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Statements we say are Mostly True

"We (Georgia) collect fewer state taxes per capita than any other state … although state taxes are low, Georgia is the eighth-most-dependent state on the federal government."

"Black children constitute 18 percent of the nation's public school population but 40 percent of the children who are suspended or expelled."

My office is about a 300-step walk to the governor's office.

Says Fulton County government hasn’t raised its millage rate since 1991.

Says President Barack Obama’s proposed budget includes two new tax increases that would collect about $14 billion.

The Georgia Lottery paid out $2.3 billion in prizes during the last fiscal year.

Then-Gov. Carl Sanders put 56 percent of the state budget into education, a figure that has not been achieved since.

"The port provides more than 297,000 jobs directly to the state of Georgia."

South Carolina has a labor shortage, specifically in the meatpacking industry.

Congress has spent 66 of the first 100 days of this term in recess.

"We Really Do Have the Highest Corporate Tax Rate in the World."

Georgia loses "millions of dollars of revenue because people go out of state to buy fireworks."

Says Virginia, Florida and Georgia are the three states that are the principal source for gun trafficking.

The Georgia Senate ethics resolution "doesn't define cap."

The United States gives $8 million a day to Israel and gives that country a blank check.

"In Atlanta, since 1994 when the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ (mandatory minimum sentences) took effect, the violent crime rate has dropped 62 percent."

"Of the 18 stadiums built from 2004 to 2013, 47 percent of the total cost came from public sources."

"I was never against same-sex marriage."

There are twice as many gun shops as McDonald’s in the United States.

"Since last year’s address, more than 10,000 jobs created -- many on the high end of the employment scale."

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