Statements about Elections

Says Jason Carter has "gotten David Axelrod to come down and be his campaign advisor."  

Another great endorsement! Barrow Journal explains the difference between me and Jody Hice.

State Rep. Elena Parent "supported Governor Nathan Deal’s plan to slash the HOPE scholarship."  

Says there’s no language in the U.S. Constitution that prevents someone from running for Congress simultaneously in multiple states.

The Hispanic population in Gwinnett and Henry counties has increased by 153 percent and 339 percent, respectively, since 2000 while Republican presidential candidates are getting a smaller percentage of the vote in those counties.

Fewer Democrats were on the Georgia general election ballot in 2012 than in more than 100 years.

"Opponents of Section 5 (of the Voting Rights Act) complain of state expense, yet their only cost is the paper, postage and manpower required to send copies of legislation to the federal government for review."

The "error rates" for the Fulton County elections department are "well below the average."

"The higher the education level, the more likely they are to vote Democratic."

Virginia’s educational level among whites is higher than Georgia’s.

"Since 2000, only 10 cases of in-person voter fraud have been proven nationally."

Voter identification laws make it complicated and expensive to get an ID, essentially instituting a modern-day poll tax.

"We know there are more Democrats in Georgia than Republicans. We know that for a fact."

Voter turnout for some groups in the 2008 presidential general election in Georgia "was far greater than it should have been demographically."

The Georgia Secretary of State's Office and the Georgia State Elections Board investigate and penalize hundreds of people guilty of election fraud.

"Republicans are attempting to remove Barack Obama from Georgia’s Presidential Ballot in 2012."

When Georgia tightened its voter identification laws, the state sent a van and photographer to the homes of people who needed photo IDs and made them for free. 

"The State Election Board has issued nearly $275,000 in fines to violators of absentee ballot laws."

"Democrats have now become the party of the [Atlanta] metro area and of blacks."

"[State Rep. Doug McKillip’s] donors deserve a refund."

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