Statements about Economy

Says the Panhandle has had its highest-ever bed tax collections in 2011.

"One international flight a day in a wide-bodied jet ... one flight daily generates $150 million a year and approximately 2,300 jobs."

The Republican National Convention "is a Super Bowl times four."

"If the debt ceiling is surpassed, our nation will not go into default as some suggest."

"We have not had unemployment this high for this long since the Great Depression."

"Obama-Nelson economic record: Job creation ... at slowest post-recession rate since Great Depression."  

On the way the federal government should spend Florida's rejected high-speed rail money.

"We know that every 85 visitors create one Florida job."

Bing Energy said it decided to move to Florida because of Gov. Rick Scott’s "plan to eliminate the corporate tax."

"92 percent" of President Barack Obama's administration has "never worked outside government."

Says the military accounts for about 10 percent of Florida's economy.

Company may close, "all because government essentially says if they don't hire a lifeguard to watch their workers, they can't stay open."

"Amendment 4 will reduce Florida’s economic output by $34 billion annually."

"Alex Sink funneled three quarters of a million dollars in no-bid contracts to Bank of America."

Jobs incentive program "created over 1,200 high-wage jobs since 2009."

"Over the past year ... our 16 counties have hemorrhaged more than 6,000 jobs with no apparent end in sight."

State pension fund staffers "lost billions. Then Sink gave them bonuses."

Marco Rubio "opposes extending unemployment benefits."

"The stimulus has not created one private sector job."

"My 7-step plan" creates 700,000 jobs in 7 years.

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