Friday, October 24th, 2014

Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Prop. 1, Prop. 2 backers oversimplify wildfire costs

A closer look at ads for two California ballot measures.

Odd Take on Constitution in Ky Debate

It might seem an odd question for a Democrat to keep ducking: Did you vote for President Barack Obama or not? Can that be so hard?

State Department travel advisory for Texas?

Has the U.S. Department of State issued a travel advisory for the state of Texas? No, just more satire pass off as news.

Is a Texas town quarantined for Ebola?

No, just more satire passed off as truth.

Turbans and beards in the Army?

Did the U.S. Army get pressured to accommodate Muslims by allowing turbans and beards to become a part of their dress code?

A ‘Whopper’ in Arkansas Debate?

At an Oct. 13 Arkansas Senate debate, Rep. Tom Cotton claimed that Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor "voted for every one of Barack Obama's tax increases." Pryor called this a "whopper," and countered that he "voted against every budget that President Obama has offered." We find that both are not telling the whole story.

ISIS terrorists at the border?

Have ISIS militants been captured by Border Patrol in the last 36 hours?

The White House and the Secret Service: statements regarding a Senate panel’s findings

The White House directed reporters to look at a report on the Secret Service, so The Fact Checker took up the challenge.

Ad spending, accusations in Ohio House race

So far, negative ads by each candidate have been decried by his opponent.

Are mandatory Ebola vaccinations imminent?

Short answer: No.

Enterovirus and migrants at the border?

Is an ongoing outbreak of Enterovirus D68 due to an influx of immigrant children from Central America?

What We Were Told about Ebola

Sen. John McCain claimed on a Sunday talk show that “we were told there would never be a case of Ebola in the United States.” Not exactly.

Has the government ordered $1 billion in Ebola coffins?

The Obama administration has not, in fact, ordered $1 billion worth of disposable coffins for use with FEMA camps or Ebola victims.

Congress appoints Obama to a third term?

A reader saw a post on Facebook that said "Congress moves to appoint Obama to a third term in 2016" True or false?

DuVal on student-teacher ratios, vacancies

Was an Arizona gubernatorial candidate right about the size of Arizona's public-school classes and the number of teacher vacancies?

Was Ducey right on classroom funding?

Checking the percentage of education dollars in Arizona being spent in the classroom each year over the past decade.

Stewart Mills and the billionaire Koch Brothers

The DFL Party released another wave of advertisements attacking Minnesota Congressional Candidate Stewart Mills. The ad claims Mills backs an agenda that favors outsourcing Minnesota jobs and that Mills supports giving tax breaks to billionaires and multinational corporations. Is that correct?

What you need to know about the “Dishonesty” ad targeting Dave Loebsack

The seventh in a series of political ad fact checks that will be published heading into the Nov. 4 general election.

What Snyder and Schauer got right, wrong

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and Democratic challenger Mark Schauer faced off in a town hall event today. It was the only time the candidates will meet this election season. Free Press reporters John Wisely, Brent Snavely and Matt Helms checked the facts shared by the candidates throughout the forum.

Double Whopper Against King

A TV ad from Democrat Jim Mowrer claims Iowa Rep. Steve King "did vote to raise his own pay by $20,000 a year and take perks like free health care for life." That's a double whopper.