Articles from March, 2016

Florida delegates, explained

PolitiFact National answered five questions about the delegates to the national conventions. Here's how it works in the Sunshine State. 

Fact-checking Jebio in the 2016 GOP presidential race

We look back at our most clicked fact-checks of statements by Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio   Help PolitiFact raise $15,000 to fact-check the immigration debate in 2016  

Trump recounts Rubio’s record, but the history deserves a review

A campaign ad goes after the U.S. senator’s past as a Florida legislator and beyond, but doesn’t always accurately portray what happened.

Did Donald Trump inherit $100 million?

Sen. Marco Rubio says he did, but the evidence is murky.   Help PolitiFact raise $15,000 to hire an additional fact-checker for 2016.  

PolitiFact Florida’s Top 5 fact-checks for February 2016

Our most read fact-checks were about GOP presidential candidates, the cost of college tuition and climate change.