Statements we say are False

"Obama has jumped the shark and ordered the ocean closed!"

"One out of every three students currently today is ready for college before they go there."

The Libertarian Party "is the third-largest political party in the U.S."

"If we use (Tax Increment Financing) funding, that's going to take funds from the general fund for Pinellas County, as it will take funds from the general fund for the city of St. Pete."

"Homicides against blacks have tripled" since Florida’s "stand your ground" law has been in existence.

Dozens of artists, including Justin Timberlake, Jay Z and Rihanna, are canceling Florida shows like Stevie Wonder in protest of  "stand your ground."

Miami-Dade has "the nation’s highest-rated tap water."

A study ranked Florida "No. 1 in government corruption" under Gov. Rick Scott.

Says Gov. Rick Scott allowed Republican legislators to cut his teacher pay raise proposal by 60 percent.

"Abortionists have reduced our black population by more than 25 percent since 1973."

The Miami Dolphins "are the only NFL team in the entire nation that pays property taxes."

"In 2010 alone, 1,270 infants were reported to have died following attempted abortions and notably that is only one year."

Says rabid animals from other states carry "different strains of rabies" that Florida "vaccines and serums don’t affect."

"This (parent trigger) legislation was drafted by President Obama's top advisers. It was drafted by President Clinton’s top advisers."

"Super Bowl L by everybody's estimation is a $500 million economic impact to the state of Florida."

A "legacy of taxing and borrowing … crippled the economy we inherited two years ago."

Says Rick Scott called education not a "core function" of the state.

Florida has "the second-lowest (campaign) contribution limit in the entire country."

Says a federal plan to expand Medicaid would cost Florida taxpayers $26 billion over 10 years.

"National studies are already showing the negative effects that the health care law is having on businesses and our economy. Businesses across the country are raising their prices … (or) cutting jobs as a result of the added cost."

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