Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

John McCain’s claim he has ‘nothing to do with’ the McCain Institute

McCain is facing questions about his ties to an eponymous nonprofit, after Bloomberg reported the Saudi government had donated $1 million to the nonprofit’s fundraising arm.

Inhofe Misleads on Bees

Sen. James Inhofe made misleading claims in a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency about the relationship between neonicotinoid pesticides and bees.

Clinton’s Fossil Fuel Money Revisited

Sen. Bernie Sanders uses padded data to back up his claim that "Hillary Clinton received $4.5 million from the fossil fuel industry."

Sanders’s incorrect claim that Clinton called him ‘not qualified’ for the presidency

Many readers have asked about these remarks by Bernie Sanders, which led him to list the ways that he thought the former secretary of state was “not qualified” to become president. Did Clinton really say Sanders was unqualified?

Clinton’s claim that a Wisconsin judge compared birth control to ‘murder’

Before the Wisconsin primary, Hillary Clinton used a local party function to blast Rebecca Bradley, an appointed Wisconsin Supreme Court judge who was running for a 10-year term on the court.

Sanders Adviser Makes False Claim

A senior adviser to Sen. Bernie Sanders said that Sanders' presidential campaign has "never" used Hillary Clinton's "image or her name in an ad." That's false.

More On Hillary Clinton And Fossil Fuel Industry Contributions

An update to a previous fact check.

Clinton Wrong on Garland Vote

Former President Bill Clinton mistakenly claimed that President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, was confirmed to the U.S. Court of Appeals by a “97 to nothing” vote. The Senate voted 76-23 to confirm Garland.

Sanders Evades Tax Question

When asked about releasing his "full" federal tax returns, Sen. Bernie Sanders insisted that "we have released them in the past." But Sanders has released only his 1040 form, a two-page summary of his federal returns, not his full returns.

U.S. Schools Now Buying Prayer Rugs for Muslims?

A popular article spreading on social media incorrectly claimed that St. Cloud schools bought prayer rugs for Muslim students at taxpayer expense.

Obama’s Numbers April 2016 Update

Trade deficit and illegal immigration are down; real weekly earnings and federal debt are up. Our quarterly update of Obama's scorecard.

Is Hillary Clinton really ahead of Bernie Sanders by 2.5 million votes?

The Clinton campaign often points to the fact that the former secretary of state has received more votes than her challenger, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. But there is a bit of a caveat to her tally — it does not include the results of several key states which held caucuses, not primaries.

Hillary Clinton and the Haitian minimum wage

A meme that claims that the State Department under Hillary Clinton fought to keep Haiti's minimum wage from reaching $0.61 an hour is correct, but lacks context.

Clinton Wrong About Wall Street Attacks

Hillary Clinton falsely claimed she is "the only candidate" in the presidential campaign "on either side" who has been attacked in advertising funded by "Wall Street financiers and hedge fund managers."

Bernie Sanders’s false claim that he has released his full federal tax returns

Sanders is not required to release his tax filings, and he clearly decided to keep them confidential. That’s his choice. But it doesn’t excuse him from misleading the public to believe otherwise with this false claim.

John Kasich and teachers' lounges

Republican presidential candidate John Kasich said that he would abolish teachers' lounges, but he wasn't really speaking literally.

Pro-Trump super PAC misleads viewers about Ted Cruz’s stance on refugees and immigration

An ad says Ted Cruz wanted to accept more Syrian refugees into the country and expand amnesty for undocumented immigrants. Are those really Cruz’s position on refugees and immigration?

Disputes in Idaho AG fight sometimes off the mark

Words matter when it comes to legal battles. But in the fight between Idaho lawmakers and Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, it can be difficult navigating the multiple verbal barbs that have been recently lodged at the state’s top legal officer.

The White House's Private-Sector Job Streak

Yes. But Obama can't take credit for a lot of that job growth.

Trump’s nonsensical claim he can eliminate $19 trillion in debt in eight years

We regret we have only Four Pinocchios to give for this whopper.