Statements about Education

"The academic achievements of our student-athletes are mentioned in the same breath and spirit as Notre Dame and Stanford."

"Today we stand as the highest-performing urban school district in America." 

"Since 1990, in inflation-adjusted dollars, per-student funding of the (Florida) state university system from general revenue has dropped by about $4,000."

"Seven of the 10" school districts with the lowest graduation rate for African-American boys in the country are in Florida.

Says students who receive free or reduced lunch are "performing just as well" as students who do not.

Says Rick Scott's proposed budget "would lay off 20,000 teachers."

Says Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s cuts to education are the same as his proposed corporate income tax rate reduction.  

Says "union bosses" bused protesters to a Central Florida education protest.

"We closed that plant down. It was a $27 million-dollar plant, operating full steam, and we closed it down."

Americans, in the last 30 years, "have more than doubled the amount of money we are spending per child (on education) … and the results have gotten worse, not better."

Says he never said he would keep education funding the same.

"Whether you like to admit it or not, half our general revenue goes to education."

"We had an amendment in the health care law that said the federal government is going to take over education."  

"In 1998, nearly half of Florida's fourth-graders were functionally illiterate. Today, 72% of them can read."

"You can go to Georgia and make about $6,000 more a year as a teacher."  

"On the question on the DREAM Act, no -- no to granting lower tuition to illegals."

"Dan Gelber: On the record against scholarships to help our needy children attend Jewish private schools."  

"There currently are 825,000 student stations sitting empty across Florida in every district and at every grade level."

"What is the maximum number of students allowed in your classroom? ... 30 or more!"  

Says Alex Sink's plans for governor include $12.5 billion in new spending.

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