Statements about Crime

"Crime in Atlanta is down 18 percent since 2009."

The crime rate in some Atlanta neighborhoods has dropped by 35 to 51 percent.

The city of Nelson, Ga., is "quieter than Mayberry."

Says Virginia, Florida and Georgia are the three states that are the principal source for gun trafficking.

"In Atlanta, since 1994 when the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ (mandatory minimum sentences) took effect, the violent crime rate has dropped 62 percent."

Felony crimes in the city of Atlanta are the lowest they have been since 1969.

Almost 400 arrests in the city last year for panhandling-related offenses involved just 78 suspects, an indication that the same people are panhandling over and over.

Crime rises in communities with casinos.

"We have cut crime across every single zone in the city of Atlanta by between 10 percent and 16 percent, depending on the zone."

"Do this research … watch how much crime picks up if you take away [football]."

"We have seized more currency, more drugs, more outbound arms in the past year than any year in our country’s history."

According to crime statistics, "riding MARTA has been becoming more and more safe over the years."

"If you go strictly by the numbers, crime is down across the board. Last year we had a 10 percent decrease in the most serious crimes."

Says "some [states] with the largest reductions in crime have also lowered their prison population."

The city of Atlanta ranks 25th among U.S. cities with the highest crime rates.

"Animal abuse is often an indicative trait of future acts of violence against humans."

When Atlanta Police Chief George Turner was interim head of the department, overall crime fell 14 percent and violent crime dropped 22.7 percent.

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