Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Elizabeth Warren on Trump’s Tax Plan

In this week's video, Jake Tapper of CNN's "State of the Union" looks at Jeb Bush's claim that Sen. Elizabeth Warren supports Donald Trump’s tax plan.

Are Apple's factories full of children making 17 cents/hour?

Fact-checking a whopper repeated enthusiastically—and without correction—by the Hollywood press.

Trump's flag battle

He did fight the Palm Beach authorities over the size of a flag on his property.

Hillary Clinton’s incomplete timeline on her personal e-mail account

A number of readers have asked the Fact Checker to explore Clinton’s stated timeline about her dealings with the State Department about her private e-mail system.

Club for Growth vs. Trump

Donald Trump threatens to sue the conservative Club for Growth if it doesn't pull its TV ad claiming he "supports higher taxes." The group says it is merely exposing Trump's "very liberal" record. Who is right?

Fact checking Jeb Bush's attack on Donald Trump's 'tax plan'

Jeb Bush mocked Donald Trump by saying liberal Sen. Elizabeth Warren supports Trump's "tax plan." Warren simply praised Trump's call to raise taxes on hedge fund managers. Bush's own tax plan calls for that very same thing. Indeed, Trump hasn't released an actual tax plan — he reportedly will do so later this month — and his comments about taxes on the campaign trail have been ambiguous, at best.

Carly Fiorina’s bogus ‘secretary to CEO’ career trajectory

Fiorina’s description of rising “from secretary to CEO” conjures a Horatio Alger-like narrative where a character starts at the lowest ranks of an industry, pulls themselves up by their bootstraps and, against all odds, reaches the top position in the industry. But it glosses over significant issues.

Social Security Bunk — Again

Here we go again; another phony and misleading claim that somebody is "robbing Social Security."

Carly Fiorina says U.S. is the only country that liberates but doesn’t conquer. Is that correct?

Not really, according to this analysis.

Carson Rewrites the Laws of Thermodynamics

Ben Carson claimed that prevailing theories of how the universe began and how planets and stars formed violate the second law of thermodynamics. His comments represent a misunderstanding of scientific concepts.

Paul Distorts Islamic Views of Bombings

Sen. Rand Paul said "20 percent of the Islamic public in England" thought the 2005 subway bombings in London "were okay." That's inaccurate. Twenty percent expressed sympathy for the "feelings and motives" of the bombers, but only 1 percent thought the bombing was "right."

Bernie Sanders’s claim that more people live in poverty ‘than almost any time’ in U.S. history

Bernie Sanders’s claim that more people live in poverty ‘than almost any time’ in U.S. history
“We have more people living in poverty today than almost any time in the history of this country.” —Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), interview on CNN, Sept. 23, 2015 Sanders, an independent seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, has made income inequality a major theme of his campaign. This statement jumped out at The Fact Checker because […]

No Clear Evidence That Clinton Aided Birthers

When GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump doubled down Wednesday on his previous claim that rival Democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton played a key role in sparking "birther" critics who insist President Barack Obama is not a native-born American, his charge was based on little more than a vague Clinton comment from 2008 and old political rumors.

Clinton’s Email Narrative, Interrupted

Hillary Clinton's campaign and the State Department have provided incomplete and misleading accounts of when and why the department requested copies of work-related emails that she maintained on a private server.

Bernie Sanders' controversial old writings

A dumb idea then, a dumb idea now, his staff says.

Chris Christie’s claim that he ‘supported and implemented’ New Jersey’s medical marijuana laws

He did not support the medical marijuana that he inherited from his predecessor, but he did carry it out.

Fiorina Misleads on HP and Iran

Carly Fiorina made several false, misleading and unsubstantiated claims in responding to questions about Hewlett-Packard's involvement with a foreign subsidiary that sold products to Iran.

Fiorina’s Unsupported Claim about VA Deaths

Carly Fiorina has said 307,000 veterans have died while waiting for care from the Veterans Health Administration. In one instance, she said all of those veterans "died in the last year," citing a recent inspector general’s report. But that's not what the report says.

Doubling Down on Falsehoods

Republican presidential candidates Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump were challenged on false claims they made during the second Republican debate, and both doubled down with more misinformation.

Ben Carson’s claim that ‘taqiyya’ encourages Muslims ‘to lie to achieve your goals’

An inaccurate interpretation of a small section of the Koran.