Statements we say are Mostly True

Says Jeff Brandes voted to allow state-run Citizens Property Insurance to dump policies onto "out-of-state, unregulated private companies."

"A Florida judge ruled parts of Obamacare unconstitutional."

Florida has "1,200 golf courses. I think 58 million rounds played a year in Florida. We’ve got 44 percent of all travel golf in the country here. 5 million people come here just for golf."

"About 230,000 people that were on unemployment when I took office are not on unemployment now."

"It's the first time in the nation this many members have been drawn (by a Legislature) into the same districts where it wasn't a court order."

Says David Rivera "received a $5,000 campaign contribution from Congressman Spencer Bachus, who is currently under House Ethics investigation for insider trading."

There are "a larger number of shark attacks in Florida than there are cases of voter fraud."

"In some communities, for $10,000 worth of (PIP) coverage it’s $1,500 a year."

"We supported the first new nuclear power plant in three decades."

"Right now, 50 percent of Florida students leaving high school cannot read at grade level."

"We are poised to get rid of over 1,000 more regulations in 2012."

"Nationwide tuition at public universities is up almost 300 percent ... in the last 20 years."

"No candidate has run more negative ads in American history than Barack Obama did in 2008, especially in the general.’’

Nevada is No. 1 in unemployment, violent crime, car theft, divorce, robberies and foreclosures.

Says Newt Gingrich said "Spanish is the language of the ghetto."

"While Romney was a director of the Damon Corporation, the company was defrauding Medicare of millions."

Says the state tax burden per citizen in New York is twice as high as in Florida.

"In the past year, Floridians, not government, created almost 135,000 new private sector jobs. We netted more than 120,000 total jobs in the first 11 months of 2011; the third most of any state in the nation."

"Today 46 percent of all Floridians owe more on their home than it is worth."

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