Sunday, March 29th, 2015

Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Lots and lots of fake Sarah Palin photos

Photoshop has been working overtime.

Ducey mostly right on 'empty desks' in Arizona schools

Are there are 400,000 empty seats in Arizona's public-school system, and are there vacant schools?

International Women’s Day factcheckathon: fact checks from around the world

Members of the International Fact Checkers Association joined together to publish fact checks related to women’s issues on International Women’s Day 2015.

Bernie Sanders overstates facts on income inequality

During a visit to Drake University in Des Moines last month, Sanders cited several facts and statistics meant to illustrate how wealth and income in the United States are increasingly concentrated within a small fraction of the population.

50 million abortions claim checks out

Checking a claim by an Iowa state lawmaker.

President Obama's statement about Muslims building America

Did President Barack Obama say, "Muslims built the very fabric of our nation"? Not exactly.

Michelle Obama and the Signers of the Declaration of Independence

Did Michelle Obama say the signers of the Declaration of Independence were not "born in America"? Not in the way she's being slammed for.

Obama's executive order on 'Celebrate Immigrants Day'?

Does President Barack Obama plan to issue an executive order changing the name of Thanksgiving to 'Celebrate Immigrants Day'? Hardly.

Carson’s Missteps on Sexual Orientation

Ben Carson claimed that being gay is "absolutely" a choice, and as proof he said "a lot of people" go into prison and change their sexual orientation while incarcerated. There is no evidence to support these claims.

Lawmaker claims illegal immigrants released by Obama are committing a murder a day

One can debate the merits of the administration’s immigration policies without resorting to nonsense facts. This lawmaker is a committee chairman, and he should know better.

McSally's data wrong on 'level on danger'

Checking the claim that "although the numbers (of apprehensions for illegal entry to the United States) have gone down, the level of danger of the types of people that are coming across has gone up."

Lindsey Graham is wrong on oil prices

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham tested a foreign policy-focused message on Iowans during his first visit to the first-in-the-nation caucus state as a potential 2016 presidential candidate.

Perry Misses Point on Texas CO2 Cuts

Rick Perry said carbon dioxide emissions in Texas were down because of "incentive-based regulation" during his time as governor. But the evidence shows a decline in manufacturing jobs and federal policies are more likely to be the cause of the reduction.

Did Netanyahu go too far in U.S. speech?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu overstated Iran’s domination of the Middle East and understated the timespan of the nuclear deal taking shape with Tehran, while neglecting the role of Congress in lifting Iranian sanctions, in his speech to U.S. lawmakers Tuesday.

Netanyahu speech: Fact-checking 5 key claims

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a sharp case against a deal in the works to limit Iran's nuclear ambitions during a speech to Congress Tuesday, instead pushing for a tougher approach. Here's a look at five of the key claims he made.

Sarah Palin’s odd description of Iraq and Afghanistan deployment trends

Palin said that during World War II, the average deployment in the combat theater was six months, in the Korean War it was nine months, in Vietnam it was 13, and for Iraq and Afghanistan, "initial enlistment" was 45 months. Is that correct?

Scott Walker’s exaggerated education claims

Are Walker’s claims on improved education records accurate?

Netanyahu Takes Kerry Out of Context

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's highly anticipated speech to Congress contained a curious statement. He claimed Secretary of State John Kerry "confirmed last week that Iran could legitimately possess" 190,000 centrifuges enriching uranium by the end of a long-term nuclear agreement.

Another fake Sarah Palin quote

Satire site publishes fake comment.

The zombie statistic about women’s share of income and property

This is a bogus, Four-Pinocchio statistic unworthy of citation.