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Statements we say are Mostly False

Taxpayers subsidize 80 percent of each MARTA trip

Georgia crackdown on illegal immigration costs state farmers $400 million last year.

Before the HOPE scholarship, "70 percent of the high school students who made 1400 or above on their SAT left the state of Georgia. Now, 70 percent of those stay in the state of Georgia."

"The state [food stamp call center] program is administered from foreign shores."

"Every 1 percent increase in the cost of health insurance today causes about 30,000 Georgians to be uninsured."

The "Democrat majority in the Senate has failed to submit [a] budget in the past 1,000 days."

A socially conservative group sponsored a "prayer vigil" to stop people from buying Girl Scout cookies because it thinks the Girl Scouts are affiliated with Planned Parenthood.

The Atlanta area’s water planning district "is now the national leader in conservation."

When Georgia tightened its voter identification laws, the state sent a van and photographer to the homes of people who needed photo IDs and made them for free. 

Ben Bernanke has been the most "inflationary" chairman in the history of the Federal Reserve.

Says his Twitter account has 1.3 million followers.

"The [Georgia] General Assembly took away the Atlanta Board of Education’s oversight of the superintendent."

Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign has "exactly the same" challenges as Ronald Reagan’s successful 1980 bid.

"(Birmingham, Ala.) is the cradle of the civil rights movement."

A "substantial number" of probationers participating in a pilot project to ease the farm labor shortage are able to "finish the work."

Muslims tried to use Sharia law to influence court decisions in New Jersey and Oklahoma

Roughly 700 Georgians die needlessly each year because they are too far from a trauma center.

"We have the best schools in the United States."

"We in the Democratic Party had no input into the locations of these hearings, nor did we have input into the process."

"It is a fact that it costs more to run the schools in August."

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