Kiannah Sepeda-Miller

Kiannah Sepeda-Miller is an investigator with the Better Government Association in Chicago. She worked in the Associated Press Illinois Statehouse Bureau while earning a master's degree in Public Affairs Reporting at the University of Illinois-Springfield.

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His comment misses the mark


Earlier months, sure. But not all nine.


His property was zoned decades before the requirement and grandfathered in

Pants on Fire!

Last year's alone was billions out of balance

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Vallas, Emanuel point fingers over Chicago teacher pension freefall

In just a few decades, the bottom line at the retirement fund for Chicago teachers sunk from healthy to sickly. Mayor Rahm Emanuel and a possible re-election rival, former schools CEO Paul Vallas, are now trading shots over which of them is to blame.

When it comes to Illinois’ deficit, how bad is bad?

There are lots of different ways to measure Illinois’ fiscal crisis, and politicians usually seize on the yardstick that best fits their partisan agendas.