Statements about Campaign Finance

"Candidates for governor routinely disclose" their spouses’ tax returns.

Florida has "the second-lowest (campaign) contribution limit in the entire country."

"After Patrick Murphy’s charges were dropped, Murphy’s father gave the prosecutor a huge campaign donation."

Says he could be "the first president in modern history to be outspent."

"Obama’s flush with cash, returning to Wall Street for even more money. … Wall Street sure supports President Obama."

Says David Rivera "received a $5,000 campaign contribution from Congressman Spencer Bachus, who is currently under House Ethics investigation for insider trading."

"No candidate has run more negative ads in American history than Barack Obama did in 2008, especially in the general.’’

Says Mitt Romney’s campaign "has already spent more on negative ads than John McCain did during his entire presidential run."

In 1992, Mitt Romney "gave money to Democrats for Congress."

"(President Barack Obama gave) half a billion in taxpayer money to help his friends at Solyndra, a business the White House knew was on the path to bankruptcy."

"For the second quarter in a row, my campaign has raised more money than any other challenger in the nation and brought our fundraising total to over $800,000."

"Vern Buchanan. His old business was caught illegally funneling over $60,000 in campaign donations to Buchanan to influence his election."

Vern Buchanan "has been completely exonerated" in a Federal Election Commission action.

"The Republican who was just elected governor of the great state of Florida paid his campaign staffers, not with money, but with American Express gift cards."

Kendrick Meek was "#1 in Florida in taking tobacco cash and then opposed a tax on cigars that would have helped pay for children's health care."

"West has raised $2 million from those that would leave our beaches in ruins, end Social Security and Medicare, and give corporations free reign."

On returning Republican campaign contributions.

"I got a letter from 20 people who said they wanted their money back, 14 never gave me a penny."

The more than $800,000 raised by the Alan Grayson campaign last quarter was "#1 among all 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives." 

"Bill Young uses his campaign money for, among other things, a luxury car."

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