Statements about Immigration

"When you get a commercial pilot’s license, you learn to communicate in English no matter where you are in the world."

Says an illegal immigrant fraudulently claimed children who actually lived in Mexico on income tax forms to collect more than $29,000.

A provision of the Senate immigration bill would require you to have government permission to get a second job.

"The Senate immigration bill is … filled with things like rewards for au pair agencies, Alaskan seafood processors and Vegas casinos."

South Carolina has a labor shortage, specifically in the meatpacking industry.

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham says South Carolina "has a labor shortage and wants more immigration."

"In the last 15 years, we've witnessed a dramatic expansion in the jailing of immigrants, from about 70,000 people detained annually to about 400,000."

Georgia crackdown on illegal immigration costs state farmers $400 million last year.

On deporting illegal immigrants.

Says Newt Gingrich "has said that we should make the 11 million illegal workers that are in this country legal."

Says Rick Perry "proposed a binational health insurance program with Mexico."

The newly created state Immigration Enforcement Review Board "can actually prosecute, and get them [violators] into jail, if we bring in the attorney general."

"If you're from Guatemala and you are found illegally in Mexico, you are automatically jailed."

Georgia’s illegal-immigration legislation "simply follows existing federal law."

Georgia’s illegal immigration crackdown laws should be called the "Brown Codes" because of their similarity to the "Black Codes" governing blacks after the Civil War.

A "substantial number" of probationers participating in a pilot project to ease the farm labor shortage are able to "finish the work."

Workers who pick produce in Georgia’s fields can make $12 to $18 an hour.

"We have seized more currency, more drugs, more outbound arms in the past year than any year in our country’s history."

It is estimated that Arizona "has lost more than $100 million in hospitality industry revenues since passage of the Arizona immigration laws."  

"Gwinnett Medical Center is operating in the negative," in part, because of illegal immigrants.

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