Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Trump Administration Policy, Not Court Ruling or Legal Loophole, Is Forcing Family Separations at Border

President Donald Trump says he hates that children are being separated from their parents but his administration's "zero tolerance" policy is responsible for spurring family separations. Court rulings do not mandate that course.

Andrew Cuomo overstates his record on same-sex marriage

Cuomo was one of the first governors to sign same-sex marriage legislation. But that was seven years ago, and time seems to have blurred his memory of the details.

Trump administration again blames others for its own family-separation policy

The Trump administration seems to be caught inside a “Twilight Zone” episode, insisting without evidence that its own policy of separating undocumented immigrant children from their parents is somehow a long-standing law and that any blame should go to Democrats.

Claim That Sessions Resigned Is Baloney

Has Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned? No. That claim came from a made-up story originally posted on a self-described satirical site.

President Trump’s flip-flop on coverage for preexisting health conditions

What caught the Fact Checker’s eye was Sessions’s statement that this step was being done “with the approval of the President of the United States.” That means we can judge whether the president, whom we’ve dubbed the “king of flip-flops,” is making yet another flip-flop on an important policy issue. Let’s explore what the president has said about the preexisting conditions section in Obamacare.

Trump Garbles Canadian Trade Stats

The official U.S. statistics on trade with Canada show that the United States has a trade surplus with our neighbor to the north. The U.S. surplus was $2.8 billion in 2017, according to the Census Bureau. Yet, President Donald Trump has claimed that the U.S. has “close to $100 billion a year loss with Canada” or $17 billion “minimum.”

Corey Stewart, Republicans and the Fringe Right

Corey Stewart, the provocative conservative who won Tuesday’s Republican primary to challenge Democratic Senator Tim Kaine in Virginia in November, has spent years courting voters on the rightward fringes of his party, often by playing to anti-immigration sentiment.

Trump bobbles facts on North Korea history, nukes

Says no other administration ever started negotiating with Pyongyang, but several have.

Fact-checking President Trump’s claims about the North Korea deal

Here’s a roundup of claims made by President Trump at a news conference on June 12 and in an interview with George Stephanopoulos of ABC News about his talks in Singapore with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

With Misleading Claims, Trump Dismisses 1994 North Korea Nuclear Deal

Following his summit meeting with Kim Jong-un, President Trump claimed on Tuesday that North Korea “took billions of dollars” during the Clinton administration for “nothing.” Neither claim is true.

Trump distorted history on North Korea

A look at some of President Donald Trump’s statements at a news conference following his meeting in Singapore with Kim Jong Un and how they compare with the facts.

Fox News’ Shepard Smith Hasn’t Been Fired

Is Fox News Channel anchor Shepard Smith being fired because of “his hate” for President Trump? No. That debunked claim has been circulating online since last year.

Weak Link in NFL Protest Story

Has George Soros been paying NFL players to protest? No. A story making that claim offers no evidence to support it.

Does This Image Show a Toddler in a Cage Detained by ICE in 2018?

A heart-rending photograph of a crying boy in a cage has been widely shared, but its full backstory is still uncertain.

Trump’s false assertion that Canada claims to ‘make’ $100 billion in trade with the U.S.

After more than 500 days in office, President Trump continues to demonstrate little understanding of the basics of trade and economics.

Sean Hannity Facing 'Possible Prison Time for Witness Tampering'?

No, Hannity is not currently facing “possible prison time for witness tampering.”

Did Justin Trudeau’s Eyebrow Fall Off at the G7 Summit?

A popular video clip made it appear as if the Canadian prime minister was wearing fake eyebrows at an international conference.

Trump ignores U.S. trade strengths in G7 dispute

President Donald Trump is presenting a lopsided portrait of how the world does business with the U.S to rationalize his escalating trade dispute with allies.

Sanders’ Misleading Wage Claim

Sen. Bernie Sanders claims that “the average American worker today, despite the strong economy, is not getting ahead.” Not so. Hourly wages have been rising faster than inflation for years, and that trend has continued under President Donald Trump.

Trump Exaggerates Trade Deficit With European Union by $50 Billion

The president claimed that the European Union had a $151 billion trade surplus with the United States. It’s $101 billion.