Christie touts New Jersey accomplishments ahead of State of the State address

Gov. Chris Christie released this video ahead of his State of the State address on Jan. 17.

Gov. Chris Christie is resuscitating New Jersey, according to a new video.

With him, the "Jersey comeback has begun."

The video, released just hours before Christie is scheduled to deliver his annual State of the State address, touts a few claims that we’ve heard before: he balanced two budgets without raising taxes, created 60,000 new private-sector jobs and made government smaller.

PolitiFact New Jersey found that it's true the governor balanced two budgets, but that's required by the state's constitution. Christie also said he didn't raise taxes. However, some experts argue that cuts in tax credits are tax hikes.

Christie's number is close to the mark on private-sector job growth in New Jersey, but he takes too much credit. The governor has made government smaller: the number of state workers has declined during Christie’s tenure

Overall, we rated the claim Half True.