Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Did Hillary Clinton pose next to someone with 'I'm With Stupid' shirt?

Nope, the photo is doctored.

Is Obama going to tax gatherings of white conservatives?

Oh please. Of course not.

Ducey right on drop in state spending

Will Arizona's state government spend less in fiscal 2016 than in fiscal 2015?

Jindal’s false claim that Louisiana families will see a ‘tax cut’ through a new program

Two of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s (R) most common talking points are his anti-tax mantra and his record on cutting Louisiana taxes. In a recent TV interview, Jindal was asked about the tax and fee increases approved in the most recent budget. Yet the presidential hopeful responded that he actually gave a tax credit, which amounted to a tax cut. What is going on? Did Jindal really enact an overall tax cut?

Fact-Checking Hillary Clinton's Economic Attacks on Top Republican Rivals

Is she targeting the three Republicans she sees as most likely to succeed in winning the party's nomination?

Grijalva correct on drone strikes

Is it correct that U.S. drone strikes have killed at least five Americans since 2002?

NC GOP makes claims about union backing for 'Moral Monday'

The North Carolina Republican Party used a news conference in Winston-Salem Monday morning to spotlight what party leaders say is an unseemly connection between labor unions and the "Moral Monday" movement.

Do Democrats want to ban the words "husband" and "wife"?

No, it's a misconstrual of a legitimate bill.

Pastor jailed for refusing to officiate a gay wedding?

Nope, just more fake news.

The bones of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest

Did the Memphis City Council vote to move the remains of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife from a park in Memphis?

Hillary Clinton’s claim that a Democratic president would have paid down the national debt

Democrats and Republicans have their own narratives of U.S. economic history.

Is Medicaid Bad for Your Health?

Under the Affordable Care Act, millions of the uninsured have gained Medicaid coverage. But is Medicaid good for their health, bad for their health, or does it make no difference from being uninsured? All three claims found a political champion recently.

Bernie Sanders’ misleading characterization of a controversial gun law

Sanders’ statement is misleading, and a simplification of a complex case.

Checking Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush on immigration

Pouncing on controversial comments about Mexican immigrants by Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton said in an interview with CNN on Tuesday that the ideological space between Trump and Jeb Bush on the issue of immigration was small.

Was George W. Bush Paid $100,000 to Speak at Veterans Event?

Credible reports confirm it.

Obama's ISIL mis-speak

His claim to be "training ISIL" was a slip of the tongue, nothing more.

Cruz Off on Hispanic Unemployment

Sen. Ted Cruz claims that Hispanic unemployment and Hispanic teen unemployment have gone up under President Obama. But Hispanic unemployment is lower now than when Obama took office.

The EPA Will Not Regulate Your Barbecue

A Republican congressman says the Environmental Protection Agency wants "to stop you and I from grilling," and he has proposed legislation that would prohibit federal regulation of backyard barbecues.

Hillary Clinton’s claim that ‘everything I did [on e-mails] was permitted’

With her very careful language, Clinton skirts some of the important issues concerning her private e-mail account.

Rick Perry's Texas education claims: Do they mess with the facts?

Rick Perry, who was Texas governor from 2000-2015, said the nation's second-best graduation rates bolstered Texas's work force, which in turn attracted new businesses and fueled a vibrant economy.