Sunday, November 23rd, 2014


Make curbside recycling mandatory

Q: Name three policies pushed by Mayor Bill Foster during his administration that you support and would advocate continuing. Name three others that you would want to change. A: "I will continue to support the efforts at curbside recycling but go beyond the half-measures and make it mandatory."


Tampa Bay Times questionnaire, July 2013, Times debate, Oct. 15, 2013

Subjects: Environment


City plans new recycling services

During the campaign, candidate Rick Kriseman said he would support curbside recycling and make it mandatory. Under the current system, people can choose to subscribe to an optional recycling service.

Last week, St. Petersburg staffers moved forward with plans to implement a universal curbside recycling program by September; staffers are working on a request to seek vendors for the service.

The Kriseman administration expects the City Council to vote for the final plan on June 19. The program will be voluntary in the sense that those who don't recycle won't be penalized. But all 76,000 residential customers will have to pay $3 a month for the service, and in that sense, it is mandatory.

We're rating this promise In the Works.


Tampa Bay Times, Universal recycling finally coming to St. Petersburg, Feb. 20, 2014