Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Trump’s bizarre claim that the administration actively ‘supported’ terror groups

This is what happens when people with little understanding of policy or context choose to willfully misinterpret documents.

NRA’s Baseless FBI Claim

The National Rifle Association executive director claimed -- without offering any evidence -- that the FBI was prevented from fully investigating Omar Mateen prior to his attack in Orlando because of "the Obama administration’s political correctness."

An unfounded rumor about Sean Hannity getting fired

A 2014 claim that Fox News host Sean Hannity was getting fired began to make the rounds again in June 2016.

Donald Trump’s almost-true claim that the president has power to ban ‘any class of persons’

Trump is correct that the president has broad powers to deny admission of people or groups into the United States. But the power has not been tested in the way that Trump proposes, and how we got there is a fascinating story of changes in attitudes toward various groups of foreigners throughout American history.

Not Just the No-Fly List

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton criticized Republicans for rejecting a Democratic amendment that would have "block[ed] suspected terrorists from buying guns who are on the no-fly list." But the measure went beyond the no-fly list.

Sen. David Perdue's Death Prayer?

Sen. David Perdue caused controversy by saying of President Obama to "pray for him like Psalms 109:8 says: Let his days be few, and let another have his office."

Donald Trump on Orlando Shooting

The GOP candidate distorts the facts on the Orlando and San Bernardino shootings and Syrian refugees.

No, Mexico hasn't said it will close its borders if Trump wins

A fake news item claiming Mexico intended to close its borders if Donald Trump was elected president gained traction several months after it initially appeared.

Fact checking the Clinton and Trump speeches after Orlando

The presumptive presidential nominees — Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump —gave dueling speeches on June 13 in the aftermath of the Orlando mass shooting. We combed through the speeches to find factual assertions that were worthy of fact checking.

Fact-Checking Donald Trump's Orlando Response Speech

In Donald Trump's first formal response Monday to the Orlando massacre, he said that the attack is a result of the U.S.'s immigration policy. He also attacked presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for her position on guns, immigration and intelligence gathering. Here is a fact check of the statistic-packed speech.

Trump's Speech Needs Some Asterisks

An annotated version of Donald Trump's speech on combatting terrorism would be heavy with asterisks. The presumptive GOP nominee's speech Monday painted a picture of a nation overrun by terrorists and with cowed leaders — including the State Department under Hillary Clinton's leadership — doing little to keep them out. The reality is far more complex. Clinton, too, spoke Tuesday about how to fight the terrorist issue, but relied on thin data in an implied scold of her GOP opponent. A look at some of the candidates' claims.

Fake LGBT endorsements of Trump on Twitter

Two Twitter accounts purportedly linked with the LGBT community in Phoenix endorsed Donald Trump, but they appeared after the Orlando shooting and were likely fake.

What was the Orlando shooter's partisan identification?

In 2006 Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen registered to vote as a Democrat, but his recent political leanings are unknown.

A fake claim about Pat Robertson comments after Orlando

Fake news reports that former Southern Baptist minister Pat Robertson asserted the Orlando nightclub shooting was God's punishment for legalizing same-sex marriage.

Did the Clinton Foundation raise ‘hundreds of millions of dollars’ for a hospital in Haiti that was never built?

What we found had all the makings of a mishmash talking point stringing together different information relating to Haiti recovery efforts — such as a message from the last player in a game of “Telephone.”

About those uncounted California ballots

It's true that millions of California ballots have yet to be certified, but the process is transparent and well documented.

Pageants and Foreign Policy

Hillary Clinton said that Donald Trump cited hosting the Miss Universe pageant in Russia when "asked about his foreign-policy experience." That's not how the exchange went.

GOP ad on John Gregg mostly true but exaggerates

A new TV ad attacking Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Gregg labels the former state House speaker a "wasteful-spending, tax-loving, former lobbyist" who did "side work" for the notorious, failed energy company Enron. But while some claims — notably Gregg's work as a coal lobbyist — are true, many of the charges leveled in the ad by the Republican Governors Association are debatable, exaggerated or are presented out-of-context.

Judge Curiel wasn't part of a hate group

Judge Curiel is a member of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association, not a "Latino KKK" hate group.

Opposition Overreach in Virginia

Political attack ads all too often try to spin an opponent's jaywalking tickets into felonies. As an example, consider Virginia Rep. Randy Forbes' claim that his GOP primary opponent, Scott Taylor, "violated federal election law 19 times."