Statements from the Florida: 2010 Governor's race

"The Republican who was just elected governor of the great state of Florida paid his campaign staffers, not with money, but with American Express gift cards."

"Most" of the newspapers that endorsed Alex Sink also endorsed Barack Obama.

Rick Scott "has said that he would do away with the Department of Community Affairs."  

"Your tellers were paid kickbacks for directing elderly consumers from ... safe deposits to risky ones."

The lawyer who brought the case against NationsBank said "publicly that Alex Sink had nothing to do with the case, had nothing to do with the situation and didn't know about the problems."

Says Alex Sink's plans for governor include $12.5 billion in new spending.

Rick Scott "doesn't have any ties to a lobbyist."

Taking the Fifth Amendment in a deposition about the Columbia/HCA hospital chain he founded "means a truthful answer to the questions that (Rick Scott) was asked would incriminate him."

Says Rick Scott gave a deposition in which he invoked the Fifth Amendment 75 times about his dealings as head of Columbia/HCA hospital chain

Shows in a television ad that police took evidence from Solantic, Rick Scott's new health care company, after allegations emerged that the company was engaging in fraud.

In ad attacking Rick Scott, says three executives of the Columbia/HCA hospital chain he ran were indicted.

"Newspapers say Florida made bad investments, lost hundreds of millions of dollars, billions in pension funds lost. Who was in charge of Florida's investments? Alex Sink."

"Alex Sink funneled three quarters of a million dollars in no-bid contracts to Bank of America."

"Rick Scott's prison plan would cut Florida's prison budget in half, close prisons, and release tens of thousands of prisoners early -- murderers, rapists, sex offenders, armed robbers, drug dealers."

When Tallahassee politicians and bureaucrats tried to run our schools, "I've stood up to them to protect local control."

State pension fund staffers "lost billions. Then Sink gave them bonuses."

"Florida spends more than $300 million a year just on children repeating pre-K through 3rd grade."

"The stimulus has not created one private sector job."

"Florida ranks last in the ratio of employees to residents... And Florida is dead last in the nation in state employee payroll expenditures per resident."

"We will be the first party to elect a bald guy to governor."

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