Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Huma Abedin Admits in E-mail to Brother That She Is a Muslim Infiltrator? No.

A look at a homespun effort to discredit the candidacy of Hillary Clinton by making it appear that her top aide admitted to being a radical Muslim plant.

Does Comey's house have a Trump sign on the lawn?

A photograph shows a sign supporting Donald Trump in front of a house owned by Comey, but it's unclear whether he placed it there himself.

Fact-checking the ‘final arguments’ of Trump and Clinton

With the 2016 presidential election race coming to a close tomorrow, here’s a roundup of 29 claims being made by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in their “final argument” speeches. Trump repeated many of his greatest hits of debunked claims, and Clinton mainly attacked Trump.

Did Obama Encouraged'Illegal Aliens' to Vote? No

In an interview aimed at a millennial audience, President Obama encouraged Latino citizens to vote. He did not urge undocumented immigrants to vote.

Clinton's name misspelled "Hil-liar-y" on ballot in Arkansas county

This one's true, though the reason may be innocent.

John Podesta, Satanist?

An e-mail published by WikiLeaks mentioned "spirit cooking," but claims that Hillary Clinton or John Podesta practice satanic rituals are grossly exaggerated.

Health insurance dispute in Coghill-Hopkins race

More than $150,000 of special interest money has poured into the Interior to influence the outcome of the race for Senate District B, with a flurry of ads targeting incumbent Republican Sen. John Coghill’s legislative record.

Greatest hits of a fact-challenged campaign

At times it has seemed as though this presidential campaign was occurring in some alternate universe. Up is down, no means yes, day is night.

Trump Presses Forward With Inaccurate 'Criminal' Claims

Donald Trump continued to cite a discredited report and exaggerate news to portray rival Hillary Clinton as a criminal embroiled in investigations on Friday, making inaccurate claims central to his final pitch to swing state voters just four days before the election.

Trump Claims Obama Scolded Protester, Video Shows Otherwise

Donald Trump at a rally in Pennsylvania on Friday accused President Barack Obama of screaming at a protester at an earlier rally — but that's not what happened.

No, John Podesta didn’t drink bodily fluids at a secret Satanist dinner

Welcome to the latest edition of What Was Fake on the Internet this Election, a frequently recurring column where we round up the fake and misleading stories on the Internet about the 2016 presidential campaign.

The Final Push: Clinton

As the election comes to a close, we provide a sampling of the misleading claims made by Hillary Clinton during speeches this week.

The Final Push: Trump

With the presidential election just a few days away, we offer a sampling of the misleading claims made by Donald Trump during speeches this week.

The biggest Pinocchios of Election 2016

This presidential election race has been one for the record books — including for Pinocchios.

Trump’s Tax Cut Claims

Donald Trump misleadingly touts tax cuts of 30 percent for "working people" or 35 percent for "a middle-class family with two children," adding that Hillary Clinton "wants to raise your taxes up to the sky." That distorts both Trump's and Clinton's plans.

Life Expectancy in the United States Is Not Declining Due to Obamacare

Some outlets have implied a connection between an annually-released actuarial study lowering a prediction of future increases to U.S. life expectancy and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, but this logic is specious at best.

Top Clinton Aide Huma Abedin Has Ties to Terrorists?

A viral YouTube video recycles discredited accusations linking longtime Hillary Clinton deputy Huma Abedin and her family to radical Islamic terrorism.

Hillary Clinton 'Accidentally' Gave ISIS $400 Million? No

A nonsensical claim conflates a $400 million Obama administration payment to Iran with a non-existent "accidental" payment to ISIS.

Pence’s Stance on Climate Change

Tim Kaine has misrepresented Mike Pence's current stance on climate change, making it a regular talking point in his campaign speeches.

PAC Attack on Clinton’s Benghazi Record

A TV ad long on innuendo and short on facts accuses former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of "inaction before" and "indifference after" the Benghazi attacks.