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Georgia ranks "last in job growth."

"The latest unemployment numbers have shown that nearly 315,000 Americans have simply given up hope when it comes to finding a job."

"[A]n extra 8 million Americans [are] projected to join state Medicaid programs in the next few years."

"If our recovery were more typical of the postwar era . . . we would have 14 million more jobs today."

Ben Bernanke has been the most "inflationary" chairman in the history of the Federal Reserve.

The Northwest Corridor highway project in Cobb and Cherokee counties "is expected to create over 9,700 jobs statewide."

"[T]his breed (of pit bulls) is most often associated with aggressive behavior."

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Herman Cain's golden oldies

(Editor’s note: With the Iowa caucuses only two months away, PolitiFact Georgia will dedicate this week to summaries of key fact-checks on the leading GOP candidates as well as President Barack Obama’s performance on his 500 campaign promises. Today we look at Herman Cain.)

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The 9-9-9 plan "does not raise taxes on those that are making the least."

Herman Cain made this claim to defend his tax plan against accusations it would raise taxes on the middle class and poor during the Oct. 18 Republican presidential primary debate in Las Vegas.
His plan includes a 9 percent income tax, a 9 percent sales tax and a 9 percent business tax.

Based on what Cain’s campaign has said about the plan, the only exemptions on the income tax will be for charitable deductions and for undefined "empowerment" zones that would encourage development in inner cities. The 9 percent sales tax would exclude used goods. Payroll taxes on workers would go away.

The Tax Policy Center, an independent policy group that includes tax analysts who have worked in both Democratic and Republican administrations, found that high percentages of lower-income tax filers would see tax increases.

Cain’s campaign may release more details on his plan that could change this picture, but knowing what we know now, his claim is False.

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