Friday, February 27th, 2015

Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Fact checking statements on vaccines, including Obama in 2008

A look back at what then-candidate Barack Obama said on vaccines and autism in 2008.

Measles deaths vs. vaccine deaths

An unreliable statistical comparison.

Mike Huckabee and the 'secret homosexual handshake'

It's all satire, folks.

Obama’s Loophole Logic

The White House is claiming that the top 1 percent of all earners would pay 99 percent of the capital gains tax increase proposed by the president. But that claim rests on some debatable logic.

The missing context behind the widely cited statistic that there are 22 veteran suicides a day

The statistic that there are 22 veteran suicides each day — or, more than 8,000 when multiplied by the number of days in a year — is a widely cited figure in reference to veteran suicides. It’s been used by Democratic and Republican lawmakers in both chambers, the VA, veteran groups and media outlets. Where does this figure come from, and what does it tell us about suicides among veterans?

Paul Repeats Baseless Vaccine Claims

Sen. Rand Paul gave false and misleading statements about vaccine safety in two separate interviews, including a claim that "many" children have developed "profound mental disorders" after vaccinations.

A zombie Obamacare stat emerges again, earns Four Pinocchios

“Under Obama, Average Family Premiums Have Increased $4,154” -- or have they?

Measles patient zero

Was "patient zero" for the 2014-2015 measles outbreak found to be an already-vaccinated child or illegal immigrant?

Elizabeth Warren's "mansion"

Checking the claim that Elizabeth Warren lives in a multi-million-dollar mansion and relied on scant Native American heritage claims to land a job at Harvard.

Hobbs wrong on neighborhood schools

What percentage of Arizonans choose to send their children to public schools in their own neighborhoods?

Rauner's reform arguments don't all add up

The Associated Press reviewed some of the facts the Winnetka Republican is using to make his case for change in Springfield. Some were spot on, while others lacked context or weren't accompanied by other important information.

Obama’s claim that raising the minimum wage helps low-wage workers ‘make ends meet’

A reader e-mail about this statement piqued our interest: Would raising the minimum wage really help someone making $15,000 or less a year “make ends meet”?

Does Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan want to cut school funding?

is the new governor cutting education spending or increasing it? Well, he’s doing both.

Obama's secret importation of Muslims

Is President Barack Obama "secretly importing" 75,000 Muslims into the U.S?

The VA chapel and the missing Christian symbols

Did President Barack Obama order a VA chapel in Michigan to hide Christian symbols behind a curtain?

Obama Juices the Genome Numbers

President Obama repeated an outdated and questionable number for the Human Genome Project's return on investment, and oversold just how cheap sequencing a single person's full genetic code has become.

Obama Fudges Facts in Philly

In a speech to House Democrats, President Barack Obama stretched the facts to underscore political points about national security and the improving economy.

The Obama administration’s illusionary job gains from the Trans-Pacific Partnership

The Fact Checker frequently warns readers to be wary of claims by politicians that various policy initiatives will yield tens of thousands of jobs.

Story of ‘gutsy bravehearts’ who fought off Boko Haram is a hoax

A small group of Nigerian women armed with AK-47s save their town and their school from Boko Haram militants. It is a story that has captured imaginations on social media. But the story is a hoax.

All U.S. Jobs Did Not Go to Immigrants

Rick Santorum touted a shocking statistic to Iowa voters: Of the "6 million net new jobs created in America" since 2000, "all of them" are held by immigrants. That's not accurate.