Statements from the Florida: 2010 Governor's race

Jennifer Carroll is the "first African-American Republican woman to be part of a statewide ticket in Florida."

"Florida is 49th in per capita spending on mental health care."

"We have 50 state lobbyists that just lobby the Legislature for money every year."

"Reporters have uncovered another Scott company accused of criminal acts. But Scott won't come clean."

Bill McCollum "backed Jim Greer's effort to hide financial irregularities."

"We have over 700,000 illegal immigrants in the state. They're costing us billions of dollars and they're taking legal residents' jobs."

"Bill McCollum voted for higher taxes and fees 42 times while he was in Congress."

"Police officers in this state have that right," to check the immigration status of people they arrest.

"In my attorney general's office, we've cut the budget 18 percent."

"(Bill) McCollum also voted for numerous amendments to weaken the legislation, even voting to make trains less accessible to those in wheelchairs."

"There's no negative advertising in my campaign at all."

"My 7-step plan" creates 700,000 jobs in 7 years.

House Republicans who complained they didn't have enough time to consider a constitutional ban against oil drilling "shoved through a proposal in just a few days to open state waters to oil drilling."

"Rick Scott's company is partners with Playboy in a social networking website that has community pages specifically geared towards gay dating."

Bill McCollum "diverted a state plane to his home 53 times. A state auditor called it: likely a misuse of state resources."

"Florida’s high school graduation rate falls well below the national average."

"Today, Florida is in 50th place in spending on education."

"Bill McCollum has accepted thousands from lobbyists for Planned Parenthood."

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