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Statements we say are Half-True

"We have reduced funding for education the least. They've suffered the least cuts."

According to a national survey, transit "ridership" among people age 16 to 34 increased 40 percent between 2001 and 2009.

"Statistics show that more people at this time telecommute than they ride carpools, mass transit, bicycle or walk."

The transportation tax is regressive, and Emory University is "literally getting its own transit line at virtually no cost to itself."  

Atlanta Tea Party co-founder Debbie Dooley "wants gas taxes raised."

Portland, Ore., has "never gotten over 12 to 15 percent ridership" of its public transit system "in the past 12 years."

A new manufacturing plant is slated to create about 3,000 jobs in central and northeast Georgia and "create about a $3 billion infusion" into the economy.

Georgia Public Service Commission member Stan Wise "has received about 95 percent of his campaign money from the utilities he is supposed to be regulating."

"Forty years ago ... about half of congressional districts were genuinely competitive. Today, only about 10 percent of House races on Cook Political Report are listed as ‘toss-ups’ or ‘lean’ to one party."

Candidate Bill Byrne used campaign funds for work on his "personal car."

The recent process of awarding $3 billion worth of airport vending contracts was the "most open and transparent procurement process in the city’s history."

Crime rises in communities with casinos.

Each U.S. House member who voted to overhaul Social Security in 1983 was re-elected.

"The United States imprisons more than any nation in the world."

"When housing and transportation costs are combined, Atlanta’s cost of living -- typically perceived as relatively low -- ranks as 7th worst out of 51 metros nationally."

Under President Barack Obama’s watch, "oil production on federal lands has decreased 14 percent over the past year."

Georgia’s HOPE scholarship is "still the richest scholarship program in America."

"There is not one single federal housing program yet that has not needed a bailout to survive."

Metro Atlantans spend "over an hour every day" or "five hours a week" commuting, for a total of "260 hours a year."

"[W]hen adjusted for cost of living, Georgia ranks first nationally in teacher salary and benefits."

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