Statements about State Budget

"We already have $23 billion worth of debt."

"No one thought we could get a bipartisan bill (Medicaid) passed. We did in the Florida Senate."

Says he vetoed $250,000 from the budget for a program to learn how to catch rainwater.

From 2008 to 2011, "the pages in the conforming bills have gone from 400 pages to 2,200."

Says "many states" are floundering under crushing deficit spending.

"Since 1990, in inflation-adjusted dollars, per-student funding of the (Florida) state university system from general revenue has dropped by about $4,000."

Says taxpayer resources are being used "to facilitate private political agendas" through automatic payroll deduction of union dues.  

A proposed revenue smart cap "gives Floridians a voice, requiring a 60 percent vote by citizens in order to impose a new tax, fee, license, fine, charge or assessment."

Says Rick Scott's proposed budget "would lay off 20,000 teachers."

"I have asked the Division of Emergency Management to report directly to me."

Says Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s cuts to education are the same as his proposed corporate income tax rate reduction.  

Bing Energy said it decided to move to Florida because of Gov. Rick Scott’s "plan to eliminate the corporate tax."

"I delivered to you a budget that ... cuts taxes by $2 billion."

"We ... sold the state airplanes as I had promised."

"On my first day in office, I ordered a review of every regulation in the pipeline and every contract exceeding $1 million."

Says "union bosses" bused protesters to a Central Florida education protest.

Says Tri-Rail shows the potential problems with investing in high-speed rail.

Says Florida's pension plan faces the same long-term funding problems as Social Security.

Gov. Rick Scott's sale of the state planes was "not proper."

"State employees haven't received a raise in five or six years."

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