Saturday, July 4th, 2015

Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

The stale statistic that one in three black males has a chance of ending up in jail

This figure should be treated with caution until the Justice Department produces an updated estimate.

Ducey right that budget aided credit boost

Is Arizona's fiscal 2016 budget, passed by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Doug Ducey, a reason why Moody's Investors Service upgraded Arizona's credit rating?

Did a federal court formally charge President Obama with treason?

No, a ridiculous charge.

Did Gov. Chris Christie say Viagra-like pills for women would increase lesbianism?

It's an odd news-satire hybrid.

Sunday Spin from Clinton Surrogates

Two of Hillary Clinton's high-profile surrogates made false and misleading claims on the Sunday talk shows the day after she officially kicked off her campaign.

Ben Carson's debt comments are misleading

Carson's right about the country's high ratio of debt to GDP, but his dire predictions about the impact of that ratio exaggerate the findings of research and overstate the consensus among economists on the issue.

Will the new Navy ship USS Gabrielle Giffords be weaponless?

Nope, just more misunderstood satire.

Bill Clinton’s claim that Hillary did economic diplomacy because there was no Commerce Secretary

Was there such a gap in Commerce leadership that it was left to Clinton to conduct the administration’s economic diplomacy?

Cruz Cherry-picks Terrorism Comments

Sen. Ted Cruz has criticized President Obama and the White House for not mentioning how religious discrimination fueled terrorist attacks in Paris and Egypt this year. But to make his point, Cruz focuses on certain remarks and ignores others.

Rubio’s claim that two-thirds of Americans make less money today than in 2002

It is time for Republican and Democratic candidates to fine-tune this talking point

Kirkpatrick wrong on Arizona's forest management history

Checking the claim that "Arizona's never had clear-cutting; we've always managed our forests in a good way."

Ann Coulter and the disabled

She didn't say what a social media meme claims she said.

Was Fox News declared a hate group?

Did the Southern Poverty Law Center declare the Fox News Channel a hate group? Nope, just more fake news.

Christie’s Tax Dodge

Chris Christie repeatedly has said that U.S. corporations are taxed twice on income earned abroad, claiming in one speech that IRS officials “don’t recognize the tax that you paid to a foreign country." That’s false.

Obama’s Health Care Boasts

President Barack Obama made misleading and exaggerated claims in a speech boasting of the accomplishments of the Affordable Care Act.

The Four-Pinocchio claim that ‘on average, girls first become victims of sex trafficking at 13 years old’

Because sex trafficking is considered horrific, politicians appear willing to cite the flimsiest and most poorly researched statistics — and the media is content to treat the claims as solid facts.

Perry’s cherry-picked claim that America would have lost 400,000 jobs without Texas

In declaring his second bid for the presidency, Perry touted one of his favorite talking points: job growth in Texas. Perry, the state’s governor from 2000 to 2015, frequently makes references to the state’s economic accomplishments, and this topic likely will be repeated through the campaign.

Fact checking America's 6.6 million part-time worker 'problem'

Republicans are hammering on a sore spot in the Obama economy: part-time jobs.

Webb, Santorum Spin Past Campaigns

Democrat Jim Webb and Republican Rick Santorum got the facts wrong recently when recalling the details of past and present campaigns.

Regent Myers overstates university cuts

How does the budget signed by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey affect university funding on a per-student basis?