Statements about Taxes

Cobb is one of the largest school systems (in the nation) that is debt free.

Says the Georgia Dome would need up to $350 million in work over the next five to seven years.

"Of the 18 stadiums built from 2004 to 2013, 47 percent of the total cost came from public sources."

The federal government owns 30 percent of the land in the 50 states, or about 650 million acres.

The fiscal cliff deal "ultimately raised taxes."

Says he has never voted for raising taxes.

"Clayton County offers the lowest operating millage rate in Metro Atlanta."

"Mitt Romney’s platform ...won't protect the mortgage interest (tax) deduction for middle-class families."

The health care law is "the largest tax [increase] in the history of our country"

Sixteen thousand new Internal Revenue Service agents will be "empowered to enforce" the new health care legislation.

The Americans for Tax Reform pledge "relates to new taxes that were going to be initiated by legislative action."

On opposing any and all efforts to increase taxes.

"Right now, we have the lowest gas tax of anywhere in the country."

"[O]ver 200,000 ordinary citizens were given the opportunity to identify projects they preferred."

The changes to Georgia’s tax and fee structure "is an overall tax cut."

"[R]emember, the president proposed eliminating charitable deductions for higher-income taxpayers."

"[E]xcise tax increases drive commerce across state lines."

Says his 9-9-9 tax reform plan is not "regressive."

Coca-Cola’s CEO "said he finds it easier to do work in China than in the United States."

The city of Atlanta has either the highest or second-highest average water bills in the country.

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