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Trump’s unjustified boast about US nukes

President Donald Trump’s tweet Wednesday that America’s nuclear arsenal is “now stronger and more powerful than ever before” is debatable. His claim of the credit is entirely unjustified.

Trump Misfires on Nuclear Weapons Boast

A day after he threatened North Korea with "fire and fury," President Donald Trump distorted the facts when he boasted that his "first order as President was to renovate and modernize our nuclear arsenal" and "it is now far stronger and more powerful than ever."

President Trump’s claim that low-skilled immigration placed ‘substantial pressure’ on U.S. workers

Is the United States operating a “very low-skill immigration system,” and does low-skilled immigration create “substantial pressure” on U.S. workers, especially minorities?

Trump’s Misleading Blame on Opioids

President Donald Trump misleadingly cited a 23 percent decline in federal drug prosecutions between 2011 and 2016 to claim that the Obama administration ignored the opioid crisis.

Trump’s claim that U.S. nuclear arsenal is ‘now far stronger and more powerful’

As part of his saber-rattling with North Korea, President Trump made this claim about the U.S. nuclear arsenal. Readers wanted to know: Can the nuclear arsenal be modernized so quickly?

Trump Claims Undue Credit for Revamping Nuclear Arsenal

In an early-morning tweet Wednesday, President Trump claimed undue credit for revamping the nation’s nuclear arsenal, wrongly suggested tremendous progress had been made since he took office, and misrepresented the sequence and scope of his executive actions.

Is The Nuclear Arsenal 'Stronger Than Ever'?

Trump said the nuclear arsenal "is now far stronger and more powerful than ever before." The short answer is that the claim is incorrect.

No, Trump Did Not ‘Modernize’ U.S. Nukes

Amid growing anxiety about North Korea’s nuclear weapon capabilities, President Donald Trump tweeted on Wednesday that one of the first things he did on assuming the presidency was to "modernize" the nation's nuclear arsenal.

History lesson: Why did Bill Clinton’s North Korea deal fail?

There’s plenty of bipartisan blame to go around.

Did a New Jersey Town Forbid Residents From Criticizing Islam?

As part of a lawsuit settlement, residents are barred from discussing Muslims or Islam at a planning commission meeting.

Did Donald Trump Mention the 'Pizzagate' Conspiracy Theory in a 2011 Interview?

Although Trump did mention the word "Pizzagate", he was referring to a non-controversy over a lunch meeting with Sarah Palin, not the pedophile ring conspiracy theory

Trump, Russia and the opposition research firm run by ex-journalists

Sanders’s spin falls flat.

Vermont senator wasn’t indicted

A story alleging that a Vermont senator has been arrested by the FBI and will face charges of illegal gambling and drug possession is untrue.

‘Buy America’ Spin

Sen. Tammy Baldwin goes too far when she says U.S. steelworkers were “left behind” last year by Republican leaders who killed her “buy America” bill.

Trump Didn’t Pass Out

Q: Did President Donald Trump collapse while giving a speech in New Jersey? A: No. That story was published by a self-described satirical website.

Fact-checking the Stephen Miller-Jim Acosta exchange on immigration

This contentious exchange, which went on for seven minutes, contained some assertions that are relevant to the current immigration debate. Let’s look at three key moments, and whether they got their facts right.

Trump didn’t receive laudatory calls

In President Donald Trump’s universe, the past week was distinguished by two phone calls that happened and two that didn’t.

Does The U.S. Have The Highest Corporate Tax Rate In The World?

Although virtually nothing is predictable in politics these days, here is one certainty: Americans — at least the ones watching the news — are about to hear a lot about corporate taxes.

President Trump’s claim of Obamacare ‘bailouts’ for insurance companies

“Bailout” is a pejorative term in Washington. After Republicans in the Senate failed to pass a bill that would replace the Affordable Care Act, the president threatened to end what he termed “bailouts” for insurance companies and members of Congress. What’s he talking about? And are these really bailouts?

The RNC says Trump’s jobs numbers are ‘unprecedented,’ because words don’t matter anymore

Trump's defenders can't help but overinflate his economic record.