Articles from July, 2012

Truth-O-Meter tests claims on Chris Christie's role in pension funding, job creation

Weekend claims target NJ governor's efforts in both areas.

Truth-O-Meter rules on weekend claims by Democratic congressman, GOP governor

Bill Pascrell claims President Barack Obama hasn't raised taxes, Chris Christie says using line-item vetoes slashed $360 million from New Jersey's budget.

Joe Kyrillos, Chris Christie claims rate False on Truth-O-Meter

U.S. Senate hopeful, governor cite wrong statistics in claims about national job creation, number of state employees.

Do dog catchers have to release their tax returns?

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid said Mitt Romney "couldn’t be confirmed as a dog catcher" because he has refused to release multiple years of tax returns. Our colleagues at checked the requirements for dog catchers and others in government.

Christie, Sweeney claims about taxes, teacher tenure tested on Truth-O-Meter

Gov. Chris Christie claims Sen. Paul Sarlo voted to raise income taxes after stating the budget would contain no new taxes; Senate President Stephen Sweeney says tenure has been modernized in New Jersey.

Chris Christie trots out PolitiFact-tested claims in think tank appearance

In an appearance at the Brookings Institution, the governor repeated claims previously tested on the Truth-O-Meter, including statements on tax hikes, job growth and Medicaid spending

PolitiFact New Jersey tests claims on employment rate, college tuition

A Democratic congressman and a Republican state Senator faced the Truth-O-Meter this weekend.

Chris Christie cites his accomplishments, criticizes Democrats in new radio ad

PolitiFact New Jersey checks out a few of the claims the governor makes in a new radio spot.