Statements about Criminal Justice

Georgia has saved $20 million through changes in criminal sentencing.

"Georgia’s civil forfeiture laws are among the worst in the country and the very worst in the South."

The number of African-American men in prison has increased fivefold since he left office.

"(T)he United States government and its Constitution says that people can be put to death."

"The violent crime rate in America is the same as it was in 1968, yet our prison system has grown by over 500 percent."

Every day, "about 100 people will be arrested for possession of marijuana in Georgia."

"In Atlanta, since 1994 when the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ (mandatory minimum sentences) took effect, the violent crime rate has dropped 62 percent."

"[W]e see America's prison population exploding, with America having a greater percentage of its people behind bars than any other nation in the world!"

High school students arrested on campus are twice as likely not to graduate and four times less likely to graduate if they’ve appeared in court.

U.S. Rep. Phil Gingrey gave the government the power to electronically spy on Americans without a warrant.

"The United States imprisons more than any nation in the world."

"Our small staff of 51 is still fewer than we had a decade ago, yet our caseload -- like that of other courts -- has grown."

"Right now in Georgia, nearly one in three leaving our prisons are re-convicted within three years."

A database police use to look up wanted suspects excludes certain warrants issued by Atlanta Municipal Court.

"There’s pretty much no question that [the curfew ordinances] aren’t effective in either reducing crime or preventing harm to young people."

According to crime statistics, "riding MARTA has been becoming more and more safe over the years."

Says "some [states] with the largest reductions in crime have also lowered their prison population."

Republican candidate for governor Nathan Deal fought to weaken Georgia's rape shield law.

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