign finance bill to counter the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Citizens United case.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell didn't write Supreme Court rant

Another, less-famous Colin Powell posted it.

Did Arizona's SB 1070 reduce crime?

The assertion is unsupported.

Cruz’s Gun Control Deception

Sen. Ted Cruz distorted the facts in saying that Washington, D.C., and Chicago "for years" have been "right at the top of murder rates," and claiming that most "jurisdictions with the worst murder rates" have "the very strictest gun control laws."

No, Sanders votes weren't given to Clinton in New York

Nope, more fake news.

Hillary Clinton’s claim that the gun immunity law limits the Sandy Hook families’ lawsuit

Is Hillary Clinton correct in citing the immunity law for the challenges Sandy Hook families face to get their day in court?

Exaggerated 'voter suppression' in New York

New York voters won't be turned away from primary polling places for wearing shirts endorsing any particular candidate, and polling hours have not been cut to prevent people from casting ballots before work.