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"Seventy percent of the people in the state of New Jersey want marriage equality."

Says "our economy in New Jersey gets $38 billion from the businesses at the Shore."

"New Jersey is the only state in the union that spent less on higher education than it did at the beginning of the decade."

Says Rep. Jon Runyan "voted to redefine rape."

Says "when I voted against [an increase in the minimum wage], it was in the 80s."

Says the U.S. Senate has passed "a budget" over the last three years "called the Budget Control Act."

"We have more people working in the state of New Jersey today than we've ever had in our history."

Says "the governor is going around the state talking about [how] we should fund an income tax cut" that benefits higher income earners and not lower income earners

Says the "number-one source" of illegal immigration "is people legally coming to the United States on a tourist visa or a student visa and then disappearing into the population and never being heard from again."

Says "if we do nothing and continue to let Obamacare siphon off that $700 billion dollars off the top of it, Medicare goes away in less than 10 years -- certain accounts of it -- and it just falls apart at the seams."

Says Chris Christie was the "first governor in America to endorse" Mitt Romney.

Says Gov. Chris Christie has embarked on a tour to "demand that New Jersey’s Democratic legislature approve an immediate tax cut that would disproportionately benefit the wealthiest."

Says the national health care law puts federal "bureaucrats between an American citizen and her doctor."

"We actually made history in 2010. We came the closest in 24 years to defeating Frank Pallone."

"What I look at every month is how many more New Jerseyans are back to work. You have another 9,900 last month that are back to work and over almost 90,000 that are back to work now since I became governor."

"I used my line-item veto authority to veto $360 million dollars in special interest spending, so that our budget this year ... is still smaller than the fiscal year 2008 and 2009 budgets signed by my predecessor."

Says President Barack Obama "has not raised taxes."

Says "the money is in the budget" to give a tax break to "everyone," including people making more than $1 million.

"New Jersey today has fewer employees in state government than it had when Christie Whitman left office in January of 2001, and I think that’s good. And we did it without any layoffs. We did it through attrition."

"We are not producing jobs. We created 80,000 jobs last month. We don't talk about the jobs that we lost. The net of it all is that we lost jobs."

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