Statements about Transportation

"Right now, we have the lowest gas tax of anywhere in the country."

The recent process of awarding $3 billion worth of airport vending contracts was the "most open and transparent procurement process in the city’s history."

Taxpayers subsidize 80 percent of each MARTA trip

The Georgia Regional Transportation Authority "concluded that light rail in Cobb County would more than double commute time and would therefore be unsuccessful in alleviating traffic congestion."

"When housing and transportation costs are combined, Atlanta’s cost of living -- typically perceived as relatively low -- ranks as 7th worst out of 51 metros nationally."

The average Atlanta resident "spends an extra $924 each year in additional gasoline and wasted time."

A proposed regional transportation tax will last "a minimum" of 10 years, and has been approved to last longer.

"[O]ver 200,000 ordinary citizens were given the opportunity to identify projects they preferred."

Metro Atlantans spend "over an hour every day" or "five hours a week" commuting, for a total of "260 hours a year."

Savannah is home to "the fastest-growing port in the nation."

"The study of the Savannah River Estuary . . . clearly demonstrates the project can be constructed and [environmental] impacts will be mitigated."

"Not a single segment of the proposed Beltline intersects the MARTA system at MARTA stations."

"We have had over 40 days this summer where it was unsafe to breathe the air."

"[Eighty-five percent] of the funds collected in each county will be redistributed elsewhere -- not spent in the county in which it is collected."

Rail "doesn’t do a great job in lessening traffic."

The proposed transportation bill "could be the largest tax increase in Georgia history."

The Atlanta streetcar is expected to create 930 jobs during construction, totaling more than 5,600 jobs over the next 20 years.

"[L]ess than one-tenth of Atlanta's transportation needs are covered" in a referendum to levy a 1-cent sales tax.

According to crime statistics, "riding MARTA has been becoming more and more safe over the years."

Building and running the Atlanta Streetcar is projected to create 1,399 jobs.

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