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Says New Jersey’s tenure law "has now been reformed to say that if teachers get two years of partially effective or ineffective ratings they lose tenure."

"New Jersey's citizens are working at the highest rate in three years."

Says Gov. Chris Christie’s proposed budget is "the biggest spending budget in the history of the state of New Jersey. It is the largest in the nation at this point in time."

Says New Jersey’s job growth in May represents "25 percent of all the jobs created in the country."

Says Joe Kyrillos "voted to raid the state's pension funds by $2.8 billion that is costing New Jersey taxpayers still today to the tune of nearly $15 billion dollars to repay that money."

"When I was U.S. Attorney we wound up putting 10 percent of the state Legislature in jail during my seven years."

Says PolitiFact "listed Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin as the Governor who told the most lies" and "our own ‘untruthful’ Governor Chris Christie made it into Politifact's top five of ‘Lie - en Governors’."

Says PolitiFact issued a True ruling on Paul Krugman calling "Governor Christie a ‘fiscal phony.’"

Says under President Barack Obama there’s been "the lowest discretionary spending we’ve had in decades in the United States."

Says Jon Runyan voted to "end programs to aid homeless veterans."

Says "as we sit right now, Medicare, if we do nothing, will be gone in eight years, if we do nothing to it."

"In my years in the State Legislature, I have never voted for a tax increase."


Says "$57,000 is the mean [income] in our state" for a family.

Says "Cape May, Cumberland, Salem and part of Atlantic counties are all south of the Mason-Dixon line."

Says New Jersey Devils managing partner Jeff Vanderbeek "took us into arbitration."

"And the #jerseycomeback keeps rolling! Thanks to @GovChristie NJ now has lowest corruption risk of any state."

Says "new estimates from the Congressional Budget Office conclude the final price-tag" for the health care law "will exceed $2 trillion — more than double what was initially reported."

Says Congressman Bill Pascrell "voted to remove the public option from the Affordable Health Care Act."

"Ninety percent of the people who work in this country work for companies under 100 people, maybe even less than that."

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