The Bennett file:
Doug Bennett

Assistant metro editor, Tampa Bay Times

Doug Bennett is assistant metro editor for the Tampa Bay Times, formerly the St. Petersburg Times.


The latest Truth-O-Meter items from Doug Bennett

A 2005 gay pride vote "had nothing to do with discrimination."

"Financed the largest parking expansion program without a rate increase."

"No one in the private sector gets unlimited accruals of vacation and sick leave."

"Refinanced $232.6 million in bonds, resulting in reduced debt service for the City."

The sales tax increase, if approved, will cost taxpayers "up to $300 million per year, in perpetuity, to finance a rail system for the City of Tampa."

Property taxes "are now 18% higher than when (Mark Sharpe) first took office." 

"Mark Sharpe has lowered property taxes by 17 percent."

If voters agree in November to approve a one-cent sales tax increase, that will give "Hillsborough County the highest sales tax of all Florida counties."

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