Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Hillary Clinton, the soldier and crossed fingers

Description of a decade-old photo is partially accurate.

Clinton’s Charter School Exaggeration

Hillary Clinton says "most charter schools … don't take the hardest-to-teach kids. Or if they do, they don't keep them." But her campaign could not provide evidence for such a sweeping claim.

Hillary Clinton’s claim that she tried to join the Marines

At this point, Clinton’s story is worthy of Two Pinocchios, subject to change if more information becomes available.

Trump vs. Fiorina: Who Knows Putin Best?

Donald Trump implied he had met Russian President Vladimir Putin while taping an episode of "60 Minutes." The two were interviewed separately, in different countries. Carly Fiorina said she met Putin "in a private meeting." It was before a conference.

Politico's "Wrongometer"

Eight Republican presidential candidates. The fourth debate. Here's POLITICO's analysis of where the Republican field stretched the truth, steered around some inconvenient facts, or just plain got it wrong.

Putin puffery in Republican's latest debate

You'd think from the latest Republican presidential debate that Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina have special insights into what makes Russian Vladimir Putin tick because the candidates have been up close and personal with the Kremlin's man himself. Not so much.

President Obama and the phantom tax refund

No, President Obama isn't sending us all $2,350 tax rebate checks in November.

Rand Paul on Income Inequality

Sen. Rand Paul claimed that "income inequality seems to be the worst" in the cities and states "run by Democrats." Paul is right about the cities, but not states. More important, there's no evidence of a link between Democratic control and income inequality.

NPR Reporters Fact Check The Republican Debate

Tuesday night's Republican debate focused on economic issues. NPR reporters look at candidate claims about business creation, the minimum wage, trade and the length of the tax code.

FactChecking GOP Economic Debate

The fourth Republican presidential debate featured fewer candidates, but no shortage of factual missteps.

CNN's Reality Check team vets the candidates' claims

The Republican candidates for president gathered in Milwaukee for their fourth debate Tuesday, and CNN's Reality Check team spent the night putting their statements and assertions to the test.

GOP debate fact check: Was Marco Rubio right about welders vs. philosophers?

In Republican debate, flubs and funny numbers

The fourth Republican presidential debate was thick on economic policy — and with that came a variety of flubs and funny numbers.

Fact Check: The Fourth Republican Debate

We fact checked the candidates in the Republican debate in Milwaukee.

Fact checking the fourth round of GOP debates

Not every candidate uttered facts that are easily fact checked, but following is a list of 15 suspicious or interesting claims.

Ben Carson's painting with Jesus

It's real.

A fraudulent quote on Marco Rubio, rape and abortion

GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio did not say rape victims belong in custody if it's suspected they're considering abortions.

Checking Sanders' $2 million ad campaign

As Bernie Sanders prepares for the Iowa Caucuses, he's releasing a $2 million ad campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire. The new ad began airing last week. It showcases Sanders as a successful mayor, representative, and senator determined to fight for lower and middle class Americans. News 8 put Sanders to the test.

VA secretary misstates the number of wait-time manipulation disciplinary actions — again

His misstating of wait-time manipulation figures is akin to bragging to P&G shareholders about the earnings for Crest toothpaste — without mentioning that fact that you are also including the earnings for Scope mouthwash and Vicks cough and cold products. It’s simply false and misleading.

FactChecking the MSNBC Democratic Forum

The Democratic presidential candidates were interviewed by MSNBC's Rachel Maddow in a Nov. 6 forum. And they stretched the facts on a few topics.