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Statements from the Georgia: 2012 Transportation Voter Referendum's race

Says his plan to end the toll on Ga. 400 fulfills his campaign promise to commuters.

Taxes on groceries and medicine will rise under a plan to improve roads and rail for metro Atlanta.

A proposed tax to fund transportation projects would spend $90,000 to take a single vehicle off the road during the morning and afternoon commute.

The transportation sales tax would cost the average consumer an estimated $112 a year.

According to a national survey, transit "ridership" among people age 16 to 34 increased 40 percent between 2001 and 2009.

"Statistics show that more people at this time telecommute than they ride carpools, mass transit, bicycle or walk."

Atlanta Tea Party co-founder Debbie Dooley "wants gas taxes raised."

"There is no Plan B" if the transportation referendum is not passed by voters.

Portland, Ore., has "never gotten over 12 to 15 percent ridership" of its public transit system "in the past 12 years."

"For every one mile of light-rail track that will be built, 16 miles of new road capacity will be built."  

"Right now, we have the lowest gas tax of anywhere in the country."

Taxpayers subsidize 80 percent of each MARTA trip

"When housing and transportation costs are combined, Atlanta’s cost of living -- typically perceived as relatively low -- ranks as 7th worst out of 51 metros nationally."

The average Atlanta resident "spends an extra $924 each year in additional gasoline and wasted time."

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