Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Manafort Off Base on Terrorist Claim

Paul Manafort, Donald Trump's campaign chairman, wrongly claimed that "the NATO base in Turkey" was attacked last week by "terrorists." Middle East experts told us there wasn't any such attack.

Fact-checking Donald Trump’s ‘major’ speech on the Islamic State

Donald Trump traveled to Youngstown, Ohio, to deliver what was billed as a “major” speech on how to deal with the threat posed by the Islamic State terrorist group, a.k.a. ISIS. For reasons known only to Trump, he continued to repeat false statements that have been repeatedly debunked in the past.

Trump gets his Mideast history wrong

Donald Trump on Monday painted the Middle East as an oasis of stability before Hillary Clinton's tenure as secretary of state, arguing that she and President Barack Obama "launched" the Islamic State group onto the world.

Trump’s Terrorism Speech

In a speech in Ohio on terrorism, Donald Trump repeated several fact-twisting and bogus claims he has made before.

An incorrect meme on a quote attributed to Roger Ailes

A quote about "truth" frequently attributed to former Fox News Channel CEO Roger Ailes did not originate with him.

Old Mike Pence remarks on condoms

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence made some now-eyebrow raising comments about the use of condoms in disease prevention back in 2002.

The NRA’s false claim that Hillary Clinton doesn’t believe Americans can keep guns at home

This ad features an actress, made up to look like Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, gliding through a privileged existence, much like an episode of the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.”

Fact Check: Clinton on Immigration

Just this week democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton talked about illegal immigrants and how she would decide which immigrants get to stay and which will go.

David Gowan right about federal regulation of onion-ring labeling

Does the federal government regulate onion-ring labeling and hand-railings for staircases?

Trump wrongly calls Obama "founder" of ISIS

Donald Trump says President Barack Obama is the "founder" of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. He's not, of course.

Mike Pence’s claim that Indiana has the largest school voucher program

This is one of Pence’s favorite talking points about his record in Indiana. But there’s actually more to the story, and voucher programs across states are difficult to compare because each program is structured differently. Here are the facts.

Fact-Checking Hillary Clinton’s Economic Speech

Some of her statements deserved a closer look. Here are a few.

Trump’s False Obama-ISIS Link

Donald Trump claims that President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton "founded ISIS." But the origin of the Islamic State terrorist group dates back to the Bush administration.

Clinton’s Economic Speech

Two days after Donald Trump gave a major speech on economics in Detroit, Hillary Clinton came to Michigan to offer a rebuttal. We found that Clinton stretched the facts on a few points.

Clinton's selective history on trade

Hillary Clinton offered a selective accounting of her history on trade Thursday, leaving out her support for initiatives that have since become unpopular. She also offered a rosier view of the U.S. workforce than the numbers portray. A look at some of the claims in her Michigan economic speech and how they compare with the facts.

Clinton Lays Out Economic Plan In Contrast To Trump

Clinton spoke at Futuramic Tool & Engineering, an advanced manufacturing facility in Warren, Mich. Clinton has been talking about her jobs plan for weeks now, visiting factories and small business. Her address was meant as a contrast to Trump's dark vision of the state of American manufacturing and focus on coal and steel, industries that have been in steep decline for more than a generation.

Clinton’s Trumped Up Zika Claim

Hillary Clinton falsely claimed that "my opponent in this race, his campaign officials" have called Zika "an insignificant issue." That was said by an unpaid local supporter of Donald Trump. Trump himself has called Zika a "big problem."

Trump’s claim that Obama is ‘founder’ of ISIS: An interview with Joby Warrick

The Washington Post has an inside expert on the rise of the Islamic State — our colleague Joby Warrick. His best-selling book, “Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS,” won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for general nonfiction. So here’s an interview with Joby, conducted by telephone, about Trump’s statement.

Fact-Checking Donald Trump's Speech on the Economy

Donald Trump delivered a major economic policy address on Monday, proposing, among other things, big corporate tax cuts and elimination of the estate tax. In his roughly one-hour speech, Republican presidential nominee also made a lot of claims about the state of the economy and the economic record of his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. Here we fact check five key assertions Trump made.

Trump falsehoods were uncovered in old legal deposition

The mogul, in a 2007 deposition, had to face up to a series of falsehoods and exaggerations. And he did. Sort of.