Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

President Obama Didn't Say Americans Are Better Off Under Martial Law

President Obama did not give an interview to the Washington Post during which he opined that Americans would be better off under martial law.

Misleading viral image about White House lighting

Inaccurate image claims the White House was illuminated purple the night Prince died but made no display for five police officers killed in Dallas.

No, Pope Francis is not endorsing Donald Trump

Reports that Pope Francis had endorsed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump originated from a fake news web site.

Babeu's claim about guns, crime unsupported

Checking this claim: "This is where Governor Brewer, when she brought that in, open carry or concealed, crime has gone down dramatically in my state."

Obama’s Numbers July 2016 Update

Our quarterly update of statistical indicators on jobs, wages, debt, energy, illegal immigration, food stamps and more.

Huckabee’s claim that more white people were shot by police in 2015 than minorities

This is the folly of calculating criminal justice data by raw numbers; blacks comprise 12 percent of the U.S. population, so there are fewer people in general who will be affected by a certain crime or another instance being measured.

No, Obama Didn't Commission a Gender-Neutral Bible

A satirical article reporting President Obama had commissioned pastor Rob Bell to write a gender neutral Bible was predictably shared as straight news.

Trump’s Fanciful Iran Negotiation

In spinning a fanciful tale of how he would have negotiated a tougher nuclear agreement with Iran, Donald Trump betrayed a fundamental misunderstanding of who controlled billions of dollars in Iranian assets that were unfrozen as part of the deal.

Democrats’ still-misleading claim comparing Clinton emails to her predecessors’

The comparison that Clinton allies and supporters make about the number of emails she turned over compared to her predecessors is misleading, and lacks significant context.

Jason Chaffetz's business card

Rep. Jason Chaffetz grilled James Comey in a hearing regarding the Clinton e-mail scandal and was cross-examined on Twitter over his own use of a commercial e-mail account.

Jason Brezler vs. Hillary Clinton

An Internet meme compares the fates of Marine Corps Maj. Jason Brezler and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, both of whom transmitted classified info via personal e-mails.

Fact Check: Air Force One, Who Pays?

Air Force One: Who pays? That’s the question a lot of people were asking after Hillary Clinton hitched a ride to Charlotte, N.C., this week with President Obama for their first joint campaign appearance.

Clinton’s Speech On Trump And Atlantic City, Annotated

Hillary Clinton spoke in Atlantic City, N.J. Wednesday, calling for more jobs in the city and blasting Donald Trump's business record in the area. NPR's politics team has annotated Clinton's speech below.

Revisiting Clinton and Classified Information

On July 5, FBI Director James Comey said a "very small number" of emails sent and received by Hillary Clinton over her private server “bore markings indicating the presence of classified information.” We are now learning more about those emails.

No, Chris Christie didn't veto pay parity for religious reasons

New Jersey governor Chris Christie vetoed a pay parity bill, but not over any reasons relating to religious freedom.

No, Obama isn't taking down the Statue of Liberty because of Muslims' complaints

Reports that President Obama is dismantling the Statue of Liberty come from hoax web sites.

No, Saddam Hussein Was Not Good At Killing Terrorists

Trump needs to read a history book on this one.

Fact-checking Clinton's attacks on Trump in Atlantic City

Hillary Clinton traveled to Atlantic City, New Jersey, on Wednesday to take aim at Donald Trump's business record, and CNN's Reality Check Team put her statements and assertions to the test.

Trump’s false claim that Saddam Hussein was ‘so good’ at ‘killing terrorists’

Hussein was no opponent of terrorists, certainly in the eyes of the West.

Did Colleen Deacon, as GOP suggests, flip-flop on Interstate 81 position?

As expected, Republicans aren't giving Democratic candidate Colleen Deacon a warm welcome to the 24th Congressional District race.