Promises about Water on Buck-O-Meter

Create a plan to pay for and finish the Riverwalk

"The first year ... Bob and his team will develop a financing plan to complete the unfinished segments of the Riverwalk."

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Work to obtain funding for the reclaimed water program for the city's neighborhoods

"Bob Buckhorn will fight in Washington and Tallahassee to obtain funding for the expansion of the STAR program to each of the city’s neighborhoods."

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Coordinate waterfront development

"If Tampa intends to make its waterfront a central focus of downtown urban planning, the development of the entire waterfront must be a coordinated, citywide effort. As mayor, Bob Buckhorn will immediately bring together economic development, business, housing and environmental stakeholders to develop a complete Development Master Plan designed to make the best possible use of all of Tampa’s waterfront areas and the surrounding neighborhoods. A financing plan to complete the Riverwalk and an aggressive marketing plan to program the use of our riverfront venues will be included."

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