Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Bernie Sanders talks income divide

In Sanders’s “Working Families” TV ad, which started airing in Eastern Iowa earlier this month, he says the median family income today is $4,000 less than in 1999. Is that correct?

Trump and the Sanders-gas chamber tweet

A social media game of telephone led to the mistaken belief Donald Trump tweeted an image of himself sending Bernie Sanders to a gas chamber.

Ted Cruz on constitutional clarity of 'natural-born citizen'

Checking the claim that "the facts and the law here are really quite clear. Under longstanding U.S. law, the child of a U.S. citizen born abroad is a natural-born citizen.”

Gutted? Disaster? GOP Hyperbole on Military

It's become a staple for the Republican candidates to trash Obama and argue that he has failed to spend enough on defense. At the debates and campaign stops, they've cast him as a feckless commander in chief, standing idly by while the world's finest military withers away. What's lost in the din: Money spent on weapons modernization is on par with the Republican George W. Bush administration.

Ted Cruz’s claim that sexual assaults rate ‘went up significantly’ after Australian gun control laws

The rate of sexual assaults in Australia has increased slightly between 1996 and 2014, but there was no significant spike or drop after the 1996 legislative changes or buyback program. The increase likely is affected by the increase in reporting, and there wasn’t prevalent use of handguns for self-defense before 1996, as Cruz suggests.

No, Obama didn't permit a Satanist ceremony in Michigan

A "Satanic ceremony" held by a group in Lansing in December 2015 was neither literally Satanic nor in any way sanctioned by President Obama.

Did Bernie Sanders march in Selma?

A photograph probably doesn't show Bernie Sanders marching in Selma with Martin Luther King Jr.

The zombie claim that 300,000 children are used as child soldiers

The Fact Checker always appreciates responses to our queries that results in quick action. But this is another example of how a very stale factoid gets in circulation and then never quite disappears.

Cruz’s Conservative Credentials

A pro-Rand Paul super PAC cherry picks two fiscal votes to label Sen. Ted Cruz as a "phony" conservative. In fact, fiscal conservative groups that score congressional votes rank both presidential candidates as among the most conservative in the Senate.

Ted Cruz at Odds With Climate Change Science

A look at some of the Republican presidential contender's claims on the subject in New Hampshire this week and how they compare with the facts.

Did Iran’s parliament approve a ‘different’ Iranian nuclear deal?

While government actions in Iran can be opaque and confusing, there appears to be little basis for Santorum’s claim that the Iranian Parliament approved a “different” agreement. He earns Four Pinocchios.

Sanders’s suggestion he lost ’88 race because he opposed assault weapons

We’ve been hearing this defense a lot more lately, as former secretary of state Hillary Clinton ramps up her attacks on Sanders’s gun record.

Cruz on Birthright Citizenship

Marco Rubio, Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump have all wrongly attacked rival Ted Cruz for flip-flopping on birthright citizenship since his run for Senate in 2011. Cruz has consistently opposed the policy.

Cruz Loans Not ‘Transparent’

Sen. Ted Cruz said "all of the information" about large bank loans he received to help finance his 2012 Senate campaign "has been public and transparent for many years." But the loans were not transparent.

Clinton’s Attack on Sanders’ Health Plan

The Clinton campaign has made a series of misleading attacks on Sen. Bernie Sanders' health care plan, saying he wants to "dismantle Medicare" and private insurance and that he would turn over "your and my health insurance to governors." Not exactly.

Who's to blame for no Minnesota Special Session?

When Minnesota House Speaker Kurt Daudt arrives home from his trip to Israel, the state's top lawmakers are expected to meet to hammer out a date for a special legislative session.

FactChecking the Fourth Democratic Debate

The three Democratic presidential candidates made misleading claims on health care, energy and guns.

Trump wrong on Iran, polling

Donald Trump made two false statements on ABC’s This Week while discussing foreign policy and the Republican presidential primary:

Benghazi Movie Misstates Some Facts

The movie makes some controversial assertions, including a cinematic take on a widely debunked claim that a top official issued a "stand down" order, delaying a rescue operation at the diplomatic compound. The movie also depicts repeated requests by Americans on the ground in Benghazi for U.S. military air cover that never came and touches briefly on a dispute over whether the attack was inspired by an anti-Muslim video, as some U.S. officials suggested.

Trump’s claim that the unemployment rate is 23 percent

For a supposedly successful businessman, Donald Trump has remarkably little understanding of employment statistics.