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Statements from the Georgia: 2010 Governor's race

"Nobody’s invited us" to the Obama events in Atlanta.

Republican candidate for governor Nathan Deal "explicitly voted to fund abortions ..."

Karen Handel "would have felt like it was OK to go in and abort" Sarah Palin's son Trig, who has Down syndrome.

GOP candidate for governor Nathan Deal "is a former Clinton Democrat."

"Illegal aliens are costing Georgia taxpayers over a billion dollars every year."

"To say a family has to buy a product from a private company is clearly beyond the delegated powers of the U.S. Constitution."

"John Oxendine is under a state ethics investigation because he illegally funneled more than $120,000 to his campaign from shady insurance political action committees in Alabama."

The state Legislature attempted to "outlaw stem cell research, passes bills about microchips in the brain, and talks about seceding from the Union."

On tax breaks for businesses

Says he "fought against $3 billion in cuts to public education since 2003."

Georgia has “more illegal aliens than the state of Arizona.”

"In fact, oil spills from tankers are far more common than the very rare leaks from rigs or pipelines."

Thurbert Baker kept a teen in jail "who didn't even commit a felony."

"The last major oil spill from a drilling accident in America happened over 40 years ago in 1969."

Says she was never a  member of the Georgia Log Cabin Republicans.

Georgia could get money for schools by scraping “the gold off the gold dome” of the state Capitol.

Georgia has "a dropout rate that’s higher" than Alabama's.

While in Congress, Nathan Deal was a leader when it came to protecting our borders.

"Our school test scores are right at the bottom."

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