Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Why Trump’s March 5 deadline is all but moot

President Donald Trump continues to warn of a looming March 5 deadline on immigration. What does it really mean?

Is Joe Kennedy a Hypocrite for Having a 'Wall' on His Estate?

In an attempt to defend the President Trump’s “big, beautiful wall” Patriotic Express accused Joe Kennedy of the gravest of sins: hypocrisy.

Fact-Checking the GOP Russia Memo

Here’s what the memo says, why it matters, and what’s known about whether it’s accurate:

The GOP Memo Released By House Intelligence Committee

A memo alleging the FBI abused its surveillance authority became public on Friday after a push by House Republicans. President Trump authorized the memo's release, even after the FBI expressed "grave concerns" about the "accuracy" of the document, authored by House intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif. NPR journalists who cover the Justice Department, the White House and national security have annotated the White House's authorization letter and the memo itself.

Trump’s Misleading DACA Boast

President Donald Trump makes a misleading comparison when he says his legislative proposal to make the DACA program permanent will "generously" cover "almost three times more people than the previous administration covered."

Did the ACLU Complain That Trump Said 'America' Too Many Times in State of the Union?

Unreliable web sites misrepresented the substance of the American Civil Liberties Union's critical response to President Trump's address.

Pelosi’s ‘Crumbs’ Comment in Context

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence ridiculed House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi for likening $1,000 bonuses paid to some employees as a result of the GOP tax cuts to “crumbs.” We're providing the fuller context of Pelosi's "crumbs" remarks.

Kevin McCarthy’s stint as a small-business entrepreneur

Just about every politician has an origin story — the tale they tell over and over about a key moment in their life that spurred them on. It becomes part of their regular pitter-patter on the stump and often ends up as a line in just about every newspaper biography. For McCarthy, it’s a story of how he was a small business entrepreneur at the tender age of 19, using lottery winnings to start a deli that he then sold to finance his way through college.

Democratic Responses to Trump’s State of the Union

Democrats offered five separate responses to President Trump’s State of the Union address, differing in content and tone but united in their disapproval of Mr. Trump.

Trump wrong on speech TV ratings

President Donald Trump falsely claimed Thursday that more people watched his State of the Union speech on TV than any other in history. Each of the last three presidents got higher ratings for State of the Union addresses.

Fact checking the Democratic responses to the State of the Union speech

We fact-checked 18 claims from President Trump’s first State of the Union speech, but he wasn’t the only one throwing around dubious numbers and words.

Vetting Trump's State of the Union address

President Donald Trump on Tuesday delivered his first State of the Union address, and CNN's Reality Check Team was there to vet his claims.

Did Democrats Check Their Phones During Trump's State of the Union Address?

A meme showing lawmakers checking their phones during the State of the Union is real — but this is not unprecedented, uncommon, or confined to one political party.

Trump's State Of The Union Address

In his first State of the Union address on Tuesday night, President Trump focused on jobs and the economy, infrastructure, immigration, trade and national security. NPR journalists specializing in these areas and more have added context and analysis to his remarks.

Democratic Response To State Of The Union

Rep. Joe Kennedy, D-Mass., delivered the rebuttal to President Trump's State of the Union address Tuesday night. Here's a fact-check.

FactChecking Trump’s State of the Union

The president exaggerated his accomplishments in his address to Congress.

Checking 15 Trump State of the Union points

We took on 15 of President Trump's claims he made during his first State of Union speech. On some points, he was completely accurate. On others, he exaggerated or misstated some key facts. Here's how they broke down.

Trump's Claims in State of the Union Address

The AP is fact-checking prepared remarks from President Donald Trump's State of the Union speech. Here's a look at some of the claims we've examined:

What Trump got wrong in his State of the Union address

mark the White House tries to downplay – the president has amassed an unprecedented number of inaccurate statements. The Times' staff analyzed the State of the Union on Tuesday to try to separate truths from falsehoods. Here are some of the highlights.

Fact-checking Trump's first State of the Union address

President Trump relied on figures and statistics to bolster his case. How accurate were those figures? Did they stretch the truth, or accurately reflect reality?