Statements from the Florida: 2010 Attorney General's race

"Dan Gelber: On the record against scholarships to help our needy children attend Jewish private schools."  

"Pam Bondi told a group of lobbyists she’ll side with corporate special interests as attorney general."

"By the year 2015 (Medicaid will) take up half our budget."

"Most AGs don't go to court.."  

Pam Bondi "refuses to take a position on the gay-adoption ban."

"I've taken on the federal government and won."

"Florida is now the No. 1 state in the country for automobile accident fraud."

Mortgage fraud is "up 400 percent in the last five years."

"Only a few months ago the FBI arrested three Broward County Commissioners for accepting millions of dollars in trade for illegal favors."

Dave Aronberg "was the first to demand that BP create a billion-dollar fund to pay for the devastation."

"There are more pain clinics in Broward County than there are McDonald's in Broward County."

Dave Aronberg's career legal experience is "less than two years as Asst. AG/private attorney."

Opponent Holly Benson said that "Just because you're poor doesn't mean you're unhealthy, it just means you have a lot more time to go running."

Dan Gelber's employment by BP's law firm "could disqualify him from representing Florida against BP as Attorney General."

''I have received more contributions than any other candidate in the race – Republican or Democrat.''

Florida teachers are "already paid $5,000 below the national average."

"If every house in Florida had a solar-heated water tank, that would eliminate consumption by 17 percent."

"Nearly all of the top 50 prescribers of oxycodone in the United States are in Florida."

Says Gov. Charlie Crist has called him "a rock star."

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