Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell didn't write Supreme Court rant

Another, less-famous Colin Powell posted it.

Did Arizona's SB 1070 reduce crime?

The assertion is unsupported.

Cruz’s Gun Control Deception

Sen. Ted Cruz distorted the facts in saying that Washington, D.C., and Chicago "for years" have been "right at the top of murder rates," and claiming that most "jurisdictions with the worst murder rates" have "the very strictest gun control laws."

No, Sanders votes weren't given to Clinton in New York

Nope, more fake news.

Hillary Clinton’s claim that the gun immunity law limits the Sandy Hook families’ lawsuit

Is Hillary Clinton correct in citing the immunity law for the challenges Sandy Hook families face to get their day in court?

Exaggerated 'voter suppression' in New York

New York voters won't be turned away from primary polling places for wearing shirts endorsing any particular candidate, and polling hours have not been cut to prevent people from casting ballots before work.

Cruz’s claim that ‘no one has disputed’ his claim McConnell lied

Given the uproar over Cruz’s remarks, we were curious about his claim that “no one has disputed a word I said.” Is that really the case?

A fake story about a police situation in a North Carolina bathroom

Fake news reports that NC police tased and "brutally ejected" a woman from a ladies' restroom because they thought she was transgender.

Palin ‘as Much a Scientist’ as Bill Nye?

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin falsely said she is "as much a scientist" as Bill Nye, best known for his children's show, "Bill Nye the Science Guy." Nye has multiple credentials that make him more of a scientist than Palin.

North Carolina governor’s misleading claim about his executive order and the LGBT law

We wish we could give Three Fig Leaves — which is what this announcement is — but alas, will stick to Pinocchios.

No, Ted Cruz's dad not linked to JFK assassination

Disreputable web site posits a link between Ted Cruz's father and Lee Harvey Oswald based on negligible evidence.

A fake picture of a Sanders rally

A photograph that purportedly showed massive crowds near Washington Square Park for a Bernie Sanders rally was actually taken in Paris in January 2015.

No, CAIR didn't urge Memorial Day be used to honor terrorists

CAIR didn't call to end Memorial Day or to replace it with a holiday honoring "Muslim terrorists."

Incorrect details in story of 'trangender' man arrested in women's bathroom

A 2013 news story about a man filming in women's bathrooms was misrepresented as having occurred "last weekend" in 2016.

Was backer of LGBT bill in Charlotte a sex offender?

A number of memes somewhat misleadingly reported that the "leader" of opposition to a controversial bathroom bill in North Carolina was a registered sex offender.

VA Funds and Syrian Refugees

Q: Did President Obama cut benefits for veterans by $2.6 billion to give the money to Syrian refugees? A: No. The Department of Veterans Affairs transferred funds to close a […]

Democratic debate: CNN's Reality Check team vets the claims

Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders met Thursday in Brooklyn for their last debate before New York's primary, and CNN's Reality Check team spent the night putting their statements and assertions to the test. The team of reporters, researchers and editors across CNN listened throughout the debate, selecting key statements.

FactChecking the Ninth Democratic Debate

Clinton and Sanders sparred over the minimum wage, campaign contributions, guns and more.

Fact-checking the ninth Democratic debate

CNN hosted the ninth Democratic presidential debate on March 14, a face-off between former secretary of state Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.). Not every statement could be easily fact-checked, but here are 14 suspicious or interesting claims.

Fact checking the Democratic debate

The New York Times is checking assertions made throughout the 2016 presidential campaign.