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Says Charlie Crist "raised taxes on the middle class" by $2.2 billion.

"We cut property taxes for seniors and our middle class."

"Expanding Medicaid would create 63k jobs."

Says Rick Scott "cut education to pay for even more tax breaks for big, powerful, well-connected corporations."

"Light rail does not reduce congestion."

"Nearly 60 percent of women who use birth control do so for more than just family planning."

Says Charlie Crist signed "the nation’s harshest marijuana laws."

"Candidates for governor routinely disclose" their spouses’ tax returns.

"Gov. Rick Scott cut the cost of prepaid college tuition by nearly $20,000."

"Gov. Rick Scott signed into law a bill that gives Florida's public officials an easy way to avoid disclosing their personal finances."

"$3 billion over the next five years will be taken out of our public schools and be put into vouchers."  

When Rick Scott "was deposed in lawsuits about his company, he took the Fifth 75 times."

Judging by a recent vote, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz "thinks it's okay for medical marijuana patients to go to federal prison."

"Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen has long record of voting against VA backlog fixes."

"Charlie Crist allowed college tuition to increase up to 15 percent every year."

Florida has "the most errors and exonerations from death row."

"Less than 5 percent of registered users in states allowing medical marijuana have cancer or AIDS."

41,200 veterans in Florida "don’t have health care because Scott didn’t expand Medicaid."

Cap and trade legislation "was originally a Republican idea."

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