Promise Broken rulings on the Scott-O-Meter

Institute Accountability Budgeting for each state agency

"Rick will institute Accountability Budgeting. He will make each state agency set annual goals for every dollar they spend, then measure their performance against those goals and hold them accountable for their outcomes."

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Propose biennial budgets and give the public time to participate

"Propose biennial budgets in order to adequately review budget goals and give the public time to participate in the budget process."

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No budget gimmicks, one-time revenues, borrowed funds, temporary funds or tax increases

"Balance the budget — without gimmicks, one-time revenues, borrowed funds, temporary funds, or tax increases."

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More stringent standards on work requirements for welfare

Impose "more stringent standards on non-compliance with work requirements" for welfare.

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Require drug screening for welfare recipients

"Require drug screening for (welfare) recipients."

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Lower workers' compensation costs by 35 percent

Will make "a 35 percent reduction in workers' compensation costs."

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Put grant-writing and regulatory specialists in local economic development offices

"I will ensure these offices (local economic development offices) have the right resources and trained specialists so they can assist their local businesses obtain state and federal grants, and to comply with state and local regulatory processes in the least costly manner."

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Reduce property tax (Required Local Effort) by 1 mill

"Reduce the statewide property tax [Required Local Effort] by $1.4 billion (from 5.29 mills to 4.29 mills, a 19 percent reduction). Savings from other key components in my 7-step plan will be used to replace those funds so that not $1 is shifted away from our schools."

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Require all Florida employers to use E-Verify system

"Rick will require all Florida employers to use the free E-Verify system to ensure that their workers are legal."

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Explore expansion of domestic drilling in a safe, environmentally sound way

"Rick will fight to ensure than any future offshore drilling does not negatively impact Florida's beaches. As we explore the expansion of domestic drilling in the U.S., we must ensure that we have sound policies in place that ensure the companies drilling are doing so in an environmentally sound way and adhering to the strictest of safety standards."

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Bring Arizona's immigration law to Florida

"Rick Scott backs Arizona's (immigration) law. He'll bring it to Florida."

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Ban embryonic stem cell research

"Will place a permanent ban on embryonic stem cell research."

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