Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Trump's Hit-And-Miss 'Obamacare' Tweet

Taking a swipe at "Obamacare" on Twitter, President-elect Donald Trump correctly identified two of its most pressing problems — a spike in premiums and high deductibles. But he failed to acknowledge the subsidies that soften the hit for many consumers, though not all.

Did Obama award himself a medal?

President Obama received an medal bestowed by the Secretary of Defense, not himself, that has been awarded to previous Presidents.

Plane Crew Didn’t Rebuff Obama

Q: Did the crew of Air Force One refuse to fly President Obama to play golf? A: No.

Once Again, Lawmakers Are Stretching The Facts On Obamacare

President Obama and Vice President-elect Mike Pence were both on Capitol Hill Wednesday, making competing cases for and against Obama's signature health care law. Republicans have promised to make repeal of the Affordable Care Act their first order of business, once they control both Congress and the White House. Obama is urging his fellow Democrats to do what they can to preserve the law. If that fails, Democrats plan to hold Republicans accountable for any disruption the repeal may trigger. Both sides are trying to position themselves as the protectors of Americans' health care, while branding the other party as a dangerous threat. As usual, the truth may be somewhere in between. Here we take a closer look at some of the claims being floated by both parties

Julian Assange’s claim that there was no Russian involvement in WikiLeaks emails

While Julian Assange — and subsequently, Donald Trump — claim that Russia is 1,000 percent certain not to be the source of the documents published on WikiLeaks, the facts are not nearly as certain. We dug into it.

Trump Pulls Quotes on ACA Out of Context

In support of his argument that the Affordable Care Act “doesn’t work” and provides “lousy healthcare,” President-elect Donald Trump quoted Bill Clinton as saying the law is “crazy” and Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton as saying that the law “is no longer affordable.” But both comments are lifted out of context.

Fact-Checking Donald Trump's Claim About Jackie Evancho's Album Sales

The president-elect says that the 16-year-old's album sales have ‘skyrocketed’ since her inauguration announcement. Have they?

A fake regretful tweet by Donald Trump

An image of a deleted tweet from Donald Trump expressing feelings of regret and inadequacy is a clear forgery.

Did the Clinton Foundation pay for Chelsea’s wedding?

The 2016 presidential election is over, but two readers separately sent The Fact Checker a query about a news report that apparently swayed some voters at the last minute.

No, California Democrats didn’t ‘legalize’ child prostitution

A misleading column about a new state law by an Orange County lawmaker has sparked inaccurate online reports taking off on Facebook.

Dylann Roof Wasn't Sexually Assaulted in Jail

A widely shared story claiming convicted Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof was raped in jail is not true.

Obama didn't pardon rapper C-Murder

An article from "Gummy Post" incorrectly stated that convicted rapper C-Murder was pardoned by President Obama on 7 December 2016.

No, Trump didn't tap Palin as his science adviser

A report that President-elect Trump appointed the former governor of Alaska as a Science and Technology Advisor is a fake news tidbit.

Pope isn't seeking Islam, Christianity merger

A widely shared story that claimed Pope Francis called for merging Islam and Christianity is false.

Fact-checking John Kerry’s speech on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Fact-checking the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a bit of a fool’s errand. The two sides have their own narratives, which are virtually impossible to reconcile. Meanwhile, supporters of Israel in the United States — and even Israelis — have also split into seemingly irreconcilable camps, with their own set of facts and assumptions about the root causes of the conflict.

Did Wisconsin state agency scrub its website of climate change references?

The Wisconsin DNR's web page was scrubbed of all uses of the word "climate" and altered to imply a lack of consensus about anthropogenic global warming in the scientific community.

Trump didn't threaten Mexico in tweet

An image purportedly showing a tweet in which Donald Trump threatened military action against Mexico is a hoax.

Obama bill distorted to say it bans alternative media

Numerous small web outlets inaccurately asserted that President Obama signed a "Christmas bill" criminalizing alternative media in December 2016.

Ex-agent didn't write book outing Obama

A widely shared story that claimed a former Secret Service agent outed President Barack Obama as a gay man and a radical Muslim is false.

Obama didn't ban Christmas cards to military

A widely shared story claiming President Barack Obama ordered a ban on Christmas cards sent to the military is not true.