Statements from the New Hampshire: 2012 U.S. House -- 2nd District's race

Says she is "entering in the most diverse class ever," of U.S. Representatives

Says Charlie Bass supports Paul Ryan plan that forces seniors to pay $6,400 a year more for health care so millionaires can pay less in taxes.

Ann McLane Kuster is "for a government takeover of health care more radical than Obamacare. And she supports a $700 billion cut to Medicare for current retirees."

Says U.S. Rep. Charles Bass wants to privatize Social Security.

Says Rep. Charlie Bass, R-NH voted to "raise his own pay" eight times

Ann Kuster "supports the government takeover of healthcare, which robs Medicare of over $700 billion."

Says Charlie Bass forfeits right to equal cost for TV ads under FCC rules

"Your Congressman, Charlie Bass, took over $166,000 from Big Oil."

"America used to be the third easiest country to get established in a business. It's now number 17."

Says Rep. Charles Bass "supports privatizing Social Security, risking trillions more on Wall Street."

Says Ann Kuster said the debate over America’s debt limit is not an important issue of the day.

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