Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Did Hillary Clinton collude with the Russians to get ‘dirt’ on Trump to feed it to the FBI?

Republican investigators have turned up information that raises interesting questions. Let’s explore whether there is a basis for Nunes’s claim that Clinton is the ultimate villain in the Russia saga.

Did Melania Trump's Parents Arrive in the U.S. Through 'Chain Migration'?

A twitter post painted Viktor and Amalija Knavs's immigration status as a symbol of hypocrisy on the part of the Trump administration.

Adam Schiff and George Soros Not In-Laws

Q: Is Rep. Adam Schiff’s sister married to the son of George Soros? A: No. The congressman doesn’t even have a sister.

Is This Trump's Hair Blowing in the Wind?

Much ado was made on social media about the President's hair after a video aired of his boarding Air Force One on a windy day.

Did John McCain Help the FBI Pay for the Steele Dossier?

If ever a snare were set for a conspiracy theorist, it would most certainly be the "Steele dossier" released for public consumption by BuzzFeed in January of last year, alleging collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.

Trump on Britain’s Universal Health Care

President Trump tweeted that while Democrats are pushing for universal health care, "thousands of people are marching in the UK because their U[niversal] system is going broke and not working." But the demonstrators marched in support of the system and urged the government to better fund it.

Climate science undercuts EPA chief's view

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency is again understating the threat posed by climate change, this time by suggesting that global warming may be a good thing for humanity.

President Trump’s claim that ‘thousands and thousands’ of MS-13 members are off the streets

Has the Trump administration taken “thousands and thousands” of MS-13 members off the streets, whether by deporting or imprisoning them?

Pluto Not Reclassified as a Planet

Pluto's classification staying as is.

Q&A on the Nunes Memo

Let's go through what we know, and don't know, about the memo, FBI actions and the relevance to the Russia investigation.

Trump on MS-13 gang and stock market

President Donald Trump is portraying the violent MS-13 gang as a collection of immigrants sneaking illegally into the U.S., an account that ignores the organization's homegrown roots and the fact many of its members are U.S. citizens.

President Trump’s claim that ‘wages are now, for the first time in many years, rising’

The president made a number of outlandish claims about increased wages.

Was Adam Schiff's Sister Married to George Soros's Son?

Rep. Adam Schiff, who authored a rebuttal to Devin Nunes's memo about the Trump-Russia investigation, is now the target of conspiracy theories and fake news.

Trump Overstates Role in Apple’s Plans

President Trump claimed that "Apple is investing $350 billion in the United States” over the next five years all because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. That's contradicted by Apple's chief executive officer, who said that "there's large parts of this that we would have done in any situation."

President Donald Trump speech in Greater Cincinnati

President Donald Trump touted the GOP-passed tax reform at Blue Ash's Sheffer Corporation Monday. The Enquirer checked some of his speech to see if the president presented facts or fiction in Cincinnati.

Did Trump Tweet in 2015 That the President Should Be Shot Out of a Cannon if the 'Dow Joans' Tanks?

A fake tweet attributed to President Donald Trump was meant to be a joke, but this is 2018.

Trump’s Criticism of U.K.’s National Health Service

a tweet on Monday, President Trump claimed that thousands of people in Britain were marching because their country’s National Health Service was “going broke and not working,” and that Democrats pushing for universal health care in the United States were pursuing a similar failed model.

President Trump cries ‘fake news’ and the world follows

Trump’s supporters applaud his willingness to combat what he sees as unfair or biased reporting. But there has been a second-order effect as well. What has Trump’s usage of “fake news” meant to the world’s discourse over the last year?

Do Republicans want to ban abortion after 20 weeks with no exceptions?

Does the latest version of the bill include exceptions for a woman’s health and for cases of rape or incest?

State of the Union highlights Trump's week of faulty claims

President Donald Trump struck a variety of false notes in his big speech to Congress this past week and followed up with a curious coda — a plain-as-your-face exaggeration about the TV audience that tuned in for it. A look at some of Trump's recent statements, from his State of the Union address and beyond.