Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

A Fake Supreme Court Ruling

Q: Did the Supreme Court rule that immigrants living in the U.S. illegally can't sue anyone if they feel they've been mistreated? A: No.

Senate Bill: Do Premiums Go Up or Down?

On premiums, there's something for both parties in the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office's analysis of the GOP's Better Care Reconciliation Act.

Does a KFC in Dearborn, Michigan Abide by 'Sharia Law'?

A photograph purporting to show a fast food restaurant in an American city was actually taken in Saudi Arabia.

Health overhaul a prickly business

The struggle over the proposed Republican health care overhaul in the Senate has covered a lot of territory, even veering into the mating habits of porcupines.

President Trump’s claim Medicaid spending in Senate health bill ‘actually goes up’

The White House is defending changes to Medicaid financing in the Senate health-care overhaul bill by saying that the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) actually increases Medicaid spending.

More MS-13 Gang Nonsense

President Donald Trump is once again grossly exaggerating the success of his efforts to deport members of the MS-13, a gang founded by El Salvadoran immigrants.

Did Mad Magazine Publish a Trump Cartoon in 1992?

The magazine lampooned the business leader for his bankruptcies.

No Evidence Undocumented Immigrants Commit More Crimes

The Trump administration on Wednesday was all about crime committed by undocumented immigrants.

The Senate health care bill’s effect on Medicaid

Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway insisted this week that the Senate GOP health care bill does not include cuts to Medicaid. Meanwhile, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price said the health care proposal would not cause Medicaid recipients to lose their health coverage. The government “would not allow individuals to fall through the cracks,” he noted. “We would not pull the rug out from under anybody.” President Donald Trump promised during his campaign that he would not touch Medicaid, the federal health care program for lower-income Americans. This group includes expected mothers, children, seniors and disabled individuals. But does the Senate Republican health care bill actually cut Medicaid funding and coverage?

Warped reality in health debate

The superheated argument over the Republican drive to overhaul health care has not been the finest moment for accuracy.

What you need to know about preexisting conditions in the Senate GOP health plan

As with the House version that passed in May, Democrats have criticized the impact that the Senate bill, the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA), would have on people with preexisting medical conditions. They argue that the BCRA would no longer protect Americans with preexisting conditions, despite the bill’s explicit ban on states waiving coverage based on preexisting conditions. Yet a Republican opponent of the bill criticized it for not repealing the protection enough. What is going on?

Twisting the Facts on a Draft Executive Order

Q: Did President Donald Trump sign an executive order that prevents immigrants living in the U.S. without legal permission from receiving welfare? A: No.

GOP Medicaid Spin

Republicans are spinning their health care bills' impact on Medicaid.

Do Russia probe attorneys’ donations to Democrats threaten their independence?

That half of the publicly named special counsel attorneys donated to Democrats is not an indication that Mueller has failed to achieve a standard of independence. We award Three Pinocchios.

Spinning the CBO Insurance Estimate

The Congressional Budget Office projects that the Senate health care bill would increase the number of uninsured Americans by 22 million in 2026 -- a figure that both sides in the debate are distorting.

Rand Paul’s Subsidies Twist

Sen. Rand Paul, who opposes the Republican Senate health care bill, says subsidies "are actually greater under the Republican bill than they are under the current Obamacare law." But the CBO says the average subsidy under the bill would be "significantly lower than the average subsidy under current law."

Trump team lacks a straight story on Russia

Months after U.S. intelligence settled on Russia as the instigator of interference in the U.S. election, President Donald Trump's team struggles to tell a straight story on the matter.

President Trump’s claim that MS-13 gang members are being deported ‘by the thousands’

The Trump administration has, indeed, taken action to curb illegal immigration, including providing more resources to the Department of Homeland Security and expanding deportation priorities. In recent weeks, Trump has been touting his administration’s deportations of members and associates of MS-13, or Mara Salvatrucha, a Central American gang that has been operating in the United States for decades. Are MS-13 members really being deported “by the thousands”?

Trump's missions unaccomplished despite his claims

President Donald Trump has a way of presenting missions as accomplished even when they're not.

Does Jacky Rosen vote with Nancy Pelosi 92 percent of the time?

Almost immediately after news broke that Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen was exploring a 2018 U.S. Senate bid against vulnerable incumbent Republican Sen. Dean Heller on Monday, a rush of state and national Republican groups rushed to slam the former synagogue leader ahead of what will be one of the most competitive races of the 2018 midterms.