Articles from May, 2012

Flip-O-Meter, Truth-O-Meter rule on Christie, Booker statements

Claims about transportation financing, Obama's level of federal spending checked.

PolitiFact New Jersey revisits claims on veterans, missing service members

As Americans recognize Memorial Day, we're reviewing related fact-checks put to the Truth-O-Meter

Truth-O-Meter tests claims by Jon Runyan, Cory Booker

Runyan gets a False, Booker a True, on their claims about solvency of Medicare, percentage of blacks incarcerated in New Jersey.

In context: Cory Booker and the 'nauseating' ads

Newark Mayor Cory Booker touched off a kerfuffle when he criticized the Obama campaign for hammering Mitt Romney over his record at Bain Capital. Booker's video response was interpreted as a backtrack. But how much did he really backtrack?

Pro-Christie ad highlights balanced budgets as part of “reform movement”

But PolitiFact New Jersey found that balancing the state budget is a requirement under the state constitution

2 Democrats fare poorly in weekend claims checked against the Truth-O-Meter

Claims about job loss, support of tax cuts for wealthy earn Mostly False, Pants on Fire rulings

Rep. Bill Pascrell mixes up rulings against Rep. Steve Rothman

A news release and an e-mail from Pascrell's campaign labeled one of our rulings as False, when the actual verdict was Mostly False

In Context: Rep. Bill Pascrell discusses health care reform, not tax cuts, on ‘Hardball’

Rep. Steve Rothman used a clip of the interview to suggest Pascrell admitted supporting "more tax cuts for the rich"

Obama announces support for gay marriage

With the president's announcement, PolitiFact New Jersey revisits fact checks on gay marriage

Republicans, Democrats hope to break with 40 years of election history

New Jersey voters haven't sent a Republican to the U.S. Senate or a Democratic woman to the House of Representatives in nearly four decades.

Truth-O-Meter rates claims from both political parties Mostly False

Attack claims from Democrats, Republicans against opposing party are less than accurate.

Truth-O-Meter vets candidates' claims on taxes

PolitiFact New Jersey checks statements from candidates for Congress.