Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Hillary Clinton And Coal Jobs

Hillary Clinton was accused of saying she was going to "put a lot of coal miners out of jobs." Did Clinton really say that?

Did President Obama free a terrorist?

President Obama didn't free a terrorist behind the October 2000 USS Cole bombing.

Trump’s Tall Tabloid Tale

Trump used a thinly sourced story from the tabloid National Enquirer to make the baseless claim that Ted Cruz's father "was with Lee Harvey Oswald prior to Oswald's being — you know, shot."

Fact-checking pro-Proposition 1 ads

As the May 7th election approaches, ads for Prop1 are spreading across the city. Homes are littered with flyers, people are getting inundated with text messages and ads online. Uber and Lyft have spent more than $2 million on the election.

No, Putin did not call Donald Trump ‘a genius’

It shouldn’t surprise us that Trump has exaggerated “bright” into “genius.”

Did a Klan leader endorse Donald Trump?

Yes. The endorsement came during a wide-ranging interview with a Richmond, Virginia news outlet.

Cruz Distorts Trump’s Position

Sen. Ted Cruz mischaracterized Donald Trump's position on Planned Parenthood, claiming that both Trump and Hillary Clinton "support taxpayer funding for it."

Hillary Clinton Freed Child Rapist, Laughed About it?

Hillary Clinton's role in a 40-year-old rape case became the focal point of a viral meme in 2016, but the claims were only partially accurate.

Obama blameless for Pearl Harbor flagpole removal

A story about a flagpole that was removed from a Pearl Harbor memorial was blamed on President Obama nearly ten years later.

Donald Trump’s false claim that ‘scores of recent migrants’ in the U.S. are charged with terrorism

There is no evidence that “scores” of “recent migrants” are charged with terrorism, and that for every case made public, there are “dozens and dozens more.”

No, Indiana governor didn't ban boys from wearing 'gay' colors

An article reporting that Indiana governor Mike Pence signed a law banning boys from wearing "gay" colors came from the "satire" section of the Huffington Post.

A spoof video of Clinton, Netanyahu

A video showing an encounter between Hillary Clinton and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is actually an old satirical clip.

Trump’s claim that no foreign leader greeting Obama was ‘without precedent’

We don’t know where Trump comes up with this stuff, but once again he’s wrong, wrong, wrong.

Koch brother didn't endorse Clinton, yet

After an interview, rumors flew that the conservative Koch brothers were endorsing Democrat Clinton for President over any of her Republican rivals.

Indiana primary is not rigged

Tests run by Indiana news outlet WNDU before the 3 May 2016 Indiana primary were not evidence of rigged elections.

Trump’s Foreign Policy Speech

In his foreign policy speech, Donald Trump claimed ISIS "is making millions and millions of dollars a week selling Libya oil." But an expert on Libya's oil operations told us there's no evidence that the Islamic State is producing or selling oil out of that country.

Trump on Clinton’s ‘3 a.m. Call’

Donald Trump says that “instead of taking charge” during the Benghazi attacks, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “decided to go home and sleep.” Clinton says she was continuously engaged in responding to the attack and “did not sleep all night.”

Fact-checking Donald Trump's foreign-policy speech

Donald J. Trump called for an “America First” foreign policy in his address in Washington on Wednesday. Here's a look at some of his claims.

Donald Trump employed some of his trademark "truthful hyperbole" in his foreign policy speech

By his own admission years ago, Donald Trump likes to speak with "truthful hyperbole" at times. Here's what that mix of reality and exaggeration looked like in the Republican presidential contender's foreign policy pronouncements on Wednesday.

Trump’s eight repeated falsehoods in 16 hours

Donald Trump is now closer than ever to clinching the Republican nomination on the first ballot. But what hasn’t changed since he entered the presidential race is his propensity for Pinocchios and Pinocchio recidivism.