Statements about Taxes

"We cut taxes 24 times."

"Two weeks after signing a taxpayer protection pledge, (Charlie Crist) breaks it."

"Odd fact for odd draft: No. 2 overall pick will earn more than the No. 1 pick due to no state tax in Florida. So 2 not so bad."

The Miami Dolphins "are the only NFL team in the entire nation that pays property taxes."

The "working tax cut" created "over 40,000 new jobs in just the last four years."

A "legacy of taxing and borrowing … crippled the economy we inherited two years ago."

"Bill Nelson actually voted in favor of higher taxes 272 times."

Says Connie Mack takes two homestead exemptions, "directly contrary to Florida’s Constitution."

"Bill Nelson voted for higher taxes 150 times."

Says Adam Hasner "gives the wealthy tax breaks worth $250,000 a year but hikes middle class taxes $2,000."

Says Bill Nelson sold agricultural land "for home development, pocketing at least $1.4 million."

Bill Nelson "leased land that he owned for six cows, taking advantage of an agricultural tax loophole to dodge $43,000 in taxes just last year."

"If Gov. Romney's plan goes into effect … the average senior would have to pay $460 a year more in tax for their Social Security."

Says Daniel Webster "used taxpayer funds to build a lobbyist lounge."

Says Charlie Crist "was pro-life, pro-gun and vehemently anti-tax."

Says Bill Nelson "voted to raise our taxes 150 times."

"Mitt Romney is the first major party candidate for president of the United States in modern times not to release at least 12 years of tax returns."

Says Ron Saunders "made the choice to stand with Rick Scott" on expanding school vouchers, restricting scholarships and giving tax breaks to the wealthy.

Says Gov. Jeb Bush vetoed the "Quiñones Plan" because it was "taxation without representation on a large scale."

Says Jim Frishe wanted to "tax us for doing our taxes" through an accountant.

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