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10 Statements From Trump's Phoenix Speech

At a campaign rally in Phoenix on Tuesday, President Trump made news by slamming Republican senators, praising controversial former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and blasting the news media. He also defended his initial, controversial remarks on recent violent protests in Charlottesville, Va. But in doing so, he left out the parts of the remarks that inflamed people's tempers the most, like his comment that there was violence "on many sides." That's just one of the misleading or untruthful things Trump said. We fact-checked 10 of his statements.

Charlottesville Stand-Down Order?

Were the police in Charlottesville, Virginia, told to “stand down” to allow the violent clashes that occurred on Aug. 12?

What you need to know about former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio’s record on illegal immigration

Whether Arpaio has done more than any other local law enforcement to crack down on illegal immigration is Trump’s opinion, and not fact-checkable. But it’s important to look at the full context of Arpaio’s history of legal woes stemming from his illegal-immigration policies.

Has the Secret Service Gone 'Broke' Paying Agents to Protect the Trump Family?

News reports exaggerate and misrepresent the extent and nature of financial problems at the Secret Service.

What Has President Trump Done To Fight Illegal Immigration?

Here's a look at what the Trump White House has accomplished — and what it hasn't.

Charlottesville Driver a Clinton Supporter?

Q: Is the man who drove his car into a crowd in Charlottesville, Virginia, a Hillary Clinton supporter, and funded by George Soros? A: There is no evidence to support either claim.

Trump’s incorrect claim that 20 ‘U.S.-designated’ terror groups operate in Afghanistan and Pakistan

A presidential address to the nation is usually carefully vetted for factual accuracy. That’s not always the case for President Trump’s speeches, but extra care appeared to have been taken for his speech on the strategy on Afghanistan. Still, this number — 20 U.S.-designated foreign terrorist organizations in Afghanistan and Pakistan — jumped out at us. It seemed rather high. Where did this number come from?

Counter-Demonstrators Didn't Have Permits in Charlottesville?

Counter-demonstrators had permits for two parks, while the "alt-right" was granted an injunction allowing them to use Emancipation Park.

President Trump’s list of false and misleading claims tops 1,000

We have been tracking President Trump’s false or misleading claims for more than seven months. Somewhere around Aug. 4 or Aug. 5, he broke 1,000 claims, and the tally now stands at 1,057.

Is This Antifa Manual Real?

Images of a fake "antifa" manual circulated online in August 2017.

Was Driver Acting in Self-Defense?

Q: Does a video corroborate a belief by Charlottesville police officers that the driver in the fatal car attack at a white nationalist rally “was not acting maliciously”? A: No.

Vigilante Protesters Digging Up Confederate Graves after Charlottesville Clashes?

Despite reports, emboldened protesters in Charlottesville have not started unearthing the bodies of Confederate soldiers.

Attorney General Sessions’s absurd link between sanctuary policies and crimes in Chicago and Miami-Dade

Sessions gave a speech in Miami praising Miami-Dade County and skewering Chicago over the two cities’ divergent approach to sanctuary policies. Sessions attributed the cities’ crime rates, specifically the number of shooting deaths over Fourth of July weekend, to their opposing stances on sanctuary policies. Is that accurate?

Charlottesville Driver Mix-up

Q: Did the man who drove his car into a crowd of counterprotesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, meet with former President Obama in the White House? A: No.

Trump Asks, ‘What About the Alt-Left?’ Here’s an Answer

Comparing Antifa to Mr. Fields’s act is like “comparing a propeller plane to a C-130 transport,” said Brian Levin, the director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino.

Does Amazon Pay Taxes? Contrary to Trump Tweet, Yes

The criticism is outdated.

Study Pershing, Trump Said. But the Story Doesn’t Add Up

“This is a repeated myth that has no basis in truth,” said James R. Arnold, the author of “Moro War: How America Battled a Muslim Insurgency in the Philippine Jungle, 1902-1913.”

Is There an ‘Alt-Left’?

The term "alt-right" was invented by the movement it describes; the term "alt-left" was invented to discredit their ideological opposites.

Did Abraham Lincoln Express Opposition to Racial Equality?

An authentic quote from Lincoln has attracted renewed attention, along with some commentary that oversimplifies his views on race.

Are ‘Antifa’ and the Alt-Right Equally Violent?

Violence has been ratcheting up on all sides during white supremacist rallies in recent months — but "antifa" is not planning the rallies, and statistically poses a lesser danger.