Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Trump’s thin case for ‘pay-for-play’ regarding Clinton and Ericsson

As part of what he describes as Hillary Clinton’s corruption, Donald Trump has highlighted incidents involving Swedish telecommunications giant Ericsson, the world’s largest mobile network equipment maker.

No, Clinton hasn't been diagnosed with Parkinson's

A montage of photos and video clips of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton purportedly demonstrates she has symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

Clinton's unsupported "quote" from Seventeen magazine

There's no evidence (beyond a meme) that Hillary Clinton said she would be disappointed if her daughter married a black man during an interview with "Seventeen" magazine.

Trump's false claim of opposing the Iraq War

Over and over again, Donald Trump says he opposed the Iraq War before it started. But no matter how many times the Republican candidate for president says it, the facts are clear: He did not.

Obama’s War Stance, Revisited

Donald Trump's campaign manager falsely stated that "everybody just took [then Senator Barack Obama] at his word" in 2008 when he said he would have voted against invading Iraq. In fact, Obama publicly spoke out against the war in October 2002.

Wisconsin Senior Scare

A Wisconsin Democrat's ad falsely accuses his opponent of proposing to cut Social Security benefits for two-thirds of seniors. Actually, benefits would go up for the poorest one-third of current beneficiaries, and would be unchanged for most others.

Was Cooper 'stripped of his responsibility' over crime lab?

There may be no bigger liability on Attorney General Roy Cooper's political ledger than his office's management of the North Carolina State Crime Lab, so it's no surprise the Republican Governors Association seeks to exploit that history in a campaign ad that started running in August.

Is it true that Roy Cooper 'fixed the problems' at the crime lab?

Attorney General Roy Cooper wasted little time last month in responding to an attack on his record managing the North Carolina State Crime Lab, which was plagued by scandal during the first half of his tenure and still experiences long processing times for certain cases.

Multiple missteps mark Trump, Clinton forum

Republican Donald Trump repeated a bevy of previous misstatements in a forum on national security issues, while his Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton continued to gloss over her lax treatment of classified information when she used a private email system as secretary of state. A look at some missteps in the candidates’ back-to-back appearances.

Does wife of Florida Gov. Rick Scott own a mosquito-spraying business?

Ann Scott doesn't own a mosquito spraying business, but she does have a large financial stake in a Gulf Coast company.

Gary Johnson’s bungled claims about racial disparities in crime

A reader inquired about the series of statistics in this answer Johnson gave during an interview with Reason, a libertarian magazine. In the interview, Johnson was asked about policies he would enact to promote equal opportunity — such as helping black people who are disproportionately affected by sentencing laws for drug crimes. In answering the question, Johnson recalled a recent interview with Eric Bolling on Fox News, during which he talked about criminal justice statistics relating to African Americans. But the statistics stood out as curiously high for our reader, so we checked them out.

No, Clinton didn't wear a secret earpiece at NBC forum

A photograph purportedly showing Hillary Clinton wearing a 'secret earpiece' during NBC's 'Commander-In-Chief' candidate forum reveals nothing unusual.

Did Obama Call Americans 'Lazy' in an Overseas Speech?

Pundits accused President Obama of insulting Americans after he used the word "lazy" during a town hall question-and-answer session in Laos.

Stats on drug trafficking, race don't back up Maine governor

No law enforcement statistics even come close to backing up Republican Gov. Paul LePage's assertion blacks and Hispanics account for "90-plus percent" of heroin trafficking arrests in his state.

No, Russia Does Not Want To Defeat ISIS 'As Badly' As The U.S.

Donald Trump would have "a very good relationship with many foreign leaders," he said Wednesday at NBC's candidate forum, including Russian President Vladimir Putin. That's important, he said, because better ties with Moscow would let the U.S. and Russia work together to fight the Islamic State.

No, Trump and Lauer: Military sexual assaults are not about men and women having sex

What a totally misguided exchange. We addressed this claim briefly in our round-up of 18 claims by Trump and Hillary Clinton at the forum, but it called for a deeper dive.

Trump, Pence ‘Acid Wash’ Facts

The FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email system while secretary of state continues to be a rich source of attack lines for her opponents. But not all of them are accurate.

Fact-Checking Clinton and Trump at the Commander-in-Chief Forum

n Wednesday night's NBC News Commander-in-Chief forum, both candidates offered up a series of inaccuracies and half-truths to national security questions.

Classified Emails and the Iraq War: Fact-Checking the Forum

During an NBC forum on Wednesday night, Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump were questioned on their foreign policy positions and related matters. This is an examination of how truthful some of the responses were.

Clinton On Ground Troops; Trump On Sexual Assault In The Military

At a candidate forum Wednesday night, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump explained their policies on ground troops, fighting ISIS and other issues related to the military. We've recapped five key moments here and more deeply examined two claims, one from each candidate, below.