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Statements we say are Mostly True

"On average, women make 77 cents for every dollar men make."

"Georgia has the nation's fifth largest Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Supplemental Nutrition program, serving more than 270,000 mothers, babies and children every day."

Seventy-two percent of Georgians did not have a chance to finish college.

"In order to pass the CRCT in Georgia, you simply have to get half of the answers correct."

"A child born in America today will inherit $1.5 million in debt the moment they're placed in their mother's arms."

Says some Georgians can get health insurance for $105 a month.  

"Georgia’s civil forfeiture laws are among the worst in the country and the very worst in the South."

Dollar General "added 2,500 stores and 20,000 jobs" during his four-year tenure as CEO.

"Right now, we only keep 50 percent of Georgia Tech's graduates."

The cost of the food stamp program is at an all-time high.  

President Barack Obama’s judicial appointments for Georgia and the region were drafted in secret and not vetted by legal groups among the president’s supporters.

Says "Harry Reid has a better voting attendance record than these three Congressmen!"

"These 60 acres (the Atlanta Braves want to build a stadium on) have produced zero SPLOST money for parks and recreation, have produced zero money for education."      

"No one in the country has ever built a brand new sports facility and created this kind of development at the same time."

The U.S. Department of Defense spends $80 million a year on prostate cancer research, $25 million a year on ovarian cancer research and $150 million a year on breast cancer research.

"We have about six school districts that are in school 140 to 150 days this year."

Says "by reducing chronic health care costs in the State of Georgia, we can reduce the $32.8 billion lost each year due to lack of productivity and economic costs."

"Governor Deal has increased education spending every year he’s been in office."  

The number of African-American men in prison has increased fivefold since he left office.

"While fat-cat bureaucrats at the Department of Education are getting paid an average salary of $102,000 a year, teachers in Georgia are getting paid half of that."

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