Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Top Clinton Aide Huma Abedin Has Ties to Terrorists?

A viral YouTube video recycles discredited accusations linking longtime Hillary Clinton deputy Huma Abedin and her family to radical Islamic terrorism.

Hillary Clinton 'Accidentally' Gave ISIS $400 Million? No

A nonsensical claim conflates a $400 million Obama administration payment to Iran with a non-existent "accidental" payment to ISIS.

Pence’s Stance on Climate Change

Tim Kaine has misrepresented Mike Pence's current stance on climate change, making it a regular talking point in his campaign speeches.

PAC Attack on Clinton’s Benghazi Record

A TV ad long on innuendo and short on facts accuses former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of "inaction before" and "indifference after" the Benghazi attacks.

Trump’s false claim that the murder rate is the ‘highest it’s been in 45 years’

Trump started using this talking point during the second presidential debate against Hillary Clinton, and he cited the homicide data more accurately than he does now. Over the past three weeks, the talking point has somehow devolved into something completely opposite of the FBI’s crime statistics. FBI statistics show the homicide rate is back down to the level it was in 1964, or 52 years ago. Here are the facts.

No, the NYPD Is Not Looking to Press Charges Against Bill Clinton for Underage Sex Ring

A fake news site seized upon news of an FBI investigation to falsely claim Bill Clinton was implicated in an underage sex ring.

Clinton Didn't Cancel Rally Due to 'Lock Her Up' Chants

A Facebook post claiming that Hillary Clinton had cancelled a campaign event due to chants of "lock her up" was shared as genuine news.

Is Marijuana Responsible for Colorado Crime Increase?

Denver District Attorney Mitchell Morrissey published a letter painting a bleak picture of marijuana for an anti-legalization campaign.

Fake story about Obamas, Hillary Clinton ensnares Sean Hannity

Radio host Sean Hannity on Tuesday embraced a piece of fake news about President Obama deleting endorsements of Hillary Clinton from his Twitter account.

The Candidates on Climate Change

We delve into the presidential candidates' stances and claims on an issue that has received little attention in this campaign.

No, Chris Matthews didn't endorse Donald Trump

A clip from the MSNBC show "Hardball" was deceptively edited to make it appear as if host Chris Matthews had offered his endorsement to Donald Trump.

Donna Brazile’s misleading statements on sharing debate questions with the Clinton campaign

She's being too slick by half — and her statement is false and misleading.

No, John Podesta didn't say Hillary Clinton smells like cabbage

A fabricated document purportedly from WikiLeaks' 'The Podesta Emails' describes Hillary Clinton as behaving foolishly and having a cabbage-like odor.

No, Michelle Obama didn't scrub Hillary Clinton from Twitter

A disreputable web site falsely accused First Lady Michelle Obama of "scrubbing" her Twitter accounts of all mentions of Hillary Clinton.

Did Russia pay millions to Trump? No

ABC reported in September 2016 that Trump has business interests in Russia, not that the Russian government paid him money.

Is Clinton paying halfway house residents to vote?

Conservatives pointed to a brief online video as "proof" that Clinton was paying California residents to vote for her. The evidence is weak, to say the least.

No, Hillary Clinton doesn't fly on 'Broomstick One'

An Internet joke circulating since the early 2000s holds that U.S. Secret Service agents and military personnel refer to Hillary Clinton's aircraft as "Broomstick One."

Did Loretta Lynch take the Fifth over Iran payment?

Attorney General Loretta Lynch did not invoke her Fifth Amendment protections to avoid giving incriminating testimony about the Iran money transfer.

Ricardo Flores’ Work-Politics Balancing Act

Georgette Gomez claims in a mailer that her opponent for City Council District 9, Ricardo Flores, is skipping his job duties in Marti Emerald’s office in favor of campaigning and is still getting paid.

Would Prop. 205 regulate 'marijuana accessories' in smoke shops?

Does Arizona's Proposition 205 explicitly regulate smoke shops' sales of products that could be deemed marijuana accessories"?