Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Trump’s Baseless Assimilation Claim

Donald Trump made a baseless claim that assimilation among Muslim immigrants in the U.S. is "pretty close" to "nonexistent."

Clinton’s 1975 Rape Case

Did Hillary Clinton volunteer in 1975 to defend a rapist, who was found not guilty, and laugh about it in an interview in 1980?

Fact checking three Democratic claims on assault rifles and guns

Readers have asked for fact checks of some of the gun rhetoric used by Democrats in the wake of the mass shooting in Orlando. In one cases, we have already delved into this material, but other claims are new. So, let’s take a look.

Dubious story about 'Islamic' threat to gas pipeline

The truth behind Laila Alawa

Rumors that President Obama appointed a woman named Laila Alawa to the Department of Homeland Security's violent extremism task force had little resemblance to the truth.

Orlando Club Had Armed Security

Donald Trump said there were “no guns on the other side” in the mass shooting in Orlando and there would’ve been fewer deaths “if the bullets were going in the other direction." But at least one person at the club fired at the shooter.

Trump’s ISIS Conspiracy Theory

Donald Trump said a report on a conservative news site proved he was "right" in suggesting President Obama supported terrorists. It doesn't.

Donald Trump And Syrian Refugees

President Obama has set a goal this year of taking in 10,000 Syrian refugees who have fled the devastating civil war in that country. This would be a large increase from previous years. The latest State Department reports say just over 2,800 have come so far this year. Some activists describe it as a relatively slow start, but they say the Obama administration could reach its goal by year's end. The presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, has criticized Obama's plan and says the program should be suspended. Hillary Clinton has called for taking in even larger numbers of Syrian refugees. Here's a look at the details.

Is Trump Right That US Soldiers Stole Loot?

It's not every day a presidential candidate will question the actions of the troops, and it may not make for smart politics. But that's what Donald Trump did at a rally in North Carolina, when he seemed to accuse U.S. soldiers of making off with aid money meant for Iraq's reconstruction. The claim may have been eye-popping — but he was right. Trump was on less solid ground when addressing a theory that the Obama administration worked with the group that grew into the Islamic State, which he did in a tweet.

Gun Ownership and Homicides in Honduras vs. Switzerland

A contrast of radically different gun laws and homicide rates in Honduras and Switzerland is based on faulty information.

A closer look at a "Stanford study" that alleges electoral fraud

Two researchers released a paper (not a study) examining whether primary election fraud that favored Hillary Clinton had occurred.

Trump’s bizarre claim that the administration actively ‘supported’ terror groups

This is what happens when people with little understanding of policy or context choose to willfully misinterpret documents.

NRA’s Baseless FBI Claim

The National Rifle Association executive director claimed -- without offering any evidence -- that the FBI was prevented from fully investigating Omar Mateen prior to his attack in Orlando because of "the Obama administration’s political correctness."

An unfounded rumor about Sean Hannity getting fired

A 2014 claim that Fox News host Sean Hannity was getting fired began to make the rounds again in June 2016.

Donald Trump’s almost-true claim that the president has power to ban ‘any class of persons’

Trump is correct that the president has broad powers to deny admission of people or groups into the United States. But the power has not been tested in the way that Trump proposes, and how we got there is a fascinating story of changes in attitudes toward various groups of foreigners throughout American history.

Not Just the No-Fly List

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton criticized Republicans for rejecting a Democratic amendment that would have "block[ed] suspected terrorists from buying guns who are on the no-fly list." But the measure went beyond the no-fly list.

Sen. David Perdue's Death Prayer?

Sen. David Perdue caused controversy by saying of President Obama to "pray for him like Psalms 109:8 says: Let his days be few, and let another have his office."

Donald Trump on Orlando Shooting

The GOP candidate distorts the facts on the Orlando and San Bernardino shootings and Syrian refugees.

No, Mexico hasn't said it will close its borders if Trump wins

A fake news item claiming Mexico intended to close its borders if Donald Trump was elected president gained traction several months after it initially appeared.

Fact checking the Clinton and Trump speeches after Orlando

The presumptive presidential nominees — Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump —gave dueling speeches on June 13 in the aftermath of the Orlando mass shooting. We combed through the speeches to find factual assertions that were worthy of fact checking.