Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Parsing statements by London's new mayor about Donald Trump

A statement by London's new mayor was framed to suggest that he threatened attacks against the U.S. if Donald Trump's anti-Muslim policies were implemented.

Donald Trump’s unsupported claim that crime is ‘through the roof’ because of illegal immigration

Donald Trump uses anecdotes as evidence to connect illegal immigration and violent crimes, and to propose deporting the approximately 11 million undocumented believed to be living in the United States. Just how likely are Americans to die from homicide by undocumented immigrants?

Trump’s Tax Returns

Donald Trump said "there's nothing to learn" from his tax returns, but experts say there's plenty to learn from presidential candidates' tax returns, including sources of income, effective tax rates, charitable giving habits and more.

Checking San Diego’s Empty Homeless Shelter Beds

City Council candidate Chris Ward claimed 1,500 available beds went unused during last year’s homeless count. But the numbers he’s citing oversimplify the situation.

A fake story about the Charlotte Hornets and HB 2

An article reporting that Michael Jordan threatened to move the Charlotte Hornets came from a site that specializes in fake news.

No, Obama didn't pose by a "Bernie" sign

A photograph purportedly showing President Obama posing with a "Bernie 2016" sign has been digitally doctored.

Trump’s false claim that ‘there’s nothing to learn’ from his tax returns

Trump falsely claims that voters would learn nothing from his tax returns. To the contrary, voters would learn a lot of information that Trump has long tried to hide from the public.

The Clinton Furniture Flap

Q: Did Bill and Hillary Clinton return furniture they took from the White House in 2001? A: Yes.

Checking a meme on Clinton, Sanders delegate counts

A popular meme detailing the actual delegate count between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in May 2016 is mostly accurate.

Kerry’s claim that Iran has only received ‘$3 billion’ from the nuclear deal

It is simply a “snapshot in time” figure that is not especially relevant.

What’s Trump’s Position on NATO?

Hillary Clinton went too far when she claimed that Donald Trump said "we should pull out of NATO." Trump said that he would "certainly look at" pulling the U.S. out of NATO, because it is "obsolete" and "is costing us a fortune."

Trump’s ‘Made in the USA’ Spin

When asked why he doesn't lead by example and have more of his products from the Donald J. Trump Collection made in the U.S., Trump wrongly responded, "They don't even make this stuff here." They do.

Clinton Still Spinning Emails

Hillary Clinton once again made the claim that using a private email account and server while secretary of state was "absolutely permitted." That's pure spin.

Did Hillary Clinton Introduce A New Approach To Early Education?

A Clinton campaign video features Bill Clinton, in a speech, crediting his wife with bringing the program to the U.S. from Israel when she was first lady of Arkansas in 1985.

No, Edward Snowden didn't say Osama bin Laden was still alive

Edward Snowden did not claim Osama bin Laden was alive and living lavishly in the Bahamas on the CIA's payroll.

Don't make "Bernie" glowstick recipe -- it's actually a bomb

A meme purportedly giving instructions to make glow sticks actually provides a recipe for a chlorine bomb.

Trump Distorts Clinton’s Gun Stance

Donald Trump distorts the facts when he says "Hillary Clinton wants to take your guns away" and "abolish the Second Amendment." Clinton's gun violence prevention proposal would impose restrictions, but it does not call for banning all guns.

Trump’s Spokane speech flirts with data

During his speech Saturday at the Spokane Convention Center, Donald Trump threw out some numbers about Spokane’s economy, illegal immigration and how he’s polling. We crunched the data to see how accurate he was.

Checking Donald Trump on Syrian Refugees

Presidential candidate Donald Trump warned against Syrian refugees during his recent visit to Washington state. KUOW’s Race and Culture reporter Liz Jones takes a closer look at the candidate’s claims.

A huge Bernie Sanders rally in California?

A viral photograph does not show a massive Bernie Sanders rally in California, but rather a May Day march in Havana.