Statements about Education

"Most of, if not all of, the [DeKalb school construction] projects always came in on or were under budget."

Says the unemployment rate for college graduates is 4.4 percent and over 10 percent for noncollege-educated.

"By fiscal year 2013, the state is expected to wipe through [HOPE scholarship] reserve funds."

In Georgia, "hard-earned lottery dollars are doled out to the scion[s] of wealthy families."

Gains in Atlanta Public Schools scores on a national standardized test lend credence to "dramatic" score increases on state tests.

"The United States death rate is two-and-a-half times higher for those who do not have a high school education."

"Recent international reports show the United States near the bottom among industrialized nations for k-12 academic achievement."

The results of Atlanta Public School’s 2010 and 2011 CRCT tests "have not been questioned."

Atlanta Public Schools’ 2011 CRCT tests were "given under the strictest security possible."

"The state of Georgia is near the bottom among states for SAT scores and graduation rates."

"95 percent of teachers and principals are not implicated in the [Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal] report at all."

"The [Georgia] General Assembly took away the Atlanta Board of Education’s oversight of the superintendent."

Former Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent Beverly Hall left the school district "significantly better than she found it."

"We have the best schools in the United States."

"The Georgia Lottery Corp. has only once in the past 16 years paid out the agreed upon 35 percent of proceeds to the account which funds the HOPE scholarship."

"It is a fact that it costs more to run the schools in August."

The HOPE scholarship "has helped turn our University System into one of the best in the Southeast, with two institutions ranked in the top 20 of public universities in the country."

"Georgia still has one of the richest programs in terms of scholarships for students to go to college."

An illegal immigrant who gains admission at a public college takes class space away from students who are legal residents.

Georgia's high school graduation rate topped 80 percent in 2010.

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