Statements about State Budget

Each Georgia taxpayer would have to send $5,000 to the treasury to cover the state’s debt.

You can buy lobster with food stamps.

Georgia has saved $20 million through changes in criminal sentencing.

"For every week that (state lawmakers are) able to cut off our timeline, it saves (Georgia taxpayers) approximately $100,000."

"Georgia has the fifth-highest number of uninsured people of any state in the union."  

"During my administration, funding for education has increased by over $930 million."

Georgia "spends in the top 10 nationally on education, yet, most of our education metrics hover in the bottom five."

Then-Gov. Carl Sanders put 56 percent of the state budget into education, a figure that has not been achieved since.

Says state Senate leaders have accepted $142,400 in campaign contributions from dentists and pharmacists during the past two years.

State support for local schools per pupil has decreased by at least 25 percent over the past decade.

"State revenue projections have missed the mark month after month."

Since taking office in January 2011, "the ‘rainy day’ fund has increased by 226 percent."

"Spending of government money is 17 percent less than it was a decade ago."

The increase in the current state budget was greater than the inflation rate and the rate of population growth in Georgia.

Georgia spends fewer tourism advertising dollars than any other state in the South.

"We have reduced funding for education the least. They've suffered the least cuts."

Says Georgia ranks "near the bottom in per capita transportation spending."

Funding the federal health care law without a tax hike will "require the state to cut nearly a quarter of its annual budget."

"Since the beginning of the economic downturn in FY 2008, the state workforce has been reduced by 12.4 percent as part of overall cost savings measures to balance the budget to reduce revenues."

"We have the lowest per-capita spending of any state in the nation" except for South Dakota.

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