Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Kavanagh on Pennypacker's drug-law stance

A fact-check in Arizona's Legislative District 23.

President Obama and stay-at-home moms

Did President Barack Obama say women should not choose to be stay-at-home moms?

An Obamacare tax hike?

Tax increases actually had nothing to do with Obamacare.

Free cars and gas for welfare recipients?

Has Congress approved a program to provide welfare recipients with free cars and a monthly stipend for gas? No, more fake news.

Is a U.S. company hiring mercenaries to kill ISIS members?

More bogus news from the National Report.

Did Obama promise ‘amnesty’ to 11 million undocumented immigrants?

Checking the claim that “after the election, Obama admits he will give amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants.”

Bera ad deceptive about Ose’s record on abortion rights

Democratic Rep. Ami Bera of Elk Grove, in another television ad, depicts Republican challenger Doug Ose as opposing access to birth control and being against abortion rights, showing the former congressman backpedaling in black-and-white footage.

Ose spreads flawed claims about Bera’s earnings

Republican congressional candidate Doug Ose, a successful developer from Sacramento County, has been unfairly criticized by Democrats over the reason his personal wealth increased while he served six years in the House. Now, Ose is out with a mostly misleading TV ad of his own that claims it’s Bera who has been getting rich off government.

Mailer misleads on Pan’s fracking record

An independent committee funded by environmentalists, lawyers and nurses has sent out a mailer attacking Assemblyman Richard Pan for his position on a controversial oil extraction method known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. The groups are supporting Pan’s opponent, Assemblyman Roger Dickinson, in the fight to represent most of the Sacramento region in the state Senate.

CCA and the governor’s debate

In last night’s heated debate between the three leading candidates for governor of Idaho, there was much back-and-forth over the Corrections Corporation of America and the state’s $1 million settlement with the firm for understaffing the state’s largest prison and over-billing the state. Here’s a fact-check on some of the disputed points the candidates raised.

"War on Coal" Claims vs. The Numbers

One of the biggest issues we've seen and heard about during this campaign is what some call the President's "War on Coal." Some candidates are taking that idea and running with it, in an attempt to convince voters they're the one to stop that war. WSAZ took a closer look at the facts to see if the candidate claims stand up against the stats.

Martha McSally's stance on abortion

Is it true that "Martha McSally would take away a woman's right to choose"?

Facts don’t back LePage on Ebola, hepatitis

The governor is outspoken on the infectious diseases but some of his information is not correct.

Letterman Top Ten on Why I Vote Democratic?

No, it's not a real Top Ten list.

DuVal on 'dreamers' licenses, tuition

Does Fred DuVal support giving driver's licenses and in-state tuition rates to young people living in the U.S. without proper legal documentation?

Ducey on California corporate exodus

Is Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Ducey correct in saying California's economic policies drive companies out of the state?

Final Week Spin

With the midterm elections now just days away, many campaigns and outside groups are making their final appeals. And, as has been the case all election season, some of the claims miss the mark.

How not to cite a fact check

The Fact Checker is used to seeing fact checks cited in political advertising and in political debates, but this is a new one.

'Kaptur voted for taxpayer-funded abortion' statement doesn't add up

An anti-abortion group called the Susan B. Anthony List has been so eager to erect billboards saying that Marcy Kaptur "voted for taxpayer-funded abortion" by backing the Affordable Care Act that it pursued a long federal court battle to overturn an Ohio law that stood in its way.

The most fact-challenged ads of the 2014 midterm elections

Some $1 billion in television ads have been dumped on potential voters in the midterm elections, much of it on attack ads sponsored by shadowy third-party groups. The Fact Checker had to view and assess many of these ads, and so we pity the poor voters in crucial battleground states.