Monday, January 26th, 2015

Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

A Sandy Hook victim in a picture of Peshawar mourning?

An odd image, but no sign of a massive conspiracy.

Gallego mostly right on migrant lawsuit

Is Joe Arpaio's lawsuit challenging President Barack Obama's executive action on immigration costing taxpayer money?

Cummings Misuses Police Shooting Stat

Rep. Elijah Cummings got his facts wrong when he said "96 percent" of fatal police shootings were "white officers killing African Americans." His office told us he misspoke.

Congressional Pensions Update

Can members of Congress retire and receive their full pay after serving one term?

Is the government microchipping homeless Americans?

No -- it's a particularly long-lived April Fools joke.

Bratton’s claim that more than 100 police officers annually are killed from ‘anger’ and ‘hatred’

Bratton is correct that more than 100 police officers die while on duty every year. But attributing all 100-plus deaths to anger, hatred and violence directed at police is misleading.

Are Tom Wolf's public education numbers on target?

Democrat Tom Wolf, who was elected governor in November, made education funding a key part of his campaign. He said the goal should be to get the state's share to 50 percent. To get a sense of what it would take to reach that goal, it helps to know the history of state funding in Pennsylvania and how much the state provides now. Wolf and his campaign have tried to frame the issue by citing numbers on education spending. We are fact-checking two of their statements

New Obamacare taxes?

A flawed recitation of "new" taxes under Obamacare.

Claims regarding Obama’s use of executive orders and presidential memoranda

This is a complex issue, and certainly worth exploring. A big problem is that data is very fuzzy, which makes it susceptible to manipulation.

Giuliani’s claim the White House invited Al Sharpton up to 85 times

Is it correct that President Barack Obama invited Al Sharpton to the White House upwards of 85 times? And does that make Sharpton a “close advisor” of the president?

Steve Scalise's speech

Was House Majority Whip Steve Scalise an honored speaker at a 2002 white supremacist convention in Metairie, La.?

Obama and the military wedding

Were two army captains forced to move their wedding in order to accommodate President Barack Obama's golf game?

Are Communists organizing anti-police protests

Were Ferguson protests planned and organized by Communists, as proved by their identifiable and professionally printed signs?

WalMart and Al Sharpton

Walmart has donated money to the National Action Network, an organization founded by the Rev. Al Sharpton, but has not giveb money to Sharpton directly to support an anti-police agenda.

No, China does not hold more than 50 percent of U.S. debt

Among the incorrect beliefs held with conviction, no matter the party: China holds more than 50 percent of the U.S. debt.

The 2014 Fact Check Hall of Fame

It’s the greatest hits list no one wants to appear on: our annual roundup of the most notorious fact checks of the year. We vetted dozens of bold claims this year about everything from the state’s poverty rate to city pothole repairs. Here’s a roundup of the 2014 claims most deserving of the Pinocchio treatment.

The viral claim that a black person is killed by police ‘every 28 hours’

Search the phrase “every 28 hours” on Google, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and thousands of messages will come up. But is it accurate?

Checking Brnovich on medical-marijuana cardholders

Does Arizona's attorney-general-elect correctly characterize the demographic makeup of Arizona medical-marijuana cardholders?

A controversial anti-gun "public-service announcement"

Did an anti-gun group produc a public-service announcement that encouraged children to steal weapons from their parents?

What Was Alan Gross Doing in Cuba?

In accounts from both sides of the aisle, recently-freed Alan Gross has been portrayed as a humanitarian simply trying to bring Internet access to Cuba's small Jewish community. But there's more to the story than that shorthand suggests.