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Statements from Atlanta

The annual gross domestic product of metro Atlanta is "bigger than 28 states in the union."

"Right now, we only keep 50 percent of Georgia Tech's graduates."

"Six of Georgia’s counties have no lawyers at all."

Florida shelled out more money for drug testing than it saved by denying welfare benefits to people who tested positive for drugs.

"Georgia has the fifth-highest number of uninsured people of any state in the union."  

"It still had not gotten terrible on the roads" by 2 to 3 p.m. Tuesday.

The average Georgia family makes $6,000 less than the average family did 10 years ago when inflation is factored in.

"During my administration, funding for education has increased by over $930 million."

"(M)ore Georgians have jobs than at any other time since October 2008."

"Crime in Atlanta is down 18 percent since 2009."

I am the only U.S. Senate candidate who spoke out against bombing Syria, and who challenged Georgia’s governor and insurance commissioner over obstruction to the Affordable Care Act.

"Natalyn Archibong skipped (Atlanta) City Council meetings or was late 90% of the time. Then she voted herself a pay raise."

Most voters prefer zombies to the current U.S. Congress.  

"Rather than prioritize and pass ethics reform measures to restore trust in state government, (Democrats) sat on their hands and did nothing" when they were the majority.

Says "(t)his 12 year council 'Seat-warmer' has never chaired, vice chaired, or led a single Council committee meeting."  

The crime rate in some Atlanta neighborhoods has dropped by 35 to 51 percent.

An average of seven children in America are killed by guns every day.

"I fought hard for that (state Senate) seat. I only lost by four points. I raised over $700,000."

"State law says that once the state appraises a piece of property, they can only pay it a certain amount above appraisal."  

Medicaid spending declined by 1.9 percent in 2012, the second such decline in 47 years.

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