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The average Georgia family makes $6,000 less than the average family did 10 years ago when inflation is factored in.

"During my administration, funding for education has increased by over $930 million."

"(M)ore Georgians have jobs than at any other time since October 2008."

President Barack Obama’s judicial appointments for Georgia and the region were drafted in secret and not vetted by legal groups among the president’s supporters.

"Sens. Isakson’s, Chambliss’ Votes Against Unemployment Insurance Were Votes to Kill Nearly 6,000 Georgia Jobs."

"Crime in Atlanta is down 18 percent since 2009."

Fifty-three percent of graduates from liberal arts colleges these days can’t find jobs.

"More Americans believe the moon landing was fake than believe Obamacare is affordable."

"The commission form of government is definitely losing favor in the United States."  

"(Jack Kingston) had more earmarks at one time than every member of the Georgia delegation put together."  

The economic impact of new Atlanta Braves stadium includes 9,241 new jobs and $295 million in wages.

Goodwill Industries International pays workers with disabilities wages as low as pennies per  hour.

Says "Harry Reid has a better voting attendance record than these three Congressmen!"

The new Atlanta Braves stadium will require no tax increase for homeowners and provide $3 million annually for Cobb County schools.

"Defensive medicine costs Georgia up to $14 billion a year."

"(U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston) voted to fund (Obamacare)."

"The recidivism rate is nearly 29 percent and has been climbing steadily since detainees began being released from Guantanamo."

"Only 536 Georgians are signed up for Obamacare while 400,000 in the state lost their health insurance."

"These 60 acres (the Atlanta Braves want to build a stadium on) have produced zero SPLOST money for parks and recreation, have produced zero money for education."      

"No one in the country has ever built a brand new sports facility and created this kind of development at the same time."

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