Saturday, November 22nd, 2014

Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Michele Bachmann and dinosaur bones

No, Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., didn't question why dinosaur bones aren't dirty if they've been buried for millions of years.

Who really protected teacher pension funding?

Since their controversial endorsement of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, leaders of the largest teachers' union in Connecticut have portrayed the governor as the defender of what teachers worry about most: the future of their pensions.

Shining some light on school funding debate

The election is a week away and depending on which TV ads they watch, voters are either told that Gov. Rick Snyder cut education funding by $1 billion or that he increased it by the same amount.

Rogers on Sinema's budget voting record

Looking at whether Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., has voted for a budget during her two years in Congress.

Republican mailer took quotes out of context

The state Republican Committee has sent out a campaign mailer attacking Democratic candidate Carrie Woerner for “lying” in her 113th Assembly District campaign against Republican Steve Stallmer. Is that correct?

NRA falsely suggests Democratic candidate met with Bloomberg

Rep. Bruce Braley (D), who is running to fill an open Senate seat in Iowa, said during a debate with his opponent Joni Ernst (R) that he had never met Bloomberg, even though Bloomberg is featured in NRA ads attacking Braley. With phrases like “he can’t stick to the truth,” the NRA all but calls Rep. Bruce Braley a liar in this advertisement. What’s going on here?

Fact-checking Rep. Michael Grimm and Domenic Recchia

With nine days to go until Election Day, the charges and counter-charges continue to fly in the neck-and-neck battle between GOP Rep. Michael Grimm (R-Staten Island/Brooklyn) and Democratic challenger Domenic M. Recchia Jr.

What really happened in a school lesson on Islam

Was a Marine banned from his daughter's school because he objected to a homework assignment about Islam?

Gov. Rick Scott and the (briefly) adopted dog

Did Florida Gov. Rick Scott adopt a dog during his campaign and return it once he was elected?

Mailer hits Richard Pan for residency questions

A committee backed by trial lawyers, environmentalists and nurses has sent out a mailer to voters in the 6th Senate District that blasts Assemblyman Richard Pan for taking taxpayer money to cover his living expenses at a second home when Pan ran for an Assembly seat on the south side of Sacramento while maintaining his family house in Natomas.

Main Street veers off course with Bera attack piece

Defending Main Street SuperPac, an outside group spending money to support Rep. Doug Ose’s campaign against freshman Rep. Ami Bera, has produced a door hanger carrying deceptive messages about the incumbent’s position on water and his decade-old title while working for Sacramento County.

Fact check on mayoral race: Costco and conservation

Is Flagstaff squandering a potential source of water? Mayoral candidate Jamey Hasapis thinks it might be.

Does Tillis' Medicaid stance reflect a flip-flop?

Is Thom Tillis making a political U-Turn on Medicaid?

Sinema's support for veteran issues

Veterans' issues have become a key point of debate in the race to represent the 9th Congressional District, which encompasses Tempe and Ahwatukee and parts of Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler and south Phoenix.

What you need to know about the ad criticizing Bruce Braley’s tax views

Checking an ad in the hot Iowa Senate race.

More birther evidence?

Have Kenyan authorities released papers confirming President Barack Obama's birth in that country? Nope, more satire passed off as news.

Republicans reach back eight years to cite an out-of-date tax vote

Should there be a statute of limitations on certain votes?

Nina Turner's attack on Jon Husted lacking in substance and proof

Nina Turner's first ad in her bid to unseat Secretary of State Jon Husted aims to draw contrasts between her and the Republican incumbent.

Reed wrong on Robertson SAFE Act stance

With spending and spin running high in the contentious race for New York's 23rd Congressional District, a fact check of candidates' gun control discussion from Thursday's debate found at least a couple of stray shots.

GOP Whacks Weiland Over Payroll Taxes

A Republican TV ad says Senate candidate Rick Weiland is going across South Dakota saying “he’s one of us" when "Weiland supports higher payroll taxes.” Not for all, he doesn't.