Statements about Taxes

Says Mitt Romney belittled middle-class tax cuts "as nothing more than 'little Band-Aids.' "

Says someone earning $50,000 a year will fare better under his "9-9-9" plan than under the current tax system.

Says Bill Clinton opposes President Barack Obama's plan to raise taxes on wealthy Americans.

Says CNN's Wolf Blitzer was wrong to say that "the wealthiest Americans, they pay the most in taxes already -- 50 percent of Americans don't even pay any federal income tax."

"In terms of the wealthiest Americans, we're at the lowest tax rate since the 1950s."

"Congressman Bill Young voted to cut taxes for millionaires and end your Medicare." 

"George LeMieux voted against the majority of Republicans and joined with Democrats to create a 'Task Force For Responsible Fiscal Action' that looks strikingly similar to the 'Super Committee' now being set up in Washington to justify massive tax hikes."

On the way the federal government should spend Florida's rejected high-speed rail money.

"Corporate taxes will soon be the highest in the industrialized world."

Says the Southwest Florida Water Management District has $850 million in reserves, enough money in savings to run without levying taxes for more than two years.

"The entire state of Florida led the nation last year with the most prison inmates committing tax fraud."

A proposed revenue smart cap "gives Floridians a voice, requiring a 60 percent vote by citizens in order to impose a new tax, fee, license, fine, charge or assessment."

Says Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s cuts to education are the same as his proposed corporate income tax rate reduction.  

Bing Energy said it decided to move to Florida because of Gov. Rick Scott’s "plan to eliminate the corporate tax."

The federal health care law is "probably the biggest tax increase ever in the history of our country."

Says his tax and fee cuts will save households "$540 over two years."

"The Republican plan for tax cuts is to give each millionaire -- the top 1 percent of income in this country -- $83,347 a year in tax cuts."

Bill Heller "raises taxes. Property taxes. Small business taxes. He even wants to tax the Internet. Mr. Heller said no to balancing the federal budget, that puts more debt on our kids."

"Middle-class families throughout America (would) have to pay $6,000 per year" to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy.

Loranne "Ausley's a financial train wreck for taxpayers -- pushing gas taxes, property taxes, taxes on seniors."

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