Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

No, the viral image of 2016 election results and 2013 crime rates is not real

A reader sent us this image after seeing it circulated on Facebook. “Interesting coincidence,” the reader wrote. “Is this true?”

‘Broke’ and Because of ACA?

House Speaker Paul Ryan falsely claimed that "because of Obamacare, Medicare is going broke." The law actually improved Medicare's financing, and the program isn't going "broke."

Could Electoral College Elect Clinton?

Q: Can the Electoral College elect Hillary Clinton on Dec. 19? A: Yes, it may be constitutionally possible; but no, it will not happen, according to election experts.

Trump’s claim that 2 million or 3 million criminal aliens are ‘here illegally’

In his first televised sit-down interview as the president-elect of the United States, Donald Trump was asked about deporting undocumented immigrants. He answered that he will prioritize the removal of 2 to 3 million people with criminal records who are “here illegally” — repeating a misleading claim that he used during the campaign. We checked out the facts.

Trump’s flip-flop on the electoral college: From ‘disaster’ to ‘genius’

Trump earns a Upside-Down Pinocchio, for an unacknowledged change in position.

Trump Repeats ‘Criminal Alien’ Claim

President-elect Donald Trump repeated an exaggerated claim that there are "probably 2 million" or "even 3 million" criminals living illegally in the U.S. One estimate puts the figure at about 820,000.

Donald Trump's First 100 Days Action Plan

In late October, Donald Trump released an action plan for what he hopes to accomplish in his first 100 days in office. Below, NPR reporters and editors from the politics team and other coverage areas have annotated Trump's plan. We've added context on several of his proposals, including whether he can really repeal Obamacare and what a hiring freeze on the federal workforce would actually look like.

Paul Ryan’s false claim that ‘because of Obamacare, Medicare is going broke’

Our eyebrows went up when we saw this quote from Ryan. It has been a bipartisan fallacy to claim that the old-age health program Medicare is going “broke,” which is incorrect for the reasons outlined below. But what was notable was he specifically blamed the Affordable Care Act for making Medicare go broke. That’s doubly wrong. Let’s explain.

Giuliani on Prosecuting Hillary Clinton

In making the case for prosecuting Hillary Clinton, Rudy Giuliani falsely claimed that Martha Stewart was prosecuted "for one count of lying to the FBI." Stewart was convicted on four counts of obstructing justice and lying to investigators.

Fact checking in the aftermath of a historic election

At The Washington Post, our main goal is to shed light on critical issues and explain the complexity of policy issues and debate. Every new president starts with a clean slate, and we are eager to see whether Trump improves his Pinocchio ratings once he takes the oath of office.

No ‘First Grandma’ Pension

Q: Will Marian Robinson, Barack Obama’s mother-in-law, receive a $160,000 government pension for babysitting her granddaughters during Obama’s time as president? A: No.

The 2016 FactCheck Awards

We highlight some TV ads that made us laugh out loud and either shake our heads or scratch them.

About That 'Madam President' Hillary Clinton Newsweek Cover

An image showing Hillary Clinton on the cover of a Newsweek publication under the title "Madam President" is real but is not proof that the news outlet colluded with the Clinton campaign prior to the 2016 presidential election.

NBC Accidentally Posts Election Results a Week Early? Nope

In what is becoming a common pre-election conspiracy-driving glitch, an NBC affiliate's software test was interpreted as evidence election results were rigged.

Trump Convoy Caught Spewing Racism on CB Radios? No

Snopes found no evidence that racist comments made in a YouTube video came from a parade of Trump supporters.

Clinton Campaign Didn't Pay Beyonce and Jay Z $62 Million for Cleveland Concert to Secure Black Votes

Reports that the Clinton campaign paid Beyonce and Jay Z $62 million to perform a concert in Cleveland are fake news.

Popular Vote and the Electoral College

Two of our most popular stories on our website right now aren't about presidential nominees Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

Huma Abedin Admits in E-mail to Brother That She Is a Muslim Infiltrator? No.

A look at a homespun effort to discredit the candidacy of Hillary Clinton by making it appear that her top aide admitted to being a radical Muslim plant.

Does Comey's house have a Trump sign on the lawn?

A photograph shows a sign supporting Donald Trump in front of a house owned by Comey, but it's unclear whether he placed it there himself.

Fact-checking the ‘final arguments’ of Trump and Clinton

With the 2016 presidential election race coming to a close tomorrow, here’s a roundup of 29 claims being made by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in their “final argument” speeches. Trump repeated many of his greatest hits of debunked claims, and Clinton mainly attacked Trump.