Alex Sink decides against run for governor in 2014

Former Florida CFO Alex Sink said she will not run for governor in 2014.
Former Florida CFO Alex Sink said she will not run for governor in 2014.

There won’t be a rematch.

Alex Sink, who narrowly lost the governor’s race in 2010 to Republican newbie Rick Scott, announced she will not enter the 2014 race.

The former chief of Bank of America’s Florida operations kept a relatively low-profile since losing the race. She launched a think tank, the Florida Next Foundation, that researches how small businesses and entrepreneurs can boost the state’s economy.

In a Sept. 20 Facebook post, Sink said she will keep working with the foundation and support candidates who "I believe share my vision that Florida can be a state of opportunity for all of its citizens."

"That being said, like so many Floridians, I am appalled at Gov. Rick Scott's failed leadership on the economy, education and the environment," she wrote. "I will continue to speak out and to aggressively hold him accountable for ignoring Floridians' best interests."

Here at PolitiFact Florida, we put 17 of Sink’s statements to the Truth-O-Meter. Most of the time, her statements were accurate.

More than half of her statements earned a True rating, including her claims about BP oil spill payouts, Scott’s position on offshore oil drilling (do it!), and his being "forced to resign as the head of a company that pled guilty to massive amounts of systematic fraud, including 14 felonies, leading to a historic $1.7 billion fine."

One of her two False statements happened when she opined there was not enough attention paid to Medicaid fraud cases under Bill McCollum, the Republican attorney general who ended up losing the Republican primary to Scott. She said, "Nobody has been talking about it, focused on it, or paying attention to it," but really people were paying attention to it.

Her claim that Scott "has said that he would do away with the Department of Community Affairs" was False, as Scott was not on record saying that during the campaign. (Once in office, he did get rid of the department, assigning its land planning function to the Department of Environmental Protection.)

She never earned a Pants on Fire.