Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Bernie Sanders and the $12-an-hour interns

Bernie Sanders has been criticized as hypocritical for only paying his interns $12 an hour despite his campaigning to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

A fake quote by Ted Cruz on gay Americans and atheists

Ted Cruz never said that there is "no place for gays or atheists in my America."

Donald Trump and same-sex marriage

Is it true that Donald Trump said he'd overturn the Supreme Court's marriage equality decision if elected president?

Is Obama limiting Americans to three guns each?

A fake news article reports that President Obama implemented an unconstitutional gun control measure by executive order.

Is most U.S. terrorism homegrown?

Checking a claim by the president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy.

Cruz’s ‘Pseudoscientific’ Climate Claims

While on the campaign trail in New Hampshire, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz gave a speech to local residents that contained inaccurate and misleading claims about climate science and its terminology.

Attack ad misrepresents John Kasich’s record on taxes in Ohio

The ad’s claim that Kasich raised taxes by “billions” stood out as suspicious. The Fact Checker previously has looked into Kasich’s record on taxes and found there was a net tax decrease of nearly $5 billion in the state. What’s going on?

A $43 million gas station in Afghanistan? Not so fast

Sometimes a news report generates big headlines at first, but the corrective follow-up weeks or months later generates barely a ripple — or is ignored altogether. This is a good example of this unfortunate phenomenon.

Fact check: GOP hopefuls spar over terrorism, immigration

The seven leading presidential GOP candidates on Thursday sparred over terrorism, defense spending and immigration.

Fact Check: Ted Cruz hasn't insulted Donald Trump personally?

At Thursday night's debate, Ted Cruz claimed he hasn't personally insulted Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential race. Is this true?

FactChecking the Seventh GOP Debate

There was no Donald Trump, but plenty to fact-check in the last GOP debate before the Iowa caucuses.

Fact Checks of the Seventh G.O.P. Debate

The New York Times is checking assertions made throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, including Thursday’s Republican debate.

Republican debate: CNN's Reality Check team inspects the claims

The Republican candidates for president gathered in Des Moines, Iowa, on Thursday for their last debate before the first votes of the 2016 primary season are cast, and CNN's Reality Check team spent the night putting their statements and assertions to the test.

GOP claims on carpet bombs, Kurds and economy

Republican presidential contenders let fly with some inaccuracies Thursday when they badmouthed the Obama administration on military readiness, aid to Kurdish fighters and pay for construction workers. A look at some of the claims in the latest GOP debate and how they compare with the facts:

Fact checking the seventh round of GOP debates

Not every candidate uttered statements that are easily fact checked, but following is a list of 12 suspicious or interesting claims.

Five myths Donald Trump tells about Donald Trump

All politicians like to brag about their abilities and achievements. But rarely has a presidential hopeful emerged like Donald Trump, who consistently touts his résumé and plans for the nation in sweeping and over-the-top terms.

Rauner's economic numbers add up — if you ignore margin of error

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner attempted to bolster support for his "turnaround agenda" Wednesday by littering his State of the State speech with claims about the perilous condition of the Illinois economy — but did the numbers behind his claims add up?

Distorting Kasich’s Tax Plan

An ad from a conservative group attacks Ohio Gov. John Kasich as an "Obama Republican," and misleadingly claims his budget "raised taxes by billions, hitting businesses hard and the middle class even harder." The ad only tells half the story.

Trump Retweets Bogus Fox Graphic

On the morning of the Fox News/Google debate that Donald Trump has vowed to boycott, the Republican front-runner retweeted a bogus graphic that shows Fox News host Megyn Kelly posing with Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal and his wife. The image is fake.

Checking Dick Morris on Hillary Clinton

Former Clinton White House advisor Dick Morris made several assertions about Hillary Clinton in a column that was subsequently circulated as an e-mail forward.