Statements we say are Mostly True

Says a recent study shows Florida students are second in the world in fourth grade reading, behind Singapore.

The United States has "an immigration system where only 6.5 percent of people who come here, come here based on labor and skill."

November 2012 was "a record year of turnout. More people voted before Election Day using absentee ballots and voting early than ever before in our history."

Says Connie Mack was "the only member of the Florida delegation that voted against a bill to help NASA."

Says Connie Mack’s Penny Plan would cut "over $200 billion out of Medicare, over $1 trillion out of Social Security. ... $3 trillion out of defense."

Says Bill Nelson voted "98 percent of the time" with Barack Obama.

In 2012, Connie Mack missed 178 votes, "one of the worst voting records" in Congress.

Bill Nelson voted to confirm Sonia Sotomayor, "who signed a Supreme Court opinion saying Americans do not have an individual right to own firearms."

"President Obama decided not to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in New York."

Says Obama doubled funding for the Pell Grant.

Says Charlie Crist "was pro-life, pro-gun and vehemently anti-tax."

The unemployment rate is declining faster in Tampa "than almost anywhere else."

"There is an increasing amount of evidence from public polling that the highest number of Americans ever identify themselves as pro-life."

"A small business in my district" needed "31 different permits and fees just to be able to expand."

Says Ronda Storms voted to fund the 'Taj Mahal' courthouse.

Aaron Bean voted to give illegal immigrants in-state tuition.

Says Connie Mack IV has been "a promoter for Hooters with a history of bar room brawling, altercations and road rage."

Says U.S. Rep. Connie Mack IV passed "only one bill" in seven years.

Says Jeff Brandes voted to allow state-run Citizens Property Insurance to dump policies onto "out-of-state, unregulated private companies."

"A Florida judge ruled parts of Obamacare unconstitutional."

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