Statements about Taxes

Charlie Crist "raised taxes in 2009 and won't rule out raising taxes again."

Florida's revenue "is growing at a faster rate than almost any state in the country."

The Greenlight Pinellas transportation plan involves a "300% tax increase."

Says Alex Sink supported "higher property taxes."

Says Alex Sink supported "more taxes on water and TV."

"When I was Mayor of South Pasadena, we actually reduced the property taxes we collected."

A $10 million fire fee proposal in St. Petersburg was "inspired" by Gov. Rick Scott.

"We cut business taxes so today 70 percent of our businesses don't pay a business tax."

"We will have the highest general revenue in state history next year. Conservative pro-growth policies work in our state."

Miami-Dade County is the "No. 1 donor county in the state."

"If we use (Tax Increment Financing) funding, that's going to take funds from the general fund for Pinellas County, as it will take funds from the general fund for the city of St. Pete."

"If we don't spend money on a pier, then that money does wipe into the general funds of the city or the county, and if you send it to the county, you never see it again."

"We cut taxes 24 times."

"Two weeks after signing a taxpayer protection pledge, (Charlie Crist) breaks it."

"Odd fact for odd draft: No. 2 overall pick will earn more than the No. 1 pick due to no state tax in Florida. So 2 not so bad."

The Miami Dolphins "are the only NFL team in the entire nation that pays property taxes."

The "working tax cut" created "over 40,000 new jobs in just the last four years."

A "legacy of taxing and borrowing … crippled the economy we inherited two years ago."

"Bill Nelson actually voted in favor of higher taxes 272 times."

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